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WWE Raw Results – March 18, 2019 – Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre – TPWW

WWE Raw Results - March 18, 2019 - Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre - TPWW

18. March 2019
Chicago, Illinois
Comment: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Younger
Results: Mike Tedesco,

Quick Results

  1. Finn Balor & Braun Strowman Wins Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush Via Strowman's Rush
  2. Elias Wins By means of Approach Method Jose Drift Away
  3. Kurt Angle Wins Via Chad Gable's Angle Lock
  4. Sasha Banks Wins With Natalya DQ When Tamina Attacked Sasha
  5. Ricochet Wins Jinder Mahalin 630
  6. RAW Ladies's Championship: Ronda Rousey (c) gained Dana Brooke's arms
  7. Apollo Crews Gained Baron Corbin Rolling
  8. Drew McIntyre Wins Seth Rollins by means of Claymore

In-Ring: Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins

Brock Lesnar's music hits, and WWE Common Champion makes its method out of the ring. Lesnaria follows his advocate Paul Heyman. The boot continues once they arrive in the ring. Heyman goes to speak, but he has damaged the onerous boot of the Chicago crowd. Lesnar laughs and maintains WWE's world championship, drawing extra hate from the gang. "Burn it down" sing. Heyman says, “Ladies, gentlemen, things that live in Chicago…” The viewers speaks to him when he presents himself and Brock Lesnar.

Heyman says that this appearance was needed by Seth Rollins. Rollins has developed a narrative about propaganda. Rollins reported that his shopper, Brock Lesnar, had a stylistic drawback with Seth Rollins' measurement and the number of rivals. Here's Rollins turned out to be foolish. When Lesnar met AJ types that gained this match? Brock Lesnar! When Lesnar met Daniel Bryan, who gained this match? Brock Lesnar! When Lesnar met Finn Balorin, who gained this match? Brock Lesnar! Now Rollins needs to decide on a battle with Lesnar the same night as he has to struggle Drew McIntyle, a career killer. And not a cattle killer like Lesnar however a murderer. What does Rollins assume on the planet?

The music of Drew McIntyren hits and he comes out of the boos. McIntyre is delighted to receive the award he deserves. McIntyre tells Chicago to close down and pay attention. Final week he proclaimed Roman Reigns. When Dean Ambrose tried to help, he also declared him. McIntyre means that Heyman begin in search of a brand new opponent for Lesnar as a result of when he crushed him immediately, he doesn't do it to WrestleMania.

All of the sudden Seth Rollins splits McIntyle again with a steel chair. Rollins beats him a couple of occasions and appears at Brock Lesnaria. Then Rollins goes wild and bends the chair again to McIntyren with many photographs. Lesnar seems to be astonished. Rollins will get into the ring and Lesnar gets out instantly. Lesnar walks across the rings as Rollins invites him to the ring. Lesnar provides his identify to Heyman to get into the ring, however Heyman speaks in some sense. Lesnar takes the title, keeps it up and walks out of the gang of boys.

Finn Balor & Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush

Finn Balor hopes for a cheerful late St. Patrick's Day for Chicago. The Irishman's luck was not on his aspect last week when he misplaced to the Intercontinental Championship for Bobby Lashley. This stubborn Irishman shouldn’t be planning to be a former champion for too long.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley's music cuts her away. Lashley is popping out to seek out the livid Lio Rush. Rush says that leprechaun is upset as a result of Lashley has his gold round his waist. Before they get this staff back, Rush needs Lashley to point out his individuals a new favourite. It's something they haven't seen for a long time: championship. Lashley holds the Intercontinental Championship. Balor tells Lashley to take pleasure in when he can, as a result of he's going to get his hand quickly. As for his associate, Rush remembers who he chose. This man goes to get his palms on each: Braun Strowman. Rush seems terrible.

Braun Strowman starts with Bobby Lashley. They lock, but they are stumbling. They're making an attempt once more, and Lashley throws him away and causes. Then Strowman drops him down and causes. Lashley tries to get on her shoulder, but Strowman sucks it and takes her down.

Through the business period: Strowman strikes Lashley's apron, but Lashley returns to the ring and punches him. Strowman takes her down and acknowledges Balor. Balor leaves the middle rope with a sled on the shoulder. Lashley will quickly ship him to the corner, block the pot and hit him on the ground. Balor returns to the ring and Lashley hits him. Rush tags in.

