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WWE Raw Results March 25, 2016 – Beat the Clockenge, McIntyre vs. Ambrose – TPWW

WWE Raw Results March 25, 2016 - Beat the Clockenge, McIntyre vs. Ambrose - TPWW

18. March 2019
Boston, Massachusetts
Comment: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young
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  1. Beat the Clock Problem
    • Ronda Rousey Wins Via Sarah Logan's Hand Bar 1:25
    • Charlotte Flair vs. Ruby Riott wasn't a race as a result of the time ended
    • Becky Lynch gained Liv Morgan's jackknife pin 1:18 to beat Rouse's time and beat the challenge
  2. Finn Balor wins Bobby Lashley and Jinder Mahal with Mahal at Coup de Grace to win the IC title for Lashley in WrestleMania
  3. Aleister Black & Ricochet wins The Revival with 630 with Ricochet in Wilder
  4. Sasha Banks vs Natalya wasn't in competition when Nia Jax and Tamina have been bothering
  5. Baron Corbin gained Apollo Crews at the finish of Days
  6. Kurt Angle Wins Samo on Joe's Rollup
  7. The Final Man Standing: Drew McIntyre Wins By way of Dean Ambrose by means of Claymore [19659013] Ring: Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair

    RAW Ladies's Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey makes his method into the ring. Rousey seems to be targeted. “We want Becky.” It's a tough track. For the first time, Rousey says that ladies come to WrestleMania's foremost event. It gets cheerful from the crowd. Rouse has only one thing: "You are welcome." Rousey then throws the microphone down. Rousey picks up the microphone and says he has a promise. He meets Charlotte and Becky at the similar time. He throws the microphone once more, however returns to select it up. There's yet one more factor about Rouse. He doesn't know what the Beat The Clock Problem is. It have to be one among their "BS tricks". He needs to recover from the farce.

    Riott Squad makes his approach into the ring. Becky Lynch's music hits, and she or he comes out to the huge reception. Lynch says it's great to return to Boston. He tells Rouse that he's gonna look a bit unusual. Everyone knows he's acquired an enormous cash deal, but they're all yawned. No one cared earlier than the man came. Mild “Becky” sings. The perfect thing ever to occur to Rouse was Lynch. He made Rouse's title higher. That's why they're the most essential occasion. Rousey knows how this ends for WrestleMania – when the title is raised and Rouse's skull beneath his ft

    Charlotte Flair comes out and says they're in the primary event due to what she's accomplished in the last seven years. That's why he was chosen as the most essential event for WrestleMania. Aptitude provides out "Woo".

    Beat The Clock Problem
    Ronda Rousey vs. Sarah Logan

    The bell rings and Logan runs out of the ring. Rousey drives him round the ring. Logan assaults him and starts stomping at him. Logan uses reverse clipping. We're a minute for this match. Rousy rises and makes use of a handle that’s hung over the ropes. Rousey elbows her instantly and applies a hand bar to get a presentation at 1:25. It's time to win.

    Submission of the winner at 1:25 pm: "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey

    Charlotte Aptitude will get in the ring with Ruby Riott.

    Beat The Clock Challenge (Time Wins: 1:25)
    Charlotte Aptitude vs. Ruby Riott

    Flair leaves for an enormous visit, but Riott avoids it. Aptitude returns to the ring and cuts the chest. Aptitude takes her down, but Riott kicks her out of the ring. We're beneath a minute. Riott kicks him in the chest and opens his arm. Aptitude comes again and hits the back press. Flair goes to natural choice, but Riott goes out. Riott hits DDT virtually in the fall. We are less than 30 seconds. Aptitude abruptly takes her down and applies the sample to eight, however the time ends.

    No competitors

    Becky Lynch will get to the ring for Liv Morgan, but Aptitude huge boots down.

    Beat Clock Problem (Time Wins: 1:25)
    Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan

    Morgan attacks him shortly and raises his again twice. Morgan applies the jaw lock, but Lynch fights. Lynch's upper cuts him and connects the clothesline. Lynch hits the heel and takes him down, however Morgan kicks him off. We are lower than 20 seconds. Lynch blocks the drop and combines with a jackknife pin to win 7 seconds to save lots of!

    Winner of Pinfall: Becky Lynch

    Lynch celebrates his victory and Rousey shouldn’t be completely satisfied. Lynch exhibits the WrestleMania sign when commentators speak about their match.

    Finn Balor vs. Bobby Lashley & Jinder Mahal

    If Balor wins, he gets an IC title for WrestleMania. Before the match, Lio Rush cuts the promo. Rush says Balor's approach by way of WrestleMania. This isn’t the means Balor needs to be right now. Balor should have stopped when he was in entrance. Now he has to go away the recreation like a scorching trash like Rob Gronkowski. The audience speaks loudly. As much as he want to put an finish to Balor's WrestleMania's goals, he has not medically managed to compete for Braun Strowman. Lashley joins Jinder Mahal.

    Lashley starts the match and Manhandles Balorin. Balor drives an avalanche, but he’s soon drowned in making an attempt to guard himself from Singh Brothers and Lio Rush. Lashley's clothesline on the flooring. We shall be again after a break when Balor tries to battle back, however Lashley will cease him. Mahal is tagged in and Balor drops him. Balor strikes Lashley away from the front and takes down Mahal. Lashley drops the ring, however Balor sweeps his ft and doubles him. Balor gets Mahal out of the ring despite the Singh Brothers distraction. Balor hits everyone who gets Mahal's finger and hits Mahal with Coup de Grace to win.

    Winner of Pinfall: Finn Balor

    Lashley is livid and takes down the Singh brothers. One in every of Singh's brothers has been destroyed by a merciless spinebuster! Lashley then Spears Mahal down and furiously stares at Balor.

    Phase: Elias

    We see the movie Elijah from Occasions Square on guitar. Elias says that Broadway has featured many iconic artists, however that's nothing compared to what she has for WrestleMania. Elias goes to play, but the road musician involves her.

    Aleister Black & Ricochet vs. Revival

    Two teams begin immediately earlier than the match begins. Ricochet drops Scott Dawson down before they take Sprint Wilder out. The decide returns the order. Black starts with Wilder. Dawson grabs his leg, and Wilder pierces Black. Dawson recognizes and takes Black down. Dawson raises him earlier than taking him with a hammer. Black fights up and large boots on him. Ricochet acknowledges, and he jumps from Dawson. Black knee in the middle of Dawson and Ricochet follows a shallow drop. Black teases flap, however descends on his ft. Ricochet virtually misses Wilder on the flooring with a listening block. Black then hits Dawson with the colon away from the pre-union.

    We're coming back for a break to see Dawson making use of jawbone to Ricochet. Ricochet fights, however the Dawson horror hits him down. Ricochet avoids some elbows and Wilder tags. Ricochet turns in, however Revival hits the double staff with him. Dawson acknowledges, however he lowers his head and eats a kick. Wilder says shortly, however Ricochet will get him with a necklace.

    Black and Dawson tag. Black avoids the strike and hits Wilder out of the apron. Black hits a few operating elbows and kicks him to the head. Black then hits the Revival with a springboard. Wilder is shipped from the ring. Black hardly strikes him close to the fall. Dawson gets virtually victory after a Wilder dysfunction. Dawson shortly DDTs Black, but Ricochet violates it. Wilder tags, they usually ship a black corner. Ricochet's blinds tags in. Black hits both members of The Revival with one Black Mass! Ricochet then hits Wilder with a 630 win!

    The winners of Pinfall: Aleister Black and Ricochet

    Revival makes a hoop poster that they are nonetheless RAW Tag Workforce champions.

    In-Ring: Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns

    Drew McIntyre is in the ring. McIntyre says he gained't let him down in the event that they like him, however they respect him. One week is a long time to wait for an answer. McIntyre is nervous about what Roman Reigns' reply involves his WrestleMania challenge. McIntyre needs to point out the clip when he attacked Reigns two weeks in the past. McIntyre says he can stop him, however he didn't.

    Replay: Drew McIntyre is attacking abuse when he has two Claymore Kicks. Last week at RAW, McIntyre challenged Reigns to WrestleMania. The kingdoms might have gained leukemia, but in WrestleMania he never hits him.

    McIntyre says he needs the revolutionary wife or extended family to get by way of a thick skull and advised him not to accept the challenge. McIntyre broke down Defend and destroyed the cockroach, which is Dean Ambrose. Final week at RAW, he gained # 1 competitor Seth Rollins. McIntyre knows celebrity Roman Reigns has by no means denied the challenge, but he needs to speak to Joe for husband and father. Hasn't he arrange his family enough? The youngsters of Reign had already had to take a look at the father's struggle for his life as soon as. Do they have to see it once more in WrestleMania when Reigns is aware of he's dropping? The track of "Rome" is again. McIntyre says he's right here all night time until he will get his answer.

    The songs of Roman Reigns, and he comes out for an ideal reception from Boston. Governments come to the ring and face nose to nose with McIntyren. The "Roman" track is gently collected in the background. Reigns says, “Roman accepts your challenge…” This subsequent part shouldn’t be from Roman. Reigns tells him that he never makes use of his spouse and spouse. Then he controls him and punches him. The governments ship him to the shoulder first to the ring publish, and McIntyre drops the ring. The halls exit and ship him to the barricade. Reigns throws him again into the ring, but McIntyre greets him with a low blow! McIntyre will get to his ft when Reigns comes slowly. McIntyre then crushed Reigns with Claymore Kick! McIntyre then walks when Reigns comes slowly. McIntyre says Reigns ought to have stated no.

    Backstage: Drew McIntyre, Dean Ambrose

    Drew McIntyre has been following the advertisements in the background when he collides with Dean Ambrose. Ambrose stated he wasn't destroyed because he's still here. Ambrose challenges him to the last match … Last Man Standing. McIntyre says he doesn't understand how Ambrose continues to be in place, however he's putting him down.

    Sasha Banks vs. Natalya

    Bayley was at the corner of Sasha and Beth Phoenix was Natalya. Banks take Natalya shortly, but Natalya on the flooring quickly and uses a surfboard. The banks come out and doubles the knees. Natalya makes use of virtually Sharpshooter, but the financial institution is preventing out and knocking him out of the ring. Banks hit the hurrican on the flooring and kneel down. We’ll come back from the pause to see Natalya applying torture racks to banks. Banks land twice. Banks kneel him in his face, but Natalia will quickly take her by hiding her on her chest. Natalya leaves to the ropes, but the banks journey to her and apply for a bank assertion. Natalya screams, however she rolls and applies Sharpshooter. The banks scream, but he crashes.

    Nia Jax and Tamina ran and attacked Bayley. Beth Phoenix fights towards them. Phoenix raises Jax, however Tamina launches her. Phoenix fights back and the Jax down clothes. Phoenix then hits Tamina with Glam Slam. Phoenix and Natalya Stand High and Standing Collectively for WWE Ladies's Tag Teams

    No Competitors

    Video: Hart Basis in Fall Corridor

    Hart Foundation Concerned in WWE Hall of Fame: Class 2019. We go to the area to see Natalya and Beth Phoenix crying whereas watching the video. Natalya's father Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart is WWE's Famer Corridor. He refers to heaven and tries to maintain tears.

    Backstage: Kurt Angle, Baron Corbin

    Charly Caruso interviews Kurt Angle backstage. Angle says that this retirement tour doesn’t apply to hugs and handshakes. Samoa Joe is a challenge, but this will get him prepared for Baron Corbin. That is additionally his last match in Boston. Baron Corbin walks to him and says the crowd feels indignant at Angle. The nook ought to have retired 10 years ago. The headlines say that the former Olympic culture is retiring to disgrace. Angle says, "Screw you in" and stroll away.

    Backstage: Sasha Banks, Bayley

    Charly Caruso grabs Sasha Banks and Bayley's scenes. The banks say that everybody needs a shot for them, in order that they admit it to WrestleMania.

    In-Ring: Bliss Moment w / Braun Strowman, Colin Jost, Michael Che

    Alexa Bliss welcomes everybody in Bliss. Ever since he turned the master of WrestleMania, the show is getting better. For the first time, ladies are the most essential occasion. Is he good or what? Bliss says he's two weeks away from his career as a number of WrestleMania, however he is at a crossroads because of this battle:

    Video Package deal: Braun Strowman's Operating with Colin Jost and Michael Che

    Bliss says this can be a recipe for a PR catastrophe. He hopes that this is the second of repentance. Then he introduces Braun Strowman, who comes out very indignant. He talks about all the issues Strowman has carried out in the previous, together with translating an ambulance with Roman Reigns and dragging the RAW collection to Brock Lesnar. He asks what would happen if Colin Jost obtained these palms. Strowman says he needs to crush Jost's pasty face.

    Bliss presents Michael Che and Colin Jost stay on satellite. Jost says Strowman appears good. Final time they have been in Philly's RAW, he made a silly mistake and put a Mets hat. Right now he doesn’t put a Mets hat. Jost places the Yankees hat loudly. Che says he respects the hell of Strowman, however he crosses the line. Jost shouldn’t be that funny, however he's a very good man. Jost says he's a great guy. When he placed on his Twitter bio that he needed to be a mentor to Strowman, he was sincere. He went to Harvard and his mother and father spent tens of millions of dollars to get him to the ladies's tennis workforce. Jost needs to teach Strowman how you can tie his footwear and make a tax. Jost needs to cope with this as adults. Che needs to do this proper. Jost says he purchased the automotive, however he destroyed it. Jost needs his a refund and interest and automotive ebook from Brock Lesnar… in any other case they gained't come to WrestleMania. Strowman says he has an concept. Strowman challenges Jost to get to André The Big Memorial Battle Royal. Either it or he takes care of him in the background. Che agrees to spend money on Jost's match. Then Jost involves Che to the battle royal.

    Strowman tells Bliss that this can be a clerk. Bliss says he can't sacrifice two comedians for his bloodbath. I just tease. He makes it official. Strowman says, in the event that they don't show up, they’ll walk around New York City, wondering about their life when they will get these palms.

    Phase: Elias

    I'll be back outdoors Madison Square Garden in New York to see Elias. Elias says she's selling this place 3 times already. His follow bought extra tickets than Billy Joel might ever have. Someone provides Elijah a quarter of considering that she is homeless. Elias is harm.

    Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Crews

    We're becoming a member of this match. Crews rolls him 3 times, however can't get a revenue. Crews drops him out of the ring, but Corbin will quickly ship him to the ring submit. Corbin slams Crews near autumn. Crews returns with the massive boot and ignores him sending him to the ring publish shoulder. Crews hits the step-ensuirir and joins the frog in the autumn. In any case, Corbin will soon be associated with victory.

    Pinfall Winner: Baron Corbin

    Corbin stands over Crews before choosing him up and knocking out another day. Corbin brings to the boos a crowd before strolling away.

