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WWE Raw Results – March 11, 2018 – Shield's Farewell, Triple H & Batista – TPWW

WWE Raw Results - March 11, 2018 - Shield's Farewell, Triple H & Batista - TPWW

11. March 2019
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Remark: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young
Results: Mike Tedesco,

Quick Results

  1. Seth Rollins Wins By way of Shelton Benjamin Stomp
  2. WWE Intercontinental Championship: Bobby Lashley defeated Finn Balor's (c) spear to win title after Lio Rush disruption
  3. Aleister Black & Ricochet wins Bobby Roode and Chad Gable's black mass Roode
  4. Nia Jax gained with Natalya DQ when Beth Phoenix invaded Jax
  5. Kurt Angle defeated Apollo Crews via Angle Slam
  6. Falls Rely Anyplace: Drew McIntyre Wins By way of Dean Ambrose by way of Claymore

In-Ring: The Defend, Paul Heyman

Defend's music and crowds cheering. The defend passes via the gang by way of the gang. They provide their farewell handle. It is stated that Roman Reigns will probably be in operation tonight. Reigns says he has come to know in current months that life is brief and tomorrow shouldn’t be assured. If last night time was the final time she had no regrets because she was in this ring doing what she loves with the individuals she loves. Final week, the kingdoms requested Rollins and Ambrose good, they usually didn't let him down. Nevertheless, they’re on their strategy to WrestleMania, in order that they need to cope with their business. Reigns says he hasn't had a one-on-one match in months, so he's going to repair it and get it in Pittsburgh. Ambrose also has a enterprise. Reigns doesn't know what it is, but Ambrose in all probability isn't.

A person with an actual enterprise is Seth Rollins. What number of years has Rollins been chasing a dream? "Slay the Beast" sings to select and Reigns says Rollins is doing. Rollins is WrestleMania's most essential event, and he takes the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar when the world sings, "Burn it down." "Burn it down" sing. Defend then joins his fist ring. Reigns and Ambrose stroll away when Rollins stays in the ring. Rollins says that Defend burned it last night time.

“Ladies and Gentlemen…” Paul Heyman walks on stage and presents himself as a grasp, defensive, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion… and Mr. Rollins conqueror. foremost occasion in WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar. Rollins mock the best way Heyman says the identify of Lesnar and mentions all of the people who Lesnar has gone by way of. Heyman appreciates the effect. Rollins says Heyman's Brock Lesnar spokesman, who had an actual arduous time getting by means of Daniel Bryan, AJ Types, reaching his restrict and coming so close that Finn Balor gained it. Heyman says he is Brock Lesnar. Rollins says Heyman's buyer has little problems with associates who’re his measurement, velocity, character, potential and elegance. All respects for Bryan, Types and Balor are all unimaginable within the ring, but he is uniquely suited to defeating Lesnar in WrestleMania. Rollins says Heyman has three weeks in his mouth to beat The Beast and convey the title back to RAW.

“Slay the Beast” sings to select. Heyman says it gained't occur. Rollins is going down, but he doesn't tell the whole story. Lesnar had no time to organize for any of those opponents. The viewers wakes him loudly. It was initially meant to be Lesnar taking Jinder Mahal, however it wasn't Mahal. It was types. It must be Lesnar, who took AJ types, however as an alternative it was Bryan. It was purported to be Braun Strowman, however it turned out to be Balor. Heyman says that Lesnar has time to organize for Rollins and show a video presentation of Lesnar. If Rollins believes he is aware of Brock Lesnar … he doesn't know him in any respect. All of the sudden … Shelton Benjamin runs from behind and provides Rollins three suplexes from Germany.

Seth Rollins vs. Shelton Benjamin

The bell rang and Benjamin takes Rollins shortly down the waist. Paul Heyman is commenting. Rollins applies aspect-lock, however Benjamin fights and takes him down. Benjamin keeps the headset, and the gang sings, "Burn it down." Rollins whip him away, however Benjamin's shoulder prevents him. Rollins takes him down shortly and cuts the chest before he connects to the drop. Benjamin crashes out of the ring to recuperate. Rollins pierces Benjamin's face and bounces him out of the barricade. Rollins throws Benjamin into the ring and punches him. Rollins is crushed at the corner, however he manages to launch Benjamin back. Then Rollins hits the blocks with one other rope. Benjamin avoids stomp and goes to the German Suplex, however Rollins descends on his ft and throws Benjamin on prime. Rollins goes on suicide diving, but Benjamin launches his face with two chapters.