Again to the business Rush pot Balor earlier than Lashley was tagged. Lashley shortly quits the identification made by Balor and applies the jaw lock. Balor fights up, but Lashley takes him down with the reverse STO virtually within the fall. Rush the tags and go to the sunset flap, however Balor rolls and drops him. Lashley shortly recognizes and punches Balor. Lashley then guides her and takes her down with a jaw lock. Balor fights and tries to determine, however Lashley stops it. Balor fires her back and tries to determine, but Lashley hits her in the corner. Lashley fees, but Balor pressured her and despatched her shoulder first to the ring publish. Strowman fears back to Baloria, jumps to Balor, and he falls right down to his elbow Balor.

Strowman tags in and he shortly grabs Rush and wildly tames him. Then Strowman throws him around the ring twice! Rush dies of ache. Strowman clubs in Rush's chest and raise him up, however Lashley burys him. Balor attacks Lashley and gets him out of the ring. Rush then strikes Balor out of the ring. Shortly goes upstairs and hits the frog, but Strowman is kicking heavily. Rush seems horrified when Strowman reaches his ft. Rush runs away, however he is at the corner of Balor. Balor catches Rush, however Lashley hits him down. Strowman then shrugs the Lashley crowd. Strowman gets Rush's ring and shoulder prevents him. Then Strowman kills Rush with a chokeslam. Lashley walks away from his companion. Then Strowman hits the robust Operating Powerslam to win.

Pinfall Winners: Finn Balor and Braun Strowman

Backstage: Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey travels within the area together with her husband Travis Browne. Decide John Cone informs him that he is late. In addition, the WWE management has increased safety.

Phase: Bliss's Second w / Elias

Alexa Bliss says the WWE universe continues to be unhappy for her host WrestleMania. Then he throws it on Michael Cole to speak about WrestleMania. The commentators then converse of the WrestleMania 35 card. Bliss talks concerning the nice present host she is. Bliss claims to inspire Lily Singh, who now has a chat show. Then Bliss introduces his visitor by saying, “Ladies and Gentlemen… Elias.”

Elias appears in the good reception of her guitar. Elias greets the viewers. Bliss presents himself and welcomes him to the show. Bliss says this can be a protected place. They have each been interrupted earlier, however he assures him that no one will interrupt his great revelation. Elias says she is crucial musical act in WrestleMania, the world's largest city in New York. Chicago boos that. Bliss mentions final yr's WrestleMania. Elias says her complete yr has been interrupted. Final yr is an inspiration for this yr. Elias is booming now. If his efficiency in WrestleMania was the sport's profitable recreation… he does it every time. The gang spoke loudly that the Chicago bears have been removed from the lacking area objective

No Approach Jose's music hits, but Otis and Tucker led the conga line. No Method Jose shouldn’t be actually there. Bliss says it was imagined to be a speech image, however they had to come out on the finish. All of a sudden one of many members of the conga line hits Elijah. It was revealed to be No Means Jose. Jose gets in the ring and waits for Elias

Elias vs. No Means Jose

We're becoming a member of this match. Properly Method Jose makes an airplane spin for Elijah and the only cheers are the conga line. Jose hits the roll and punches him into the nook. Elias turns the bundle right into a corner, but Jose cuts her and hits her arm. Elias gets up, however Jose hits the opposite arm. Elias pierces her arm and takes her down. The Conga line sings the Jose identify … however literally no one else is. Jose takes Elias down a pair of clothes and a hip fighter. Jose is washing him in the corner and goes to the upper arm on the intersection, but Elias is shifting.

Elias pierces and triggers her earlier than it hits the clothesline. Elias takes her down and drops her knee. Elias goes uphill, virtually dropping her stability and falling to a flying elbow.

Winner of Pinfall: Elias

In-Ring: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle's music tracks and WWE's Famer Corridor go to the lovers of affection. Imit ”from Chicago. Angle broadcasts his WrestleMania opponent, who can also be his final match.

Kurt Angle thanks the Chicago crowd and says that farewell tour will proceed in Chicago. He has a match tonight. WrestleMania is 20 days away when she competes last. Exhausting "Thank you, Kurt" sings. The nook thanks the gang. Angle says he needs to thank the McMahon family for making him decide his opponent for his farewell match. There are so many superstars he want to encounter, but only the one he needs to win. This man has made his life a dwelling hell as a result of he turned the director of RAW on Monday night time. That man is Baron Corbin. The gang takes you immediately. Nothing would make her happier than doing Corbin in WrestleMania. Then he can finish his career because the world's happiest man. Oh it's true… it's true.

Kurt Angle vs. Chad Gable

Chad Gable shakes his Angle hand and tells him he is his hero. They lock in, and the corner helps him in the corner earlier than giving a clear launch. Gable applies aspect-end lock, however the angle whips him away. Gable fast shoulder to block him down. The nook gets its ft and makes use of the waist. Gable will cancel it and take her down. Angle grapevines head, but Gable plaster. They have a dam. Gable takes him down shortly and applies the entrance panel. The nook fights up and the shoulder prevents him. Gable elbows him shortly, but Angle shortly returns to his stomach. Gable rolls shortly out of the ring to get well.