    Ring: Seth Rollins, Paul Heyman

    Seth Rollins leaves for a superb reception. Rollins says he and Brock Lesnar will not be minimize from the similar material. Still, they're on their approach to WrestleMania to seek out out who leads the company for the future. It's either him or Brock Lesnar. It's really heavy, however she needs this weight. Rollins needs to hold the burden and be a master who evokes individuals. When he was a toddler taking a look at WWE, he was impressed by Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Triple H and John Worth. Brock Lesnar doesn’t inspire individuals. It goes with out saying that that is the largest match of his entire career. Rollins has needed this for a long time, but till lately he didn't understand how essential the crowd is. Yesterday he wrote his autograph in Boston and met individuals. Everybody who had come to him stated the similar thing before they left the table: "Please, Seth, win Brock in Lesnar WrestleMania." It hit him onerous. He stated he would win Lesnar and do all the things, but now he feels he has no selection. Now he has to win Brock Lesnar. Rollins should win Lesnar because he refuses to offer him a champion to outline this area. In 13 days in WrestleMania, he runs together with his finger and the face that Brock Lesnar teases. Lesnar does not understand that behind the army he’s unstoppable. Together they marched into the gates of the Suplex City and burned it down.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen…” Paul Heyman involves the scene from a crowd. Heyman presents himself and says he has traveled to Boston by saying, "Thank you." Heyman thanks Rollins for telling him that WrestleMania's match is now a scoring recreation. It is the dominant, defensive, undisputed Common Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, who receives Seth Rollins and the complete WWE universe. Heyman keeps the odds as a result of their probabilities of profitable are zero. Heyman says Rollins sounds pathetic. Rollins wants love and admiration. What next? Ideas and Prayers? Heyman says Rollins is undersized, overwhelming, and is crushed, sacrificed and conquered by the WWE universe. He needs his ideas and prayers. Rollins needs his ideas and prayers because he has no concept easy methods to win Lesnar and not prayer. Heyman doesn't want Rollins to take it personally, however when Lesnar wins in WrestleMania, he needs Rollins to take it personally when he loses with the WWE universe.

    Heyman leaves to walk away, but Rollins drives after him. Heyman falls and begins shouting. Heyman says he is just an advocate and hopes he’ll win. It was all Lesnar's concept. Based on Rollins, he does not ask for ideas and prayers. He's here to reply them because they go to WrestleMania to beat Brock Lesnar and take the Common Division. They're going to go to Suplex Metropolis and burn it. Rollins drops the microphone into Heyman and walks away.

    Kurt Angle's music hits and he comes out and factors to Heyman by saying, "Suck." Angle encounters WWE US champion Samoa Joe…

    Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

    WWE US champion Samoa Joe arrives. Joe says they’ve a whole lot of reminiscences collectively, however he's not a sentimental individual. Though these new English individuals want it, it's a cold day earlier than he loses Angle. It's the WrestleMania season. Superstars round the company are getting ready. Joe has a present for Angle. A good way to organize is a pleasant lengthy sleeping. Joe provides it to her now.

    They go face-to-face, and Joe finally ends up with him. Joe Stumbles her earlier than chest beating. The corner fights again, however Joe brushes his eyes. Angle visits when taking a snap of a Joe system. The corner goes to the German Suplex, but Joe cuffs him. Joe hits the snapmaren and fires him back before he drops him back. The corner fights back, but Joe sends him out of the ring. Joe wipes her with a suicide dive.

    We’ll come again for a break to see the river down the nook. Joe takes him to the corner and talks about the trash. Joe cuts her chest and heads her. Joe laughs at him earlier than hitting the rope, but the angle gets him by the German Suplex. The corner runs via and hits two more close autumns. Angle goes to Angle Slam, but Joe fights. Joe hits the inverse atomic drop and large boots on him. Joe will rise shortly in the coming months.

    The corner avoids the avalanche in the corner and connects Angle to Slam near the fall. The angle grabs the ankle, however Joe kicks him off. Joe floored him shortly with a bucket of power near the fall. Joe puts the corner at the prime, however the nook starts him back. The angle hits the missile drop and pulls the straps down. Joe will get out of Angle Slam earlier than he finally ends up. Joe is uranage, but Angle fights. The nook pierces her and hits the ropes, but Joe drops the sleeper. Angle fights and rolls to victory.

    Winner of Pinfall: Kurt Nook

    In-Ring: Triple H

    In line with Triple H, it was loopy that Boston gave him a everlasting ovation throughout the business break. Triple H congratulates Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch on the most essential occasions of this yr's WrestleMania event. Each lady in the locker room participated in this. They are all a part of it. This was not given – it deserved.

