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WWE's Crude Results – May 27, 2019 – # 1 Deadly 4-Way Competitor, Rollins vs. Zayn – TPWW

WWE's Crude Results - May 27, 2019 - # 1 Deadly 4-Way Competitor, Rollins vs. Zayn - TPWW

27. May 2019
Kansas Metropolis, Missouri
Comment: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Younger
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Quick Results

  1. Shane McMahon Wins Lance Anoa's Triangle via enrichment
  2. Becky Lynch & Nikki Cross gained The IIconics Man Handle by way of Slam (ura nage) at Lynch on Royce
  3. Ricochet Wins By way of Cesaro Hurricanran
  4. Fatal Four- Method Elimination Match: Baron Corbin Wins Mizin, Braun Strowman, Bobby Lashley on the end of Miz's Days.
  5. Seth Rollins gained Sami Zayn by means of Stomp

In-Ring: Kofi Kingston, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Dolph Ziggler

again once you see Brock Lesnar, and the gang is startling him immediately. Paul Heyman is with him.

Music tracks from WWE champion Kofi Kingston, and he makes his solution to a circle that throws pancakes into the gang. We see the Dolph Ziggler video package deal that makes a shock to return to Kingston and challenge him to WWE Super ShowDown.

"Kofi" picks a track. Kingston says he loves the viewers. Final week in Smackdown, Owens took Huge E and injured his knees. Then Dolph Ziggler attacked him, however he didn't work as a result of he was nonetheless standing and standing. When the time is true, he’ll contact Ziggler. Tonight he's here at Mr Cash Financial institution. Paul Heyman stated in the present day that Lesnar will choose his opponent. Kingston considers himself merely a champion, however the biggest WWE champion of all time. Kingston can do it by hitting Lesnar. Right now, Kingston needs Lesnar to exit in money with a financial institution contract right here tonight.

Music tracks from WWE Common Champion Seth Rollins, and he comes out to the large reception. In line with Rollins, he isn’t Brock Lesnar… he’s higher. Rollins needs where Kingston's head is. Rollins does not need to wait, and he needs to know who Lesnar is operating. We’ve a WWE champion and a Universal Champion right here. We just have Lesnar, so we get him right here. Rollins calls Lesnar out.

Brock Lesnar's music tracks… and his music shortly turn into a dance theme. Lesnar comes out with a shirt that says "Brock Party" and the money within the financial institution portfolio is cast audio system. Lesnar rises with a briefcase on his shoulder as a boombox. Lesnar will get into the ring and dances psychically. Kingston's New Day theme begins and Lesnar appears at him. Then Rollins' music rang and Lesnar seems to be at him. Heyman is on the back end. Rollins, uninterested in joking, leaves the ring.

Kingston takes his championship out and tells Lesnar money. Heyman says it is just like Rollins peeing on everybody's parade. His shopper, Brock Lesnar, was going to announce right here and now to whom he was going to money within the bank, but Seth Rollins destroyed the Brock celebration. The viewers spoke loudly, but Heyman says which you can't overturn Lesnaria. Boats are getting harder. Heyman tells the gang to not throw them. Boo Seth Rollins.

In-Ring: Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods

Abruptly, Dolph Ziggler assaults Kingston from behind and puts him out on the Zig-Zag ramp. Ziggler grabs a metal chair and goes to Kingston, but Xavier Woods runs down and fights him. Ziggler's Retreats

We'll be again for a break to see that Kofi Kingston continues to be on the ramp. Dolph Ziggler returns to assault Xavier Woods. Woods punches him again, but Ziggler will quickly take his eyes. Ziggler sends Woods to the barricade, but Woods will quickly return to the barricade. Woods jumps out of a barricade with an ax deal with. Woods brings him back to play just throwing him back into the gang. Woods sends Ziggler to the barricade and throws him within the trash.