Gable returns to the ring and grabs the nook arm. Gable takes her down and assaults her arm for 2. The angle sends her a sternum first to the threads and directs her to the front. Gable fights, but the corner stops him and sends him to the rope. The angle falls, however Gable sends him out of the ring. The corner comes in the ring, and Gable starts attacking the leg. Angle fights and garments strains Stunned by the top line.

We’ll come again from the break so that the angle falls on two clothes rolls. Gable gets out and rolls him twice. The nook hits the German Suplex, but Gable will get out of the opposite and makes use of an angle lock to the nook! The corner turns out and tries to get an angle to Slam, however Gable landed in DDT virtually within the fall. Gable goes to the top of the moon on the moon, but the corner moves. The angle uses an angle lock and a wine switch to the leg. Gable has no selection but to present.

Leaving the Winner: Kurt Angle

The nook helps Gable's ft and raises his hand. Baron Corbin's music interrupts him. Corbin walks on stage. Corbin says, when he took Angle because the Chief Government, it seemed good to chuckle at him and humiliate him … however inferior to it might hug him in humiliation. It doesn’t matter what you’ve gotten completed during your profession. All individuals keep in mind what you did in the last match. The workforce is booming Corbin and singing for John Cena

Backstage: Baron Corbin, Apollo Crews, Revival

Baron Corbin talks concerning the Revival wallpaper. Apollo Crews walks to Corbin and says he needs to satisfy him tonight earlier than Angle hits him. Crews moves to take the match. Crews stated he made it troublesome. That's why no one likes Corbin. Corbin asks Revival if they like him, they usually say, "Hell no."

In-Ring: Bayley, Sasha Banks, Natalya, Beth Phoenix

WWE Ladies's Tag Group champions Sasha Banks and Bayley make their approach ring. Charly Caruso mentions to Sasha Banks and Bayley that The IIconics believes they’re sucking them because they have appeared in all exhibits besides Smackdown Reside. The banks are indignant. Bayley says he defends anyone who needs it. That's why they appear on Smackdown Reside. It's an icon. Banks say like WrestleMania, they’re wanting ahead to…

Natalya's music tracks to stop them. Beth Phoenix soon joins his aspect. Phoenix says he appreciates banks and Bayley. They've completed so much to pay tribute to the championships. He should have had the opportunity to compete on a regular basis. Nevertheless, he was happy with the commentator till he saw Nia Jax and Taman making an attempt to place all of them back with jealousy and disillusionment. Nia and Tamina did something else. They woke up to the dragon and obtained his considering … perhaps his and Nato's dream can still come into actuality. Phoenix beloved his WWE profession and achievements, but there is only one thing missing. Because they say they may take all the entrants at any time, anyplace, wherever he is, he is ready to retire, stand next to his greatest at WWE, Natalya, and problem them two WWE Ladies's Staff Workforce Championships WrestleMania

Bayley says that may be an enormous honor in fact, but wouldn't he actually need WrestleMania? Wouldn't she want extra time to organize? Phoenix has retired for six years and the competition has advanced. Natalya tells Bayley she is speaking about Beth Phoenix, Glamazon and WWE's Famer Hall. Phoenix gained the women's championship in Chicago. Natalya says that Phoenix is ​​not afraid of Bayley. Banks say they are dwelling and leaking for this enterprise. Phoenix is ​​a lady who rides Natalya's coaxes to WrestleMania. Natalya hit her. Banks take down Natalya and punch him. Phoenix throws the banks off and goes straight to face Bayley. Phoenix then drops to Bayley

Sasha Banks vs. Natalya

The bells are ringing and the banks take him down with Thesz Press and some of them. Natalya gets out, but the banks start her. Natalya ignores her and pops her in your tail. Natalya steps as much as her and hits a low drop near the autumn. Natalya makes use of abdomen stretching and grabs her leg. Banks get out and roll him twice. The banks throw him into the nook and hit the double knees. Natalya will soon take her and hit her head jacket. The banks roll back shortly from the ring.

Nia Jax comes out on stage. Nia bravely favors Beth Phoenix for her retirement. Jax just isn’t jealous of Phoenix. He has accomplished more than Phoenix did throughout his career. Phoenix is ​​simply again because Jax gets recognition. She is a more lovely and stronger model of Glamazon. Tamina then creeps back and sends Phoenix to the ring submit before attacking Bayley and Banksi. Jax says he sees all of them in WrestleMania.