    Such a factor makes him glad. He's comfortable that his microphone is dry and technical guys didn't give him what Batista spits over two weeks in the past. Triple H then tries to take the letter out of the pocket, however it's caught. Triple H shouts, "I'm working on the envelope!" It’s a letter from Batista's lawyer, the place he doesn’t compete in WrestleMania until he agrees to at least one extra order. Batista observed that Triple H had Evolution to guard himself. Triple H says, in fact. Batista additionally discovered that the moon shouldn’t be a cheese. Batista says Evolution stored him down, but he was Deacon Bat, who adopted D-Von Dudley. Batista was stored so low that he was a world champion six occasions who couldn't win John Cena. Batista stated that Triple H tried to avoid him, but he returned calls. Batista leader needed Triple H to transfer WrestleMania's date to Batista capturing schedule.

    Batista stated in his letter: “If you want me to appear in WrestleMania, you give me what I want. What I really want is… ”Triple H sings Spice Women. Lastly, the letter states that Batista needs Triple H's career on the line. Batista gained a 70-year-previous man to get a match in WrestleMania. Triple H agreed to go to the MetLife stadium and meet him in WrestleMania, but he still sends this letter. That is another Batista try and stop. Triple H gained't let Batista cease this time. Triple H makes her stick with her commitment and makes her look. If Batista believes he is obsessed with him, he really doesn't give him any shit. The one factor Triple H is obsessed with is kicking Batista's ass. If at this point in his profession he can’t win a douchebag like Batinka, he has no business in the ring. If Batista needs his profession on the line, he obtained it.

    Phase: Elias

    Elias plays with a corner and thief steals money. Elias says it's okay as a result of she's making rather more cash in WrestleMania. The thief burns and steals his guitar pouch, however Elias doesn’t notice

    Subsequent week

    NEXT WEEK is # RAW…

    – #UniversalChampion @BrockLesnar RETURNS

    – @ RealKurtAngle's final match # RAW happens when he leaves one to at least one @reymysterio

    – WWE (@WWE) 26.three.2019

    Kurt Angle's last match in RAW is subsequent week towards Rey Mysterio. Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch additionally face the Riott staff. That is the last RAW earlier than WrestleMania.

    Last Man Standing
    Dean Ambrose vs. Drew McIntyre

    The bells are ringing, and Ambrose begins to punch and launch him immediately. McIntyre shoots her shortly and cuts her down. Ambrose will quickly struggle again and put the clothes out of the ring. Ambrose rises from the prime rope when his elbow falls, but he falls down and returns to the flooring when McIntyre moves. Ambrose has risen to 8. McIntyre then pulls him into the barricade.

    We'll be back for a break to get Ambrose out of the excessive, but McIntyre tore him to the rib with a cane. McIntyre hit her crushed before digging the heads on her face. Ambrose geese, kendo stick and shoulder, block him. Ambrose then hits a suicide dive. Ambrose has an enormous greyhound. McIntyre appears to be bleeding from the back. Ambrose beats him, however McIntyre hits Glasgow Kits shortly. McIntyre then pulls the tire apron back and hits the guillotine catapult in the steel construction of the tire. Ambrose rises by some means, so McIntyre tore her face with the metal steps. Ambrose continues to rise 6.

    McIntyre throws her into a hoop and grabs a steel chair. McIntyre runs around between the prime and the center. Then Ambrose sends McIntyren to the chair and drops him to dirty acts. Ambrose rises and looks for revenue. McIntyre rises at age 7, so Ambrose's huge boots and punches him. Ambrose goes beneath the tire and grabs the desk. Ambrose puts it in the corner and moves to grab McIntyre. McIntyre picks her up shortly and closes her by means of the table. McIntyre seems to be for the referee to drop down Ambrose. Ambrose pulls him to eight, so McIntyre drops him to Claymore Kick. The decide will fall, however Ambrose will be unable to make the bill

    Winner: Drew McIntyre

    Drew McIntyre celebrates his victory when the present ends.

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