Woods sends him back to the ring and climbs, but Ziggler shortly attacks his knees. Ziggler then returns to Woods out of the steel ring levels. Ziggler grabs a steel chair and hits the forest behind. Ziggler gets him into the ring and hits it earlier than digging it within the throat. Ziggler is bleeding and seems to interrupt open eyebrows. Kofi Kingston runs down a chair to frighten Ziggler away

Kofi Kingston helps Xavier Woods in entrance of his ft. Dolph Ziggler comes out on stage. Kingston has been concerned about who Brock Lesnar will redeem his money in a banking agreement when he should maintain him. The WWE Tremendous ShowDown is eleven days away. Ziggler takes this title out of him. Ziggler loves Kingston as WWE champion, but each time he sees him within the title, he reminds him that he ought to have been him.

Ziggler says he has been buddies for years, and he defended Kingston greater than a B + participant. What occurs when Kingston doesn't have a title? What happens when Ziggler takes his identify from him? Tens of millions of followers taking a look at Kingston … what occurs to them? It took her longer than she needed, because she should have been in WrestleMania. But in Super ShowDown he’s.

Backstage: The Usos

#BrockParty @WWEUsosin #BlockParty celebrations proceed right now #RAW! [19659010] – WWE (@WWE) May 28, 2019

We return to see an ideal monument with a gaggle of WWE Superstars dancing around. Usos takes middle stage and needs Natalja a cheerful birthday. Jimmy Uso says everyone has been referred to as… except Revival.

In-Ring: Shane McMahon

We go elsewhere behind the scenes to warm up Shane McMahon. Charly Caruso says she has heard that she is competing and needs to know who it’s. McMahon says he has to face Roman Reigns in Tremendous ShowDown, so that is warming up. Drew McIntyre joins him. McMahon makes an entrance, but then goes back when he doesn't just like the reception.

After the advertisements, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre are within the ring. McMahon says the Samoan dynasty has been happening for years, lengthy earlier than him and Roman Reigns. All battles have come to respect. Respect is rooted in him because he was somewhat boy. It was not for the kingdoms. How on earth can you explain how Reigns might hit the Patriarch of his father, Vince McMahon?

See who Reigns represents. You’ll be able to return to the high chief Peter Maivian. Perhaps you realize his grandson, Rock. Two people have been the worst and greatest recognized: Wild Samoans. The father of Reign was Sika. McMahon says he is aware of Sika higher than Reigns. McMahon says he gained't lose Wild Samoans. His father was all the time there to wash up the mistakes of Wild Samoan. Music: "This is boring," picks. Who will take McMahon from the Samoa dynasty?

Shane McMahon vs. Lance Anoa

Earlier than the start of the match, McIntyre pulls Anoa out of the ring and closes him forwards and backwards to the barricade and the tire run. McIntyre then throws her into a hoop publish earlier than hitting the stomach above her abdomen. McMahon commented in the ring and stated sarcastically that it had been abandoned. McMahon tells the bell to name the decide.

McMahon pierces and hits Anoa's back and wins him. The “AEW” music is choosing up. Anoa fights again when the gang sings, "This is terrible." Anoa will drop McMahon. McMahon prevents quick kick and delivers back elbow. McMahon punches him earlier than spreading the triangle choke.

Winner In response to: Shane McMahon

McMahon tells McIntyre & # 39; s to choose Anoa. McIntyre then quits Anoa. McMahon applies another triangle chuck and says if she was here, she would do the identical to her. McMahon says that the most important pig that Sika has ever finished was weave Roman Reigns.

The songs of Roman Reigns and he comes out on stage. Reigns hits McIntyre's Superman Punch earlier than McMahon's chase. Reigns hits McMahon with Superman Punch and units a spear, however McIntyre pulls McMahon out of the ring. They're operating again.

We go back to see Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyren nonetheless.

