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WWE SmackDown Results – May 14, 2019 – Fatal 4-Way, Handicap Match – TPWW

WWE SmackDown Results - May 14, 2019 - Fatal 4-Way, Handicap Match - TPWW

14. May 2019
London, England
Comment: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results: Roy Nemer and


Fast outcomes

  1. Approach Match: Andrade gained Randy Orton, Finnish Balorin Ali by way of DDT hammer at Balor
  2. Handicap match: Shane McMahon, Elias, Daniel Bryan & Rowan gained Roman Reigns and Usos Shane on Jey Uso off the coast
  3. Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) Gained Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville's Turning Down the Assy

In-Ring: Roman Reigns, Miz, Shane McMahon, Elias, Daniel Bryan, Rowan, Usos

WWE Smackdown Stay begins with Roman Reigns, who comes right down to the ring. Roman will get into the ring and says he nonetheless has unfinished business from Uncooked last night time and he needs to unravel the problems proper now. The federal government says that Elias is a large drawback and she or he solves it. And he presents one of the solutions when he’s proud of The Miz to Smackdown.

Out involves The Miz. He thanks Romania for the invitation and says it’s good to return again to London. Miz sings Oonis' Wonderwall version, and he says at the moment that you simply and I will win via Elias and through. He says he's not a very good singer like Elias. But 5 days till the cash until Shane can't run or cover. In WrestleMania he gained him on the stadium, however it wasn't enough. Miz says final night time that Shane overtaken him, however on Sunday Shane might be locked in a steel ring and turn into Shane McMahon.

Elias comes out to Shan and Shane says that simply because an enormous dog referred to as her, it doesn't make a Miz wild card. Shane says Miz disapproves of her and she or he appeals to her privilege and denies her a ring and a building tonight. Elias tells Roman to stay there as a result of she has one thing to say. He referred to as him a wedding singer but underestimated Elias's largest mistake in her career. As a money banker, he proves why Vince McMahon chose him as the most important acquisition of Smackdown historical past and he finds out that WWE represents Walk with Elias.

Shane says, if they don't depart the ring, the need to make them. Shane and Elias go closer to the ring, however Shane says there are a couple of others in Miz who hate inside.

Come to Daniel Bryan and Rowan. Daniel Bryan, Rowan, Shane McMahon and Elias go around the ring and encompass it inside Miz and Roman. All four men come to the ring and assault Romania and Miz. The battle goes outdoors the ring, however come out to save lots of Usus. A worm with double suicide dives outdoors the ring. But Rowan, who has a double clothesline, takes The Usos out. The battle goes back into the ring, as Roman, The Miz and The Usos forged them out.

After the advertisements, Bryan, Rowan, Shane and Elias are behind. Shane says all four are towards Roman Reigns and Usosia. And if The Miz comes to mind close to the match, his matches with The Miz can be canceled on the bank.

Fatal 4-Approach Match: Randy Orton vs. Andrade vs. Finn Balor vs. Ali [19659007] Randy Orton is in a ring with a ladder. He says on Sunday, he climbs up a ladder, grabs a briefcase and turns into a lord in the financial institution a second time. After which the three most dangerous books for the WWE champion are RKO.

Out comes with Andrade Zelina Vega. He says the whole lot is so delicate in relation to spoilers. It might be Recreation of Thrones, the Avengers End Recreation, but they don't care about spoilers. Andrade needs everyone to know the top of the game. In truth, they’re destroying Cash within the financial institution proper now. Andrade tells Orton: “Amigo, Cinco Dias, I climb the ladder, take the contract and become Mr. Money at the bank”.

Again to business and match is already underway. Orton and Ali in the ring when Ali goes to roll, but Orton starts. Nice to the aspect, however the energy of Orton. He sends Ali to the rope, however Ali drops. He jumps out of one other rope and captures Orton with DDT. He goes to the deck, but Andrade makes a rescue.

Andrade, with a clothesline, takes Ali out. It comes with Balor, however Andrade's operating to Balor. Ali is thrown out and Balor's double kick to Andrade. Balor cleans the home when he knocks Orton. Balor will get to the ring camp and kicks Andradea on his face. Balor rises on prime of rope, however Andrade leaves for Balor. Andrade with double knees in Balor. He goes to the deck, but Balor kicks.

Zelina Vega tells Andrade to get out. Andrade goes out of the ring and brings up two ladders. He will get one ladder to the ring and hits Balor and hits Orton. Ali, who has a superpot for Andrade, hits him out of the ring. Ali jumps over the upper rope and to Andrade, however Andrade was holding a ladder when both males fell to the ground.

Andrade sends Balor to the ladder in the nook. Andrade goes to the rope, however Balor's blade. Ali with the face buster takes Balor out. Ali climbs the top rope and goes to 450 splashes, Balor strikes, Ali descends and RKO moves with Orton. Andrade, who has a prime rope drop kick, takes Orton out. Rotating elbow over Balor. Andrade goes to the hammer lock DDT, but Balor turns it over, however Andrade leaves. The laundry line takes off from Andrade. Balor runs over the top rope and jumps outdoors to Orton and Ali. Andrade throws Balor into the ringing levels. He throws Balor into a ring and hits Hammerlock DDT.