Winner Disqualified: Sasha Banks

Backstage: Mojo Rawley

Mojo Rawley speaks himself within the mirror. Rawley says the potential just isn’t good in the event you do nothing with it. Rawley asks himself why he can't determine it out.

Ricochet vs. Jinder Mahal

Mahal takes him to the nook, however Ricochet will soon return to Hurrican earlier than dropping him out of the ring. Mahal comes out of the ring, and Ricochet distorts the dive. Ricochet shrugs Mahalia, but he has a whip within the corner. Ricochet launches him again, however Singh Brothers grabs his ankle. Mahal then clothespins Ricochet down. Mahal digs his knees to Ricochet earlier than he hits two horror. Mahal applies jaw lock to Ricochet and keeps it for a while. Ricochet fights, however Mahal nonetheless controls him. Lastly Ricochet hits the enzyme and the rolling drop.

Ricochet earns the appropriate hand and hits the primary scissor board. Ricochet hits the operating shoulder block and hits the springboard clothesline. Ricochet hits a everlasting shot at a star press for 2 payments. The Singh brothers pull Mahal out of the ring. Ricochet then hits the carousel of Fosbury Flop Mahal and The Singh. Ricochet will get Mahal's ring and goes to the rope in the early 630s. Ricochet picks a win

Winner of Pinfall: Ricochet

Video: Warrior Award

WWE honors Sue Aitchison, who receives the Warrior Award at WWE's Corridor of Fame ceremony.

Backstage: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins was interviewed in a wallpaper. Rollins owns his match towards Drew McIntyre for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. It’s also for Brock Lesnar. Rollins burns Suplex City on the ground

RAW Ladies's Championship
Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Dana Brooke

RAW Ladies's Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey leaves the ring.

Backstage, Dana Brooke interviews Charly Caruso. Charly says she has no confidence in Brooke. Brooke says it's the best way to WrestleMania. He is probably not higher than Ronda Rousey, however he simply needs to be better for 3 seconds. He makes an entrance.

The bell rings and Brooke blocks the pot. Rousey kneels right right down to his face, kneels him to the rib, and uses the deal with to win.

By profitable and still RAW Ladies's Champion: “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey

Rousey refuses to surrender his arm. Brooke screams ache. Judges will end up helping, so Rousey will launch the arrest and push the referee. Security goes down. Rousey kisses her husband Travis Brownen. Rousey instantly takes one guard. Browne unloads one among them on the forearm. Browne pulls him into the gang they usually walk collectively.

Brooke is in his finger in his extreme pain. Let's repeat how briskly Rousey destroyed him.

Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Crews

Watches play, and Corbin will soon take him right down to his shoulder. Crews drops him and plaster. Corbin slides out of the ring, and Crews hits the listener. Crews will get him into the ring, but Corbin tears him shortly. Corbin takes him to the nook first. Corbin goes out and the clothesline, however Crews avoids it. Corbin then takes her down and applies the jaw lock. Crews fights and turns via the chokeslam, but Corbin returns with Deep Six near the fall. Corbin hits Crews when the crowds sing: "We want Cena." Occupy clips on the finish of Days and rolls to Corbin's victory.

Winner of Pinfall: Apollo Crews

The corner will look solemnly Crews when Corbin stares at them.

Interview: Batista

Batista lives on a satellite in Tampa, Florida. Michael Cole thanks Bat for becoming a member of them. Cole needs to know why she is so indignant Triple H. Batista says she just doesn't like a good friend. As a result of he's gone, all the things he needed to do is again and the last match with him. Now we’re right here. Cole says it's a obscure answer. Where does this go back? Evolution? Batista sits quietly earlier than saying that it goes again additional. Batista hears that he owes his trip to Triple H. Before evolution, Triple H took her into his muscle. Triple H uses individuals to protect her and present her good. DX and Evolution are the same. Triple H used her as an enormous meathhead, holding her down and underestimating her.

Cole mentions that Batista give up in 2010 and walked out of his profession. Has he accused Triple H? Batista says, "Yes, why shouldn't I?" Batista also doesn't like individuals saying he's quitting. Imagine you might have a guy who can also be your boss and jealous. Batista seemed to have by no means had a fair probability. Triple H didn't assume he was large enough for the company. Since then he has been left and is world well-known. Batista is now in control and will get what he deserves. Cole says she knows Triple H for over 20 years. He has been nothing but truthful to him. See what he does for NXT Superstars. Batista asks what's fallacious with Cole. Triple H is called a brain murderer. Triple H is cheated. Triple H is probably the most selfish, insecure, jealous surveillance murdle he has ever encountered. Batista says in the future, hopefully quickly, Vince wakes up and returns to Triple H to end his professional career. In WrestleMania, he stops Triple H's profession. Interview. Batista room in the digital camera crew workplace.