In-Ring: Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Seth Rollins

Brock Lesnar's music hits, and he returned to the ring with Paul Heyman. Heyman says it's time for his shopper to report to one of the masters who’ve the money in the banking settlement.

WWE Common Champion Seth Rollins, and he comes right down to the ring. Rollins says the title is his life. Lesnar refers back to the cash in the Financial institution's portfolio. Rollins says he sees it and tells him to shut his mouth. Lesnar is mocking the championship because he’s a joke. Lesnar says, "Beat the box, bitch!" Rollins says he can stand up to Lesnar's head on a carpet in WrestleMania and may do it now. Lesnar was beforehand probably the most feared man in the historical past of martial arts, however now he hides behind Heyman as a shell of what he was. Rollins dares to visit Lesnar in the briefcase.

Heyman withdraws and begins to learn the phrase that Lesnar has a yr of cash. Lesnar stops Heyman, concludes a contract and beat Heyman. Lesnar was unaware that he had a yr in a money settlement. Lesnar says he has a yr before saying "Seth Rollins … screw you in." Lesnar then walks away.

In-Ring: R-Fact

Like @BrockLesnar broadcasts he's not here tonight, @RonKillings is driving # 247Title in hand #Uncooked! [19659010] – WWE (@WWE) May 28, 2019

Instantly, we see WWE's 24/7 champion R-Fact with a crowd of RAW jobber who drives him. R-Fact escapes and runs on the again of Carmella.

Backstage: AJ Types, Baron Corbin

Charly Caruso is within the background with AJ types. He asks concerning the injury of types. The types say he knew his head behind his cash within the financial institution. Types say he needed to compete tonight for an event at Common Championship. It gained't occur tonight. He asks how long he is. The types start to elucidate, but Corbin attacks him backwards.

Becky Lynch & Nikki Cross vs. IIconics

Nikki Cross and Billie Kay start. They’re locked in and Peyton Royce's tags are in. The cross will take Royce down, but Royce will soon return with the arm key. Kay tags in, and Cross hits the tops. The cross will get them out of the ring and hits the lock on the entrance.

We'll be again in a break to see Kay hold Cross grounded. Cross tolerates snowbows and tags in Lynch. Royce also recognizes in. Lynch hits the dive line at Royce earlier than knocking Kay off the apron. Lynch hits Bexploder at Royce earlier than joining the operating forearms. "Becky" picks. Lynch hits the dive foot, however Kay breaks the pin. Cross is making an attempt to make salvation, however Kay massive boots. IIconics hit Lynch with a double staff of two gamers. Lynch goes to Dis-Arm-Her at Royce, while Cross pulls Kay off the apron. Lynch goes out of Royce and wins the career of ura-nage (referred to as "Man-handle Slam").

Pinfall Winners: Becky Lynch and Nikki Cross

Lacey Evans Immediately Out and

Backstage: The Usos, Revival, Naomi

We now have returned to the Uso Block. Usos, Tamina and Naomi hugged. Revival crashes social gathering. Naomi says she referred to as Revival. Naomi tells them to squeeze the meat.

Ricochet vs. Cesaro

Ricochet shortly takes Cesaro down the hurrican. Ricochet drops him out of the ring and hits Fosbury Flop. We're coming back for a break to see Cesaro stretching from Ricochet. Ricochet fights and tries to turn the sunset, but Cesaro grabs him in his neck and hits two stomachs on his abdomen belly. Cesaro hits the double stomp two extra occasions. Ricochet lastly makes a comeback by turning the backrest and supercick. Ricochet hits the springboard clothesline for two counters. Ricochet will immediately comply with the two figures for a everlasting capturing register. Ricochet leaves the top rope, however Cesaro crosses him. Ricochet kneels from superplex and takes Cesaro down. Ricochet goes 630, however Cesaro moves. Cesaro destroys him in a European overpass near the fall.

Cesaro gets Ricochet's torture rack, but Ricochet will get out. Cesaro prevents him, however Ricochet takes him to Code Pink for two bills. Cesaro sends Ricochet out of the ring. Ricochet gets his ft on Cesaro's head, pulls himself up, spins and hits a hurricane with a cradle to victory!

Winner Pinfall: Ricochet

Phase: Samoa Joe

We still have photographs of Samo River shoulder through the ultimate stack of WWE's US Championship. After the match, Joe attacked Mysterio and resigned from the shoulder. Mysterio will surrender next week's US Championship in RAW.

Samo Joe comes out and says he heard Rey Mysterio is going to do the suitable thing subsequent week and quit the US championship. Joe is ready to take again what his rights are.

Backstage: The Usos, The Revival

😂😂😂😂 @WWEUsos #RAW [19659010] – WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) May 28, 2019

Let's transfer to Uso block to the get together to see Usus enjoying the corn hole towards Revival

Backstage: The Miz

Miz says he didn't need to earn a shot on the Universal Championship. Now issues have modified, together with she has another woman with Maryse, and she or he's able to earn the proper one.

Backstage: Braun Strowman

Then we see Braun Strowman's background image. He says Lashley and Corbin get these arms. As for Miz, he congratulates him on another woman.

Deadly Four-Method Elimination Match
Braun Strowman vs. The Miz vs. Baron Corbin vs. Bobby Lashley

The winner of this match continues to face the Seth Rollins WWE Tremendous ShowDown at WWE's Common Championship.

Great Brawl breaks down, and Miz and Corbin are shortly faraway from the ring. It's Strowman and Lashley. They have a zinc forged in WWE Tremendous ShowDown, in order that they need to work twice if either of them wins this match. Corbin attacks Strowman behind and punches him. Corbin and Lashley doubled Strowman before sending him to his shoulder in a hoop submit. Miz hits Corbin with a actuality examine, whereas Huge Boot Lashley returns. Miz hits Lashley and Corbin with IT Kicks. Corbin will quickly take Miz's down two backrests. Lashley hits Miz with a necklace for 2. Lashley goes out and sends Strowman to barricade. Corbin gets Miz on prime of the rope, but Miz fights him. Corbin goes out and sends Strowman to barricade. Miz fights with Lashley, however he’s nonetheless on the top rope. Lashley and Corbin go to the superplex of the double staff, however Strowman will come from behind Doom Tower. Strowman covers two Lashley chapters.

Strowman hits Corbin and Lashley with a double drop. Strowman then clubs down Corbin. Corbin and Lashley roll out of the ring. Strowman leaves, but Lashley cuts her with an enormous shoulder strap. Miz tries to assault Lashley, however Corbin assaults him. Corbin then sends Miz to barricade. Corbin and Lashley have been high on prime of each other. Corbin and Lashley then give Strowman a double staff on the ramp.

We'll be back for a break to see Corbin and Lashley's Miz group. Miz tries to battle again, but Corbin sends him the primary sternum. Miz surprises Corbin with two payments. Miz then pulls the highest rope right down to get Corbin out of the ring. Lashley assaults Miz behind and hits a delayed vertical suplex on two bills. Lashley tries one other, but Miz comes back and punches him. Miz kicks him in the corner and hits a few operating double knees. Then Miz stops him together with his patented corner clothesline. Corbin runs in, avoids a springboard from Miza and hits him with a deep six near the fall.

Strowman comes in and goes forwards and backwards to the avalanche of Corbin and Lashley. Strowman goes out and closes Miz's apron. Then Strowman runs by means of Lashley and Corbin on the operating shoulders. Lashley jumps quick and takes the Strowman down. Strowman will soon send to the Lashley crowd and struggle back. In the ring, Miz will get Corbin's internal case on two. Miz goes out and assaults Corbin. Miz beats him with a few operating double knees, however Corbin will soon take him to the top of the day… to victory … however this can be a struggle.