Winner: Andrade

Andrade rounds the ladder after the tire, however Ricochet's music hits and he runs down the ring. She jumps off the highest rope and the ladder. He and Andrade battle alongside the ladder as Ricochet pushes Andrade away and captures the portfolio. Ricochet leaves the ring and celebrates.

Backstage: Carmella, Man Moon, Bayley

Carmella is a backstage and says she has a bonus in a money financial institution that has already gained the match twice and she or he wins it again.

You also get promotions from Moon and Bayle.

Backstage: Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods

Backstage exhibits the Kofi Kingston WWE Championship. Woods tells him that he might be with him as we speak, however Kofi tells him that he’s still not 100% and asks him to stay again and Kofi can deal with enterprise immediately on the KO show.

In-Ring: Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Aptitude comes out on the ring. He says on Sunday as a bank within the bank, his stratified competition with Becky Lynch ends when he turns into a champion. We see a video package deal from Charlotte's competitors with Becky Lynch on NXT to WWE

Backstage: Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans is backstage and asks if anyone is there. He says individuals are too busy watching Becky, Charlotte Proven rushes. However Becky has a name contest towards him, he loses. And Becky has a new nickname, Becky Black Eye. Lacey Evans has a new nickname, Lacey Evans, Uncooked Ladies Master.

Backstage: Aleister Black

Aleister Black sits in a darkish room by chopping a promo. For opponents making an attempt to get to the top, he guarantees they don't just like the place they're making an attempt to return.

Handicap Match
Shane McMahon, Elias, Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs. Roman Reigns & The Usos

The bell rings and we're on. Jimmy Uso is in the ring with Daniel Bryan. A number of cancellations from both men. Bryan's shoulder is blocked by Jimmy Uso. Uso bra, followed by Uso within the corner when Jey is in. He goes to the deck, however Daniel kicks. Daniel grabs Jey's foot and signifies Elias. Elias for chest chopping. Jey obtained on the ring and the large kick takes Elias out. Jey climbs the top line, splashing, but descends his legs and the large clothesline Elias. Shane McMahon is marked for the match. Shane leaves Jey's left leg, which he was injured when he landed off the top line.

Shane marks Elias back to the match. Elias leaves Jey's left foot. Elias breaks Roman Reigns. He throws Jey into the nook and Daniel Bryan is tagged in. Bryan binds Jey's left foot to a different rope and drops the pot to the left foot. Bryan raises Jey to the highest of the rope. Jey hits Bryan's elbow and Bryan falls on the carpet. Jey disturbs Elias as a result of Bryan pushes Jey Uso out when he lands on the barricade.

Again to Business and Rowan is with Jey. Great splash from Rowan. He goes to the deck, but Jey kicks. He identifies Elias to the ring. Elias on her knees. Elias body slam followed by massive knee to face. He goes to the deck, but Jey kicks. Elias throws Jey into the nook and Shane is tagged back. Shane's right hand hits Jeyy. Jey rises back and an enormous rotating kick takes Shane down. Jey tags Roman Reigns because Bryan is tagged. The Roman with a clothesline takes Bryan off. The best hand takes Rowan and Shanen out. Roman with an enormous boot on his face

Roman Reigns, together with his proper hand, takes Elias out. She goes to Superman stroke, but Bryan kicks her abdomen. Rowan is in, however Elias recognizes himself. Elias together with your right hand and flying knee to face. He goes to the deck, but Roman leaves. Rowan is labeled with Rowan and with the suitable hand that raises Roman up and body. She goes over the deck, but Roman Reigns starts. Roman returned to his ft, however spinning his elbow.

Back to Business. Elias is within the ring with Roman Reigns. The proper hand of Elias, however the Roman, together with his personal right hand. Roman raises Elias and Samoa falls. Roman badges Jimmy hits the match and Bryan is in. Jimmy goes to the superpot, but Bryan gets out of the ring. Jey is tagged as a result of Usos tremendous kicks all four members. Jey goes to Bryan's deck, but Shane breaks it. Jey throws outdoors Shane. Elias with Driftaway Jey, however Jimmy with tremendous kick after Daniel Bryan with double knees. He goes to the deck, however Roman breaks it. Coming to Rowan, hanging outdoors Romania. Rowan goes outdoors, but Roman is a superman. Elias throws the Roma into steps.

Shane goes back to the ring on the Jey coast.

Winners: Shane McMahon, Elias, Daniel Bryan and Rowan

Miz comes after the match and hits Elijah's chair. Shane runs out of the ring when The Miz, along with Roman Reigns and The Usos, removes the tire.

Firefly Enjoyable Home

Bray Wyatt stands with Mercy the Buzzard and Abby the Witch. Wyatt says he has a secret. Wyatt says it's time to point out the world what he's actually been engaged on. Wyatt can't do it alone and wishes help with all his fires. There’s loads of darkness on his head, however he discovered to make use of and management it. Do you need to see his secret? The display begins flashing and Wyatt is totally totally different. Wyatt says, "Yowie Wowie."

Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) vs. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

Paige is within the ring with Asuka and Kairi Sane. comment. Paige says it's good to be house in England. She is going to current the newest and most intense version of the female tag group Asuka and Kairi Sane Kabuki Warriors. Paige says he is the champion of the group of the subsequent WWE ladies's group and the future of the entire division

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville come out. Rose says she's taking it down the notch, it's not like she referred to as the Royal child. Sonya jokes concerning the identify of the Royal Baby. Mandy says the names are like Miss Cash at the financial institution, which he calls when he wins the ladder. Rose says after she and Sonya go after the women's staff championships. And the longer term is just not IIconic, it's a staff that nothing can break. It's a fireplace and a want.

The bells and Sonya are within the ring of Asuka. Two exchanges will probably be canceled. Asuka acknowledges the phrase in the ring. Two double groups from Sonya, who rolls Sonya outdoors the ring. Sane jumps out of the ring and stops at Mandy Rose. Sane throws Sony's ring on the apron, and Asuka travels in the direction of Sony and hits him out of the ring

Sane is within the cope with Mandy Rose. Sane cuts her chest. and Sane-Cross. He goes to the deck, however Mandy kicks. Sane runs in the direction of Rose, however Sonya strikes away from Rose. Rose hits Crystal with Rose. He goes to the deck, but Sane leaves. Sonya is labeled as two stacks of the Word. Sonya snap mare, followed by knee to face. He goes to the deck, however again Sane kicks.

Sonya Deville together with your right hand and Mandy Rose are marked in. Rose Stomps In The Corner Of The Phrase. Rose backwards. Sane tries to mark Asuka, however Rose throws her into the nook and Sane hits Sony. He's kicking Mandy and Asuka is tagged in. The inhabitant's drop kick adopted by a kick on the face. German resident suplex. He hits Mandy on his face and Asuka lock, however Sonya is breaking it. Sonya hits Sane out of the ring. Sonya is labeled with a ring.

Sony's assault on face Asuka, however Asuka triggers his kick. Asuka together with his own kick, however Sonya captures his kick and stroke on Sony's face. Sony's spinebuster. Mandy is tagged in. He leaves the deck, however Asuka turns it into a canopy and will get a pin when Sonya appears unimaginable.

Winners: Kabuki Warriors

Backstage: Lars Sullivan

We see a video jumping to Lars Sullivan. Backstage, Sullivan, is with Kayla Braxton, who says, “Sorry, Mr Lars Sullivan, I wonder if you could comment on the destruction, commented… Thank you” and he walks away when Lars dazzles him.

Backstage: Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is a backstage and says we’re a few minutes away from the special version of the Kevin Owens exhibition. Owens says he's not concentrating on the bank's new money, Kofi is a WWE champion. And it's time to reply the question he had in his thoughts, and that Kofi Kingston can stand alone. He is aware of the reply and on Sunday the entire WWE universe knows the answer. When Owens Speaks, New Day Music Involves Kofi Kingston

In-Ring: Kofi Kingston, Kevin Owens, Sami Zay, Xavier Woods

Kofi says he has been invited to the Kevin Owens exhibition and here he’s. he says Kevin needed him, needed a WWE champion. On Sunday cash within the bank he will get the chance, however what about tonight, Kevin? Kofi says she is here as a guest at the Kevin Owens exhibition and it will be simply that she can be right here and be a number. Kofi introduces Kevin Owens as host. Kingston says he can rename it to Kofi, however Owens talked to the trash. He is here to offer him a chance, however when he speaks, Kevin Owens seems on the bigger display.

Kevin Owens says Kofi is alone, it's lonely at the prime. For the primary time in 11 years, he finds himself and is within the worst potential time. Nobody can deny what he did in Wrestlemania was a dream, and he might share it with New Day and his household. But did he ever marvel what happens when this dream ends? The truth begins and the truth is that he is the one WWE champion because of the brand new day. And it ends on Sunday as a result of he’s probably the most harmful individual in the WWE. And right here's the proof. We see the video leaping Kevin Owens.

Kofi says he didn't show anything and he's uninterested in listening to him. Kofi throws the chairs in the ring outdoors. Kevin's music hits and he comes right down to the ring but stops before he will get there. He walks back however stops and walks into the ring and stops again. Kofi goes outdoors the ring and the 2 start to battle, however involves Sami Zay, who’s attacking Kofi Kingston.

Sami Zay and Kevin Owens hit Kofi Kingston. Out is Xavier Woods, who assaults each Owens and Zaynia. Owens throws Xavier's ring submit when he and Zay depart for Kofi again. The sound "Kofi" sings from the gang. Kofi is thrown into the ring levels. Kevin Owens sends Kofi to Kingston when the fans sing "New Day Rocks". Kevin goes to the cannonball, however Kofi strikes off the street. Zayn assaults Kofi, but Kofi hits him in Paradise. Kofi Kingston is standing in the ring bin for Kevin Owens, because Smackdown Reside is out of the air.