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WWE Raw Results – June 10, 2019 – Tag Team Sub-Match, Rollins vs. Owens – TPWW

WWE Raw Results - June 10, 2019 - Tag Team Sub-Match, Rollins vs. Owens - TPWW

10. June 2019
San Jose, California
Remark: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Younger
Results: Roy Nemer and

Fast results

  1. Match: Lars Sullivan gained Lucha by eradicating Gran Metallic from the top of the rope
  2. Match of Six Man Tag group: Braun Strowman, The Miz, Ricochet gained Cesaro, Samo Joe, Bobby Lashley in the 630s Ricochet's Cesaro
  3. Alexa Bliss & Lacey Evans Wins Becky Lynch and Bayley Lacey via ladies's rights to Bayley
  4. IIconics gained Lisa Lace and Aalya Mia in squash
  5. WWE's Raw Tag Championship Triple Menace Match: Revival gained Curt Hawkins & Zack's Ryder (c) and The Usos to win Dawson's puppies in Dash's hand
  6. Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins with DQ after Seth Rollins put his palms on special guests to Sami Zayn

In-Ring: Seth Rollins, Baron Corbin, Sa mi Zayn, Okay Evin Owens

It doesn't sound like @BaronCorbinWWE becomes ALL love @WWEUniverse immediately #Raw! [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) June 11, 2019

WWE Raw begins with Universal Grasp Seth Rollins, who runs with a finger on a damaged steel chair. Clips from Friday's Super ShowDown with Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin's air after Rollins's assault on Lesnar after the match. Seth jumps into the gang and says we have now entered a brand new period in the common period. It's 2019, it's a yr of selection and there are decisions in the tough spot. In the event that they need to take the universal title, they will, but no one can put on his boots. They will come out and struggle towards him or they will attempt things arduous, ask Brock Lesnar the way it works. Lesnar has been on WWE since 2002 and no one has ever executed to Brock Lesnar what he did to him in the Tremendous ShowDown. Rollins says he felt pretty good by putting the chair back in Lesnar.

Music tracks by Baron Corbin. Corbin stays on the ramp and says Seth is talking about Brock Lesnar. Fans boo Corbin and he says that the sensation is mutual. Followers will continue with him. Corbin says he walked the streets of San Jose and he's the most effective factor they've gone. Baron stops in the crowd, but ultimately Rollins is frightened about him and not Lesnar. Since Stomping Grounds he’s a brand new Common Master. Rollins asks him how it worked for him in the Super ShowDown. Corbin says he didn't win him on the Tremendous ShowDown, an unqualified officer pays him a match and he knows it. However as Rawi's CEO, he discovered a couple of things, and immediately he put this stuff into apply. He was in meetings with WWE leaders all day, and this officer is punished and he will get a rematch at Stomping Grounds. But there’s another detail. They have a particular visitor referee and because of their superb negotiating expertise, he will get his arms on choosing this official. He’s still a master of Universal, however he will probably be his special guest as a result of he has no buddies. Rollins says nobody in San Jose likes him, nobody appears at house, with pals or family.

Sami Zayni's music hits and leaves the ramp. Sami says he is within the staff at Corbin. He tells Seth that he really takes care of him as a man, he has checked out his conduct lately and that being a Universal Master isn’t good for him. He has taken this cycle with Lesnar. Sami says that somebody who means him nicely thinks Seth can be higher if Baron Corbin was a Universal Champion. He thinks it might be higher Raw and everybody if Corbin was a champion. Because at the least we’d end up with a champion who is just not utterly obsessive about Brock Lesnar. Seth says he's not cheating on anyone, Sami talks about what he needs and Corbin, however there's nothing to Sam? Zayn says a minimum of Corbin understands how this works. If someone would help him, Corbin would in all probability return and assist him.

Rollins congratulates Corbin on having somebody on his aspect. Rollins asks that Sami returns to her and comes out on the Kevin Owens ramp as a wild card.

Owens says he is a Sami again via and thru. He agrees with Sam when he says Corbin can be a better Common Champion. However what he doesn't settle for is the best way Rollins talks to his good friend Sam. Rollins tells Kevin if he doesn't like what he says, come right down to the ring and do something about it. Owens says he's here as a wild card, what it means, and perhaps he'll take him to it. Rollins says what's happening tonight, towards Kevin Owens Seth Rollins. He drops the microphone and walks to satisfy three males. Rollins walks previous and goes again.

Elimination Handicap
Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha Home Celebration

This is not controllable! @LarsSWWE has not forgotten what occurred at #WWESSD and it's DESTROYING #LuchaHouseParty is #Raw! L @ ​​LuchadorLD @KalistoWWE @WWEGranMetalik [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) June 11, 2019

Because the Lucha Home celebration is in the ring, Lars will assault all of them. He is in a ring the place Kalisto delivers a number of playoffs to Sullivan. He jumps off the top rope, but Lars grabs him and hits him on the carpet.

Puto: Kalisto

Dorado is in the Lars ring. He jumps out of the ring and moves into a hurricane, however Lars gets him and an influence bomb. He leaves the deck and Dorado has been eliminated.

Dropped: Lince Dorado

Metalik is left in the ring. Metalik goes back to his elbow, however Lars grabs him and throws him on the carpet. He leaves the deck and on two payments Lars lets Metalik go. Lars goes outdoors the ring and lifts Kalisto up and throws him back to the highest of the metal steps.

Lars returns to the ring and the large Slam carpet. He leaves the deck and Sullivan lets him go. Lars catches Dorado outdoors the tire. She raises her up and throws her into a ring publish. Lars climbs to the highest and neckline for Metalik.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

Elevator: R-Fact, Carmella, Others

Was # 247Champion @RonKillings just caught within the elevator… with all these individuals? #RAW @CedricAlexander @WWEMaverick @ therealec3 @HeathSlaterOMRB @CarmellaWWE [19659011] – WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) June 11, 2019

Backstage, we see 24/7 champion R-Fact and Carmella operating. The uncooked dressing room members drive them. They’re caught outdoors the elevator. R-Fact will get to the elevator with the Raw Tremendous Star. The door closes when there are extra superstars on the door when the referee is outdoors. We see the digital camera inside the elevator and the elevator stops working because they are stuck.

Interviews: Lacey Evans, Becky Lynch

"I'm ruthless." @BeckyLynchWWE takes a place in a CLEAR interview with @LaceyEvansWWE #Raw! [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) June 11, 2019

Michael Cole interