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WWE Raw Results – March 4, 2019 – The Shield, Becky, Charlotte, Rousey – TPWW

WWE Raw Results - March 4, 2019 - The Shield, Becky, Charlotte, Rousey - TPWW

four. March 2019
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Remark: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young
Results: Mike Tedesco,

Quick Matches

  1. Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley Gained Finnish Balor, Kurt Angle & Braun Strowman by means of Lashley's Spear in Balor
  2. Natalya gained a rack inside Ruby Riott
  3. Gauntlet match: Heavy Machinery gained B workforce (Compactor), The Higher Rise (by way of Vadis bomb to Otis) and Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder (larva elbow dropping)
  4. Elias gained Dean Ambrose via Drift Away
  5. Tamina gained Sasha Banks via superkick
  6. RAW Tag Group Championship: Revival (c) gained Ricochet & Aleister Black by disqualifying Ricood & Gable attacked the Revival

In-Ring: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose

Roman Reigns' Music Losses astaanotto. Repeats of Reigns' return to WWE last week and reported to be in remission. Later that evening, Reigns and Seth Rollins rescued Dean Ambrose from Drew McIntyren, Bobby Lashley and Elias.

The viewers sings "Roman" and Reigns appears to be shifting. Reigns seems to be round and sucks in love. Reigns says again in Atlanta last week. This week, at Philly, we’ll take our yard again. The audience cheers loudly. Governments have had to think about their future and what they want. What he needs is one man standing. That one man is his brother Seth Rollins. To be able to get what he needs, he should present him. Reigns calls Seth Rollins.

Songs by Seth Rollins and he comes out to the large reception at Philadelphia. Reigns and Rollins hug in the ring. Rollins says he has to say something. Seeing the kingdoms come final week and figuring out that he gained his battle, he was one of many biggest moments of his profession. Rollins felt like he might do something. Rollins takes this motivation to WrestleMania and kills the beast. More importantly, he’ll deliver the Common Championship again to RAW each Tuesday night time. Based on him, he is aware of where the top of Reign is. Rollins understands what it’s wish to launch a title and by no means lose it. If there’s anyone who deserves a chance towards Brock Lesnar, it’s the kingdom. There are some boots, however then the light “Roman” sings. Reigns says he thought Rollins knew every part however he was incorrect. When he was gone, one individual appeared over this place: Seth Rollins. One man held this place in line and knew what was greatest. Nobody trusts Rollins more than Reigns. The governments have been with Lesnar and know what it is doing. Rollins has what it does. Reigns wishes him good luck.

Governments want reputation. In line with Rollins, he can have anything. Reigns says he needs the band together once more. Rollins says simply what. After what Ambrose did and at night time he did it. The "Shield" track breaks down. Reigns needs it, and he asks the general public if they want it. They cheer loudly. He controls that he seemed from a unique perspective when he was gone. Tomorrow shouldn’t be assured. Life is brief. They're his brother. The halls don't know if Ambrose will come. Reigns needs another second together with his brothers before they are not. Another loud "Shield" sings. Rollins hurries up the tire and thinks. Rollins says he put a few of his life behind him, but Reigns is true. Life is just too brief. Tomorrow just isn’t assured. If Reigns needs Defend last, he’s! The audience is ecstatic. Reigns calls Dean Ambrose out

Dean Ambrose's music tracks and comes out on stage. Ambrose is stepping up and speaking. Before he says something, Elias is attacking him together with his guitar! Reigns and Rollins inherit a ramp, but Elias flees. They assist Ambrose up, but he throws them away and keeps walking alone. Reigns and Rollins take a look at one another

Finn Balor, Kurt Angle and Braun Strowman vs. Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley

Charly Caruso is behind the scenes by Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley. Lio Rush can also be there. McIntyre says he's breaking Defend months ago. Corbin says he is displaying where he’s at present. Lashley says Balor is reminded that he has the Lashley Intercontinental Championship. Corbin says he's teasing Kurt Angle once more.