We'll be again for a break to see Rollins trapped. Rollins fights soon and elbows, but Benjamin kneels within the center and throws him out of the ring. Heyman continues to be commenting. Benjamin throws Rollins into a barricade and LED Apron a couple of occasions before taking him right down to the floor. Heyman takes the decision through the assessment. Benjamin throws Rollins into his ring and stands over him. Benjamin goes into an influence bomb, however Rollins fights. Benjamin leaves for an influence bomb, however Rollins hits the hurrican as a flip-knife.

Heyman says his shopper, Brock Lesnar, resides in RAW subsequent week in Chicago. Heyman says Lesnar has made an exception with Michael Cole in his comments. Rollins deserves a clothesline and hits Sling Blade. Rollins costs Benjamin, however he fell out. Rollins punches him back and hits the springboard clothesline for 2 bills. Benjamin predates Rollins with German Suplex launch. Benjamin beats one other German Suplex earlier than bullying F5. Rollins will get out, kicks him within the midsection and connects Stomp to victory.

Winner Pinfall: Seth Rollins

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Finn Balor (c) vs. Bobby Lashley

Finn Balor enters. Balor and Rollins shake their palms on the prime of the ramp

The bell rings and circles the ring. Lashley shortly hits the waist lock before putting her within the corner. Lashley pushes her down and suppresses her with a boot. The Lashley Chokes Balor takes you to the ropes for a couple of seconds. Lashley then pierces her earlier than making a neck break. They mention Lio Rush, which Braun Strowman hasn't seen in RAW final week. Balor fights, however Lashley takes over the rope. Lashley hits the ropes, but Balor drops him down. Lashley instantly will get on his ft and takes the nook of Balor. Lashley expenses, however Balor moves and tries to snap. Lashley blocks it and punches her out. Lashley gets to the entrance and tries to suplex, but Balor slips out and rings. Balor strikes her off the apron and hits her. Balor then hits the impeller on his face.

We're coming back for a break to see Lashley's jaw lock for Balor. Through the deal, Lashley hit the barorade of Balor. Balor fights, but Lashley connects the reverse STO to the autumn. Lashley lifts her up, but Balor slips out and throws her out of the ring. Lashley pulls him shortly out of the ring before hitting the again line near the drop. Lashley applies a jaw lock, but Balor fights. Lashley units up a pressure bomb, however Balor descends back and falls. Balor hits some operating arms earlier than lastly taking Lashley down. Balor cuts the chest before Lashley turns the whip round. Lashley captures Balor by experimenting with the hip, however Balor slides away. Balor takes him down and hits a double stomp. Balor tries Sling Blade, but Lashley's counters are sending him out of the thread. Lashley worships him earlier than he grabs him into the corner. Lashley raises him up, but Balor descends to roll two. Lashley throws him into the corner, however Balor returns with Sling Blade

Balor sends him to the nook and goes uphill, but the clock starts to ring. Lio Rush performs the watch and keeps the Intercontinental Championship. Balor goes out and scares him. Balor shoulders Lashley back and kicks Rush. Balor leaves the springboard, but Lashley takes him out of the center air to victory!

Winner and new WWE Intercontinental Champion: Bobby Lashley

Lashley and Rush blow in hand and rejoice with Intercontinental Championship. 19659028] Backstage: Baron Corbin

Charly Caruso is a wallpaper with Baron Corbin. He has a repetition of Baron Corbin, where he hopes that Roman Reigns won’t return to RAW in October. Corbin says he stated it, but he doesn’t intend to maintain human feelings. Corbin needed the kingdoms to go from the ring, but you possibly can't inform him that profitable the leukemia hasn't taken it. The buddies of Reign can’t save him, and he shall be revealed.

In-Ring: Ronda Rousey, Dana Brooke

RAW Ladies's Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey marched his method into the ring. A video package deal that highlights Rouse's attacking Becky Lynch at WWE Fastlane to beat him by disqualifying and collaborating in a championship in WrestleMania.