Winner Pinfall: Baron Corbin

Apparently they are saying to Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman removed themselves by preventing backwards. What?

Backstage: The Usos, Revival, R-Fact

Usos and Revival apparently have the longest cornhole recreation ever played. R-Fact runs in and everybody begins making an attempt to catch him.

Firefly Enjoyable House

Bray Wyatt appears on a sheet of paper over his face and has a scary picture. Then Wyatt greets the viewers and asks if they take pleasure in their secrets and techniques. Wyatt needs to name her Fiend, however she's right here to guard them. Typically he finds it troublesome to seek out confidence and be courageous, especially when he is alone. When he puts on the masks, he could also be what he needs. Wyatt then smiles smiling

Abby, Witch, says Wyatt just doesn't need individuals to know what he’s. Abby asks if she's a physician now. Wyatt clothes up as a physician and says analysis: Abby Witch is a bully. Abby says she is tired and uninterested in being uncomfortable. Then Wyatt has two youngsters who come out of the limbo. Wyatt says he’s all the time within the mild. All they need to do is … let him in. Wyatt Crab walks beneath the limbo stick

Backstage: Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar has a seat wallpaper with Paul Heyman.

In-Ring: An Electric Chair w / Guest Sami Zay

Corey Graves truly has a Sami Zay, sitting in a real digital chair. Charly Caruso is amongst them and has a fan. The fan asks when Zay has retired. Zayn asks if the pal's mother and father are related. The child asks if he forgot Ginger Snaps Combined Match Challenge. Zayn asks if he asks Becky Lynch for his tag staff. Zayn says his mother and father are doing a nasty job. Another fan asks how Braun Strowman appears to be destroying. Zayn threatens violence to the fan. The second fan asks why he has not gained the overall department. Zayn says he can win the title at any time. Then Zayn says he's upset once they haven't asked him about AEW.

Seth Rollins comes out and Zay leaves the ring. Rollins grips the electrical chair and throws it out of the ring.

Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins

This can be a non-nominee contest. Zayn will quickly run away from Rollins. They get into the ring, and Rollins laundry him. Rollins gets him out of the ring and punches him into the ring. Zayn continues to be making an attempt to flee from Rollins. Zayn wakes him up and Rollins bends his hand back. Zayn fights and takes Rollins down. Zayn applies the jaw lock. Rollins fights, however the Zayn shoulder blocks him to 2. Zay's kicking Rollins face earlier than piercing her. Rollins fights again and turns him out of the clothesline. Rollins kneels her behind and sends Zay out of the ring. Rollins goes out to get him, but Zay pushes him to the ring.

We'll be again in a break to see Zayn experience on Rollins face. The viewers is singing to Rollins. Rollins fights again, however Zayn takes him down with the suplex in one quantity. Rollins comes back and takes Zayn down. Zay can shortly get out of the ring, so Rollins tells him about two suicide dives. Rollins occurred to kneel to a different, nevertheless it appears to be a part of the story. Rollins will get Zayn in the ring and goes to the facility bomb, but in his knee circuit. Zay's DDT has two chapters.

The decide checks Rollins, however he says he's good to go. Zayn attacks his knees. Rollins kicks him off, so Rollins hits STO with a twist. Rollins superkicks Zayn and tries Stomp, but Zayn avoids it. Zay then applies the sample 4 locks. Rollins screams pain, but he ultimately crashes to turn strain on Zayn. Rollins fights the blue Thunder Bomb, but his legs give out. Then Zayn provides Rollins a blue Thunder Bomb close to the autumn. Zayn goes to superplex, but Rollins fights him. Rollins goes to the frog, but Zay will get knees to 2. Rollins and the Zayn deal. Zayn goes to Four Leglock, but Rollins kicks Zay out of the ring. Zay's fast ring and Rollins hits Stomp. Rollins switches his knees to pain. Rollins follows another Stompia victory.

Winner of Pinfall: Seth Rollins