Braun Strowman begins with Baron Corbin. Corbin throws his arm on him and assaults, however Strowman instantly sends him over the top line. Corbin shortly gets into the ring, however Strowman pierces him and the clothespins into the upper arm. Then Strowman runs to her shoulder. Strowman will get to Corbin's ring, however Corbin takes a nook. Drew McIntyre recognizes, but Strowman will soon get better. Finn Balor's tags are available, and he rises from the top with an ax deal with on his shoulder. McIntyre takes her shortly and acknowledges Bobby Lashley. Lashley goes into a power bomb, but Balor fights and sends him out of the ring. Balor then clothespins above the highest of Corb before he hit Balor and Lashley's sackcloth. Balor hits McIntyle out of the ring and teases the dive, however Lio Rush sweeps his legs.

We'll be again for a break so Corbin hit Balor with Deep Six close to the fall. Corbin's golf equipment are in Balor and use a jaw lock. Balor fights, however Corbin throws him ahead. Balor worships him and punches Lashley. Balor is shifting, however Corbin tears him down. McIntyre tags and commas Balor down. McIntyre talks to the trash bin to Balor and tries to suplex, however Balor blocks it. McIntyre takes him down shortly and hits a stroke virtually within the fall. McIntyre then applies the toe bar. Balor will get out and ignores McIntyle.

Angle in and he hits McIntyre's two German suplexes. McIntyre leaves third however Angle will soon hit it. McIntyre leaves Angle Slam, however Angle will quickly take him to Angle Lock. McIntyre screams, but Lashley runs in. Angle takes Lashley to the German Suplex. McIntyre then wipes the nook out of Glasgow Kiss.

We come back from the break to see the nook to battle the Corbin jaw. The nook is the corner lock, but Corbin launches him. The angle avoids the avalanche and sends him out of the ring. Strowman acknowledges and runs for everybody. Strowman avalanches at Corbin nook twice earlier than being crushed. The viewers breaks out. Strowman hits Operating Powerslam. Balor recognizes and unites Coup de Grace, but Rush breaks the pin! Balor will get out of the ring and tries to hit him, but Rush runs away. Lashley then closes Balor into a hoop submit. Then Strowman comes out of anything, and the shoulder is solved by Rush by means of the barricade! Lashley's tags and spears Balor fall to victory.

Winners of Pinfall: Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley

After the match, Lashley holds Balor Lashley. McIntyre leaves and sends Angle head first to barricade. Corbin goes out and sends Angle to barricade. Lashley then joins and sends to Angle Barricade. McIntyre and Lashley then send to the metal levels held by Angle Corbin. They positioned the steel steps underside of the ring. McIntyre hits Balor with Claymore Kick. Then they take Balor over the bomb. Corbin, McIntyre and Lashley within the Ring

Backstage: Heavy Machinery

Charly Caruso is behind heavy machinery. Teams of RAW tags show a video of how they don't like heavy machines. Otis says it damages his emotions. Tucker says that if these teams really feel, he does it proper. They take all of the teams together.

Natalya vs. Ruby Riott

Riott takes Natalya down shortly and kicks him again. Riott kicks him into the rib and puts him in the corner. Riott stomps Natalya before hitting snapmaren and applying jaw lock. Natalya fights and hits the fisherman's suplex. Natalya hits the Discus garments line before utilizing Sharpshooter. Riott turns out and captures her inside.

Winner of Pinfall: Natalya

Songs by Lacey Evans, and she or he rises previous Natalya. Evans causes a ramp before going strolling and going back. Natalya seems to be confused.

Backstage: Stephanie McMahon, Michael Che, Colin Jost

Stephanie McMahon is behind the scenes by Michael Che and Colin Jost. They’re WrestleMania's special senders. Jost says he is excited to go to WrestleMania in New York (it's actually New Jersey). Stephanie explains that WWE is a bit totally different, however Colin Jost thinks he can handle himself

In-Ring: Triple H

Triple H is in the ring. They show a video of Batista from his Instagram account. Batista apologizes for not having executed it for RAW tonight because he just doesn't need to be there. Batista has no other obligations and isn’t afraid that Triple H. Batista does not like Philly. They’ll play this recreation based on their rules till the game is over.

Triple H says that if he wasn't crazy enough, there's the message. Final week, she had the opportunity to deliver her 70th birthday to the most important legend within the wrestling. Triple H wasn't there because of Ric Flair. He was there because of Richard Fleihr. It’s the man he traveled up and down the roads. Fleihr was a wedding for her, however she was there for most of Fleihr's wedding ceremony. Triple H was at its worst, like when he buried his son. Richard Fleihr was a man who, just a little over a yr ago, was mendacity in a hospital that took his life in a coma. During that period, each time his telephone referred to as, he had the worry of someone calling to be absent. Triple H is emotional. Last week, he was here with Richard Fleihr, a man who didn't stay anymore on the 70th anniversary, to deliver him out of 1 factor he loves more than anything on the planet: standing in his finger in front of a crowd. Triple H was strolling her ring final week so she might be "Nature Boy" Ric Flair as soon as extra. That was what he lived. Triple H couldn’t be attributed to "a piece …"

Batista needed his attention. It's no secret why. Batista shouted about it online for years. Batista all the time stopped each time he did not receive the reaction he was holding. This time Batista couldn't cease. This time he attacked a 70-year-previous man who was fortunate sufficient to outlive. Batista took this final minute away from Flair. Now he needs to open up the display and go together with "Bad Guy 101". Triple H mocks Batista knocks the town. Triple H says he doesn't care what Batista needs to do or what he needs to do. Triple H involves her house or invites her to return to her. Triple H goes anyplace. She comes and waits for her. Triple H shouts: "Do you’ve gotten some balls! Present! “Triple H needs Batista to comprehend it. For each street visitors and each second that they had with Aptitude when Batista stepped in front of him, it isn’t The Recreation. It's not one thing they promote. This isn’t the identify of the bogie. They know Triple H. When Batista enters the ring, he doesn't take a look at the character. He is on the lookout for a man behind the determine. Triple H tells Batista to face for her and inform her what she needs. If Batista needs the eye of Triple H, he received it! Triple H throws the microphone down and walks away.

Backstage: Stephanie McMahon

Video package deal: Becky Lynch is attacking Ronda Rouse and arrested at RAW. Then Ronda Rousey arrange a RAW ladies's championship when Stephanie McMahon refused to return Lynch

Stephanie McMahon says what Ronda Rousey was blasphemous. McMahon says he's doing the most effective business. WWE raises 60-day interruption and drops all funds. He is calling Becky Lynch tonight to signal an arresting settlement stating that WWE just isn’t accountable if something occurs to him at Fastlane. Lynch joins together with Charlotte Flair in the presently open RAW Ladies's Championship!

Backstage: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns

Dean Ambrose warms behind the scenes as Roman Reigns walks to him. Governments say they will speak about every thing. Ambrose says he should keep sharp and put together for the match.

Gauntlet Match
Heavy Equipment vs. B-Workforce

Otis begins with Curtis Axel, who makes dance. Otis pushes him to his shoulder before piercing him into the nook. Tucker acknowledges and Otis rusts at Tuckeria Axel. Then hold down the clothesline Axel. Tucker picks up two chapters. Axel avoids the avalanche and likes Tucker. Bo Dallas acknowledges, however Tucker will quickly take him. Otis tags and Heavy Machinery hit Dallas to take away the press.

Heavy Machinery vs. Ascension

They shortly take Konnor down, however Konnor returns to Tucker. Konnor applies the jaw lock. Tucker fights up, but Konnor rusts him exhausting at the corner with two figures. Konnor assembles him, however he hits the ring submit first. Otis tags like Viktor. Otis takes Viktor down and avalanche him within the corner.

Heavy Equipment vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

Ryder is attacking Otis shortly and hit the reverse DDT. Ryder hits the chest elbow near the autumn. They hit the STO / Russian Leg Sweep mixture in Otis, however Tucker breaks the stack. Then Otis closes Hawkins badly. Then Otis hits Hawkins' elbow after dropping to victory.

Winners: Heavy Equipment

Subsequent Week

Triple H and Batista Face Face Next Week for RAW

Backstage: Michael Che, Colin Jost, EC3, Titus O & Neil, No Means Jose

Colin Jost and Michael Che stroll within the background. Jost isn’t up to date together with his WWE info, and Che tells him. They stroll on EC3 with out doing something and then fall to Titus O & # 39; s Nail. He takes an image with Michael Che. Nicely Jose Jose and his conga line then danced them.

Video: Torrie Wilson's Superstar Corridor 2019

Torrie Wilson has been included into WWE Fame class: 2019.

Backstage: Charlotte Aptitude

Charly Caruso is a wallpaper with Charlotte Flair. Aptitude talks about Becky Lynch's vanity. Even at its greatest, man doesn’t examine to the queen. Lynch was crushed when a 60-day interruption made him Miss WrestleMania. When Flair is completed together with her, Lynch might be on the shelf good. Lynch is a one-legged competitor in the ass kicking competition. The WWE universe can gown up in its glory as a grasp of RAW ladies. Flair Provides "Woo!": N

Backstage: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose sits in the background when Seth Rollins walks to him. Rollins says they have not all the time finished, however the brothers are preventing. Even via every thing he needs to assume that there was some sort of mutual respect. Whether they're in the same group or towards one another, Ambrose is his wrestling soulmate. Ambrose says that if he needs to get Defend back collectively last time, it's "can't do." Ambrose is worried and has to cope with his enterprise alone. Ambrose sits down and Rollins walks away.

Elias vs. Dean Ambrose

We'll be again after a break to hear Elias sing that she is aware of she's in Philly because the Stanley Cup can't be found anyplace. He knows he's in Philly as a result of he noticed the Eagle fan by eating horse manure on the aspect of the street. How does he really know he is in Philly because the youngsters haven’t any future, regardless of how arduous they struggle. He knows he's in Philly because Bryce Harper informed him that his career would die. Dean Ambrose's music cuts her away.

Ambrose duck clothesline and pierces Elias. Elias kneels and splits her, but Ambrose deserves a clothesline. Ambrose takes him shortly and punches him. Ambrose pushes him down earlier than the referee ensures him. Elias arrives at her face, however Ambrose takes her down before she covers her over the upper rope. Ambrose goes out and kicks Elijah before bouncing him out of the barricade. Ambrose gets to the ring shortly to finish the 10th century. Ambrose gets him into the ring before he instantly covers him from the ring. Elias Clubs Ambrose fell beneath the ropes. Elias strikes Ambrose's apron and drops her on the ground. Ambrose takes him shortly out of the ring and hits Elias with a suicide dive. Ambrose will get him in the ring and hits a couple of clothes. Ambrose clothespins him in the nook and goes to the bulldog, however Elias drops him off. Elias collects her and captures her life. Elias drops to the knee. Elias strikes down Ambrose and goes to Drift Away, but Ambrose descends to roll two. Ambrose then drops him with a necklace.

Ambrose goes out and tries to climb the ropes, however his back is just too harm. Ambrose lastly disengages from the high, however Elias kneels him out of the middle air.

Winner Pinfall: Elias

In-Ring: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre

The band is again together! #TheShield stands excessive #RAW! @WWERomanReigns @WWERollins @TheDeanAmbrose [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) March 5, 2019

Ambrose is left mendacity in the midst of the ring when Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins stroll out.

We're coming back for a break to see Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins walk their finger when Dean Ambrose slowly rises. The viewers sings: "Shield." Rollins says they still have one shot to do this in the suitable path. Ambrose could be very uncertain and reverse. Ambrose walks past and leaves the ring. Ambrose walks across the ring and leaves the gang. Ambrose goes down the steps and appears on the ring and the Rollins tire.

Baron Corbin's music tracks and he comes out on stage with Drew McIntyren and Bobby Lashley. Corbin tells them to save lots of them from another minute of this broken report. Corbin will get this Brotherly Love metropolis, however that is pathetic. McIntyre says that the futed “Hounds of Justice” are broken and preventing at their desk. McIntyre says that this is not exactly the return of Roman Reigns. They are pathetic. They have been going to offer them an epic match this Sunday at Fastlane, but they don't deserve it. McIntyre says he has stopped doing this proper now.

McIntyre, Lashley and Corbin Nook Reigns and Rollins. Reigns and Rollins try to battle them, however they have been gained. Ambrose seems contradictory, however he drives down and makes a rescue. Reigns hits Lashley's Superman Punch. Rollins superkicks McIntyre and Ambrose clothespins Corbin off the ring. The audience sings "Shield" once more. Reigns and Rollins set their fists on the Ambrose tempo. Then Ambrose places his fist and the gang breaks out! Defend shouts at Corbin, McIntyree and Lashley.

Tamina vs. Sasha Banks

What staff is up and operating #WWEFastlane? @SashaBanksWWE and @TaminaSnuka go along with # RAW! [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) March 5, 2019

Tamina takes the banks down shortly and avalanches her. Tamina controls her for a couple of moments, but the banks are returning. Tamina takes her down and goes into an enormous splash, but the banks are shifting. Banks kneel down on her face with two figures. The banks are leaping to sleep, however Tamina leaves. Banks avoid the superkick and roll him into two chapters. Tamina takes her down, but the banks come again with a financial institution bill. Jax pulls Tamina out of the ring. Bayley tries to assault, however Jax throws him away. After that, the banks hit the botched meteor in Jax.

Winner Pinfall: Tamina

Backstage: Colin Jost, Michael Che, Braun Strowman

Michael Che and Colin Jost walk in the background. Che must go to the toilet and depart Jost alone. Jost says he's not afraid of any of these guys. Jost then walks to Braun Strowman, who stares at him. Jost asks if any of this stuff are actual, so Strowman grabs him around his neck and presses him towards the wall. We’ll come again from the break when individuals try to get Strowman to release Colin Jost. Finally, Strowman says he sees him in WrestleMania.

RAW Tag Championship
Revival (c) vs. Ricochet and Aleister Black

#RAW #TagTeamTitles are on line @KingRicochet & @WWEAleister expects to take #TheRevival! @DashWilderWWE @ScottDawsonWWE [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) March 5, 2019

Charly Caruso is in the background with Aleister Black and Ricochet. Black says individuals are afraid of what they will't understand. Ricochet says they will new heights tonight.

Black begins the match towards Dash Wilder. Black kicks him and Scott Dawson down, but Wilder will quickly return. Dawson recognizes and lifts him. Dawson hits the snapmaren and drops a foot, adopted by an elbow drop and a falling headband for 2. Dawson squeezes his hand and sends him to the rope. Black comes again when another rope needs to be used. Wilder tags when Bobby Roode and Chad Gable come right down to look nearer.

We're coming again for a break to see Dawson like black. Black fights, but Dawson strikes to the toe bar. Black hand pulls her and kneels her face. Black hardly kneels down. Wilder shortly indicators in. Black sweeps shortly the Revival legs.

Ricochet tags in and he takes The Revival down. Ricochet kicks Dawson and turns Wilder twice. Ricochet hits Dawson with a necklace earlier than Wilder runs for 2 more. Ricochet then knocks Dawson's apron. Ricochet kneels to Wilder on his face and Black Boots Dawson. Ricochet then hits Dawson on the hurrican. Ricochet hits the highest of the springboard and hits Wilder out of the ring. Roode and Gable then attack the revival

Winners are disqualified: Revival

Black and Ricochet are livid Roode and Gable. They get into the ring and declare. Black and Ricochet then knock them out of the ring.

In-Ring: Stephanie McMahon, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey

. @ MsCharlotteWWE and @BeckyLynchWWE go to #RAW #WomensTitle #WWEFastlane – and it appears that evidently @RondaRousey gets one thing to say about it! #RAW [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) March 5, 2019

@ RondaRousey extracts @BeckyLynchWWE from #RAW! [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) March 5, 2019

Stephanie McMahon leaves the ring the place the RAW ladies's championship is overhead. McMahon says that something can happen on WrestleMania, such because the return of Roman Reigns and the renewal of Defend. Or we might see Ronda Rouse launch the RAW Ladies's Championship just some weeks before WrestleMania. Rousey presents the RAW Ladies's Championship when Stephanie McMahon refused to return Becky Lynch. McMahon is now introducing Charlotte Flair to the ring.

Charlotte Aptitude makes an entrance. McMahon and Aptitude both make Woo. McMahon introduces Becky Lynch, who arrives at an excellent reception. Lynch continues to make use of the crown to get round. Lynch will get in the ring and Flair laughs at him.

The onerous Becky track is again. McMahon says we undoubtedly need a champion, so Fastlane is Charlotte Aptitude going one-on-one towards "The Man" Becky Lynch to seek out out who will be the RAW Ladies's Champion. Because Lynch is just not 100%, he has to signal a Hold Innocent Agreement, which states that he can’t problem WWE if something dangerous occurs to his knees or different elements of his body. Lynch takes the contract and appears at it. Aptitude tells Lynch to sign it until Stephanie needs to provide it to the queen. Lynch says he gained Aptitude with one leg at Royal Rumble. If Flair needs, he can win him proper now. McMahon says it must happen to Fastlane. Lynch indicators the contract when the gang sings his identify. McMahon says it's official. We’ve a RAW Ladies's Championship.

We go back to see Rowdy Rousey's storm in the area. Ronda Rousey is on his method. Rousy demands to know what's happening. He says he gave Stephanie McMahon every week to think about it and never like this answer. Rousey calls for his identify back, so McMahon provides it back to him. McMahon says he still has to do enterprise right here. In Fastlane, Becky Lynch continues to satisfy Charlotte Flair. If Becky loses, he has carried out … but when Becky wins, he shall be added to the RAW Ladies's Championship match in WrestleMania. Will probably be Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Aptitude vs. Becky Lynch. McMahon asks if Rouse will give what he needs.

Rousey says everyone is aware of that McMahon appreciates his wallet. Rousey earns too much cash to get fired. Rousey can do whatever he needs, because McMahon cares more about his pockets. Rousey did every little thing to honor this business. Rousey poured his coronary heart and soul here and the way does he pay back? They pull him out of Staples Middle, his residence. He is not a dancing monkey. He might break the nostril of Flair and Lynch if he sneezed of their path. Rousey says, "Damn your fantasy, the man's man, screw the clown, and no longer Mrs. Nice's bitch!"

Rousey triggers Flair and hits Lynch. Rousey makes use of Lynch's damaging arm and ignites it. Flair seems outdoors the ring and looks glad. Rousey returns his arm before releasing and standing over Lynch. Rousey then picks up Lynch's backup and closes him earlier than piercing him. Rousey pierces her kidneys a number of occasions earlier than placing her arm again on. Flair follows this ramp. Rousey releases a lure and looks at Flair. Rousey starts shouting into the gang.

We're going back to see Charly Caruson's interview with Stephanie McMahon. He says that it appears that evidently Stephanie made the recognition of Ronda Rouse. McMahon says he didn't favor at all. Rousey confirmed his true colors and showed himself to be an animal. Rousey doesn't take anyone into consideration. McMahon says he has no love for Becky Lynch, however he feels sorry. McMahon is sick on his stomach. He can't await what happens in WrestleMania. Rousey gets what comes to her. McMahon says we get one hell of a triple menace match or one of many hell singles taking WrestleMania. Caruso asks if he has more selections to make. McMahon says Rousey is a unfastened cannon, but he comes to a decision.

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