Rousey tells the viewers their applause and hits it. He doesn't give horrible these "bandwagon bitches" after they sang "You deserve it" after the stick has gained. No marvel Becky Lynch is their hero. He’s a coward as they’re. All those cheering would improve his presence if they were not protected by a crowd and an obstacle. Charlotte and Becky usually are not an obstacle. There isn’t any shrine on this church. He destroys their place of worship. He confuses and humiliates Charlotte & Becky on all of their largest stage. That's why he did what he did final night time. He must make 100% positive that he can reveal both them and WWE "always as a Carny con artist they've always been." She goes by means of Becky and Charlotte and leaves WrestleMania RAW Ladies Champion. Nobody can stop him. In reality, WWE is allowed to do it as a malicious group. He can be embarrassed if he even broke Hika. Becky is a joke. Charlotte is a joke. Anyone who believes in this entire is a joke. Rousey throws the microphone down and retains the headline up.

Dana Brooke's music hits and she or he comes out on the stage. Brooke says he heard sufficient of Rouse's poison tonight. At this level he has nothing left. Brooke didn’t give him respect for WWE, the WWE universe and the ladies's dressing room. He is probably not an enormous time fighter, however he loves WWE and this enterprise. He has been engaged on his tail here, earning respect from the ladies's locker room and proving that he’s here. Each week at RAW, he fights towards probability and doesn't even get the clock, to not mention the matches. He will not be on TV and he isn’t a household identify like Rousey, however all he needs is just a chance. Brooke says it is PPV after the night time. Often Rousey publishes an open problem. His identify is Dana Brooke, and he accepts the challenge.

Rousey removes her coat and easily triggers her. Rousey hits some cruel Judo who throws on the floor and will get him into Piper's pit, approaching him in the course of. Judges go down making an attempt to assist. Rousey teases the hand bar, but says they should pay $ 60 to see the hand bar. Rousey then hit the decide down. Michael Cole exclaims that Rousey has gone loopy.

Aleister Black & Ricochet vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

Aleister Black starts Chad Gable. Gable takes her shortly and recognizes Bobby Roode. Black turns over them, throws Gable out of the ring and hits Roode down. Black hits the ropes, but Roode hits twice. Roode kicks him and twists his hand before he flows into the corner. Roode cuts the chest and hits the suplex. Roode tags in Gable and switch him into a black two. Gable bandages in Black broadcast. Roode tags in and stomps Black earlier than hitting the backbreaker with two chapters. Roode then applies a grounded bear. Black fights and rolls him twice. Black to avoid charging and labeling in Ricochet

Ricochet takes Roode down and drops Gable. Ricochet beats hurrican in Roode before leaping into him. Gocot badges and catches Ricochet. Gable and Roode hit the German Suplex / blockbuster combination virtually in the fall. Ricochet will quickly return and take Gable down the clothesline. Ricochet leaves Superb DDT and rolls him twice. Black tag and Rickse. Ricochet hits the modified GTS in Roode.

Winners of Pinfall: Aleister Black and Ricochet

RAW Tag Group Masters Revival attack Black and Ricochet from behind.

Phase: Bliss Moment / Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is launched at Bliss. He says everyone talks about WrestleMania's host's announcement. Hosting WrestleMania is an enormous deal. They've had Kim Kardashian, Rock and New Day. This yr's WrestleMania host is… Alexa Bliss. "You deserve it" flippantly and Bliss says he knows he deserves it. This has been a Bliss moment.

Backstage: Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman is behind the scenes with Charly Carus. He asks what Colin Jost stated he had earned him on his neck. Strowman says the guy should keep away from him. Stowhand says Strowman's automotive is here. Strowman asks, "What car?"

After the advertisements we go out and watch Braun Strowman standing in entrance of a pink sports automotive on the stage. The automotive has a pink bow. The play reads Colin Jost's letter. It is a present that doesn’t present onerous emotions. Jost writes that he hopes that he’ll treat it better than Mr. McMahon's limo, as a result of there are not any more headers that might be rotated. Strowman says he gained't even fit within the automotive and start to destroy it. Strowman tore off the door, triggers the front seat, pierces the windshield, tears the Hood and breaks the bumper. Strowman tells the stage to inform Jost and Che that he sees them dwelling in New York once they get these palms.

In-Ring: Elias, No Means Jose

“Ladies and Gentlemen… Elias.” Elias strums a chord and gets a fantastic reception. Elias stated that she would not return to her hometown until she was a celebrity to which people might consider. Now he is. Elias performs a riff and has one query for everyone tonight: Who needs to walk with Elijah? Elias says she's stunned when she showed her how she did, because statistics present that a lot of the Pittsburgh individuals are a waste of life. Everyone is miserable here. The jealous individuals hold the large individuals back. That's precisely what he gave to his good good friend Antonio Brown.