Backstage: Braun Strowman, Alexa Bliss

Braun Strowman, who destroys Michael Che and Colin Jost's automotive despatched final week by RAW, is repeated

. Charly Caruso is the cornerstone of Braun Strowman. Strowman says they came residence and disapproved of him and WWE. These two are so indignant with him that he’ll turn out to be as many people as attainable with these palms within the André Big Memorial Battle Royal.

Alexa Bliss walks and says she needs to convey peace because the host of WrestleMania. Bliss asks for every week to do it proper. Strowman agrees, but when they hesitate him once more, he’ll present them what self-discipline really is.

In-Ring: Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is in the ring and performs repetitions, which he says have despatched Roman Reigns' important character last week to a ring message in RAW. Roman Reigns has not been medically purified to be right here tonight. When Reigns returned, everyone was joyful that Massive Dog was again. With Fastlane, he might inform that these in power were not the identical and trusted his Guard to get by means of it. Now Defend is not. McIntyrel now has Seth Rollins, who attacks him back like a coward and beat him. Rollins is rather like a crowd: deceived and dwelling in a fantasy world. Last week, McIntyre revealed the reality when he fell into the kingdoms. That is his yard now

McIntyre needs to take a second to talk to Roman Reigns. Not Roman Reigns, celebrity, but Joe, man. So Reigns advised them to call him when his leukemia got here again: Joe, husband and father. Now he's Joe at residence behind him. If Reigns needed to be impressed by individuals, he would have a challenge to him. McIntyre challenges Reigns to struggle in WrestleMania. McIntyre is aware of the reply, like individuals. McIntyre tells Reigns to take a look at his wife and youngsters. McIntyre asks her to say no. McIntyre says that the kingdoms choose their household and never the individuals as a result of they do not give him sorrow. McIntyre swears that if Reigns fights him in WrestleMania, all bets are gone. What he did to the kingdoms and to Ambrose is nothing. McIntyre troubles and destroys her. The kingdoms might have gained leukemia, however on their largest stage Reigns will never hit him.

Seth Rollins seems in titantron. Rollins says why he did what he did to him right now. Performs shall be proven on Rollins, which can be hacked by McIntyle, which has a metal chair earlier this night. Rollins says it was to his brothers.

Rollins enters and immediately crawls to McIntyre & # 39; s, which have to be separated from the judges.

Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins

We're joining this recreation. McIntyre takes her down and makes use of the hand bar. Rollins fights, but McIntyre takes her back to the elbow for two. Rollins tries to struggle again, but McIntyre takes him to two vertical suplexes for 2 calculations. McIntyre collects her and takes her arm once more. Rollins fights and kicks him in his face earlier than throwing him out of the ring. McIntyre shortly pulls him out of the ring, however Rollins returns some punches and cutters. Rollins avoid moving into the steel levels and goes into the listening block, however McIntyre wipes him off!

We'll be again for a break so McIntyre would go away. McIntyre cuts and stops Rollins again. During a business break, McIntyre hit an enormous stomach over the stomach. McIntyre goes into an influence bomb, however Rollins drops his hurricane. McIntyre rolls out of the ring to recuperate. Rollins goes on suicide diving, however McIntyre grabs him and closes him into barricade.

McIntyre grabs a steel chair and thinks about it. McIntyre smells like a hoop on a chair and Rollins drops her down. Both males return to the ring earlier than they’re thrown out. Rollins instantly washed her out of the ring and hits two large suicide dives. McIntyre gets into the ring, and Rollins hits him with Sling Blade. Rollins follows the superkick close to the fall. Rollins units up a power bomb, however McIntyre avoids it. McIntyre hits again, however Rollins descends. McIntyre captures her with the inverse Alabama Slam near the fall.

McIntyre puts him on the top rope and punches him. Rollins slips off, however McIntyre hits him down. McIntyre pulls her up on the highlands, however quickly she rolls on Rollins. Out of the blue, Rollins scales the ropes and hits the superplex, followed by a pike arrow close to the fall. Rollins establishes Stomp. Instantly Brock Lesnar's music hits. WWE Universal Champion makes his means on stage with Paul Heyman. McIntyre then leveled Rollins with Claymore Kick to win.

Winner Pinfall: Drew McIntyre

Brock Lesnar laughs at the outcome. Heyman stands beside her beam. McIntyre celebrates within the ring. Rollins stares manifestly again at him.

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