No Approach Jose does not interrupt and dance his strategy to the finger. Elias hits a baseball slide and throws her into a barricade. Elias punches two conga line members earlier than hitting Jose Drift Away on the ramp. Elias gets into the ring when the replays are displayed nearly what just happened.

Video: Harlem Warmth in Fame Hall

Video Package deal: Harlem Heat is the newest WWE listening to room: Class 2019.

Phase: Lacey Evans

. @ LiayEvansWWE does not appear to have an effect on @ NiaJaxWWE.

#IrresistibleForce face @NatByNature NEXT! #RAW @ TaminaSnuka [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) March 12, 2019

Lacey Evans is on the stage. Nia Jax and Tamina make their entrance during this time and take a look at Lacey, however they wobble and stroll to walk.

Nia Jax vs. Natalya

Natalya introduces Beth Phoenix, who might be within the ring. Before the beginning of the match, however Phoenix will take part and attack Jax. Phoenix takes over the Jax tire and stands high with Natalya.

Winner Disqualified: Nia Jax

After Jax and Taman go, they get looted with Sasha Banks and Bayley.

In-Ring: Triple H, Batista

Tracks on the Triple H, and he makes his method into the branded leather jacket. Triple H appears like a battle

Batista's music tracks and he's going to the RAW stage for the first time since 2014. Batista is a very horrible sports activities jacket. Batista seems back and security will stand in entrance of him. Triple H smiles. Triple H and Batista just stare at one another distant. Triple H asks if he's going to stay there as a mannequin of a nose ring or get into the ring, as he asked. Triple H asks if security will "protect her from Batista." Batista says he introduced security as a result of he's not stupid. Batista discovered from the 2 most putting players within the recreation: Triple H and Ric Flair. Batista asks the place the Triple H sailor is. The most important mistake of Triple H is to underestimate her. They do that on his terms. Triple H provides her what she needs. That's why he's here.

Triple H says he gained't give him a fucking factor. What number of occasions has Batista stopped this firm? Now’s he purported to get hold of him as a result of he is a superb Hollywood star? Triple H doesn't give him anything. If Batista is just too cowardly to get into the ring, he tears his means by means of "Independent Scene Guards" and tears Bat from one another. Batista says he's lengthy gone when Triple H comes right here. Batista give up because he needed to get out of Triple H as far as potential. Triple H has all the time stored her down, checked out her, closed her out … Triple H knows what she needs. Triple H provides her what she needs or she nonetheless hurts the individuals she loves. Triple H isn't going to offer him anything except what he deserves. Triple H tells her to get into the ring. Batista says he knows that Triple H needs. Batista is aware of him. It kills her. Triple H needs to harm her, but she doesn't give it because she's not in management. Batista screams to offer him what he needs.

Triple H says he will give him the participant he deserves. Batista says he needs Triple H in WrestleMania. Triple H says he wins a 70-year-previous man to get him to Wrestle Mania. If she needs her in WrestleMania … she's on! The viewers cheers it up. Batista seems astonished and simply says, “Thanks. It's a factor I've ever needed. The final match ends my profession with my phrases… and the final match ends my profession with my phrases. I see you in Mania. “Batista then walks away. Triple H calls her. Triple H says she sees Batista in WrestleMania, however she digs deeper inside and finds what's left of the animal. Once they get to Mania, it can be on his phrases, however the match involves him. Triple H tells Batista to deliver every little thing he has as a result of there are not any rules or restrictions. It's No Holds Barred. Batista removes sunglasses and appears bitter.

In-Ring: The Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle enters an unlimited reception in her hometown. Angle says 23 years in the past he left Pittsburgh to compete within the Olympics and gained a gold medal with a broken freak neck. This victory led him to WWE, the place he has traveled the world for 20 years. He has met and gained every legend and Corridor of Famer that this firm provides. Regardless of where he went, he all the time stayed in his hometown of Pittsburgh. That's why he needed to save lots of this announcement at present. Angle says, "In WrestleMania, I'm competing farewell in my matches." Corner thanks WWE and superstars, but most importantly, everybody within the crowd. The angle is emotional. They made it so funny. Angle had the time of his life. Exhausting, "Thank you Kurt" sings. The corner will thank them. Just one last match is right here in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Then it’s in WrestleMania.

Kurt Angle vs. Apollo Crews

Clocks ring and lock. Crews has a aspect-finish lock, but the angle whips him away. The Crews shoulder prevents him from falling down and hits the ropes. The angle falls on the hip loss before you’re taking him to your arm. Crews fights and places him within the corner. The nook turns the whip to the nook, however Crews arrives again. The angle comes again above the stomach. Crews avoids the corner and hits the drop recreation on two bills. Crews combines with Suplex for two calculations. Crew the crew within the jaw lock. Angle fights and elbows out. Angle and Crew Sales Events before Angle captures him with the German Suplex Trio, which is close to the fall. Angle Crews for Angle Slam. Crews counters on your arm by dragging and catching him as a step-up enzyme. The crew is in constant contact with him virtually within the fall. The crew moves uphill, but the angle avoids frog air. Angle will get him to victory with Angle Slam, remaining victory in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Winner of Pinfall: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle helps Apollo Crews up and take the ring.

In-Ring: Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre

Roman Reigns enters his first unilateral match when he returns from leukemia. Drew McIntyre assaults Reigns to guarantee and punch him. Then McIntyre sends her shoulder first to the ring submit. Manages to fall from the ring. McIntyre goes out to get her, however Reigns fights back. McIntyre then wipes her out on Claymore Kick's flooring. McIntyre tells Reigns to rise up and battle for him. Slowly up and McIntyre hits her with Claymore Kick in a hoop submit! McIntyre says, “I promise you, Roman. This is just the beginning! ”

The judges and the doctor drove to assist. The physician shines within the eyes of Reigns to examine for a concussion. Governments are stumbling and don't let him be shut. Seth Rollins runs to examine Reigns. Reigns says he is positive and tries to walk away, but he has to finish the stability. He controls only having a headache. Reigns then uses Rollins to take care of his stability by walking up the ramp

After the advertisements, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose help Roman Reigns. They ship him to the trainer's room. Ambrose catches Triple H. Ambrose says he needs Drew McIntyren tonight to be plain. Triple H says, "Hell yeah," before you say he says McIntyre knows.

Falls Rely Anyplace
Dean Ambrose vs. Drew McIntyre

Dean Ambrose enters. Drew McIntyre comes out and asks if he’ll take his player as a man or reprimand him as his pathetic brother Roman Reigns.

Ambrose runs towards the ramp and attacks him. Ambrose allows a suplex and hits McIntyre with a suplex. Ambrose jumps on the stage to succeed in the double axle handle. They're not preventing the gang. Ambrose bounces him out of barricades and punches him. McIntyre brushes her eyes and cuts her chest. They struggle the steps earlier than McIntyre bounces him out of the railing. McIntyre raises Ambrose and pulls him to the wall. McIntyre tries to throw her out of the press case, but Ambrose's bit of fingers. Then Ambrose jumps from the desk and hits McIntyre's sled.

We’ll come again for a break to see Ambrose's piercing alongside the McIntyre stairs. During a business break, they destroyed the license area and the business wall. Ambrose throws McIntyren back into the ring. Ambrose jumps out of the barricade, but McIntyre captures her above her stomach on the suplex flooring. McIntyre removes the highest half of the steel steps and hits Ambrose near the fall. McIntyre connects to the suplex on the floor next to the fall. McIntyre brings her back to the gang and says she is going to take the plate one after the other. Ambrose provides him a small blow, and McIntyre collapses ache. Ambrose punches in McIntyres earlier than backing up. McIntyre shortly hits the midsection on the chair and bounces it back. McIntyre drops him to the barricade. Ambrose sends him to the box and punches him down. Ambrose then rolls the box to another. Ambrose then hits Mick Foley's elbow near fall.

Ambrose avoids the field and bounces off McIntyren. They’re introduced within the commenting desk. Ambrose rolls him twice. McIntyre launches shortly and punches him. McIntyre clears the comment table, however Ambrose returns to the backline on the desk. Ambrose punches him on the table. Ambrose will get up, so McIntyre provides him a small blow. McIntyre then pushes the pencils into Ambrose's eye! McIntyre lawn-dart Ambrose into the stage's LED wall. McIntyre repeats a step close to the autumn. Ambrose varies wildly, but he can't see McIntyle. McIntyre pierces Ambrose and places his head by means of the steel rail. McIntyre then strikes him with Claymore Kick when he’s caught within the railing!

Winner of Pinfall: Drew McIntyre

McIntyre stands in the remark table and causes. Ambrose succeeds in getting his foot, so McIntyre hits another Claymore Kick when the show is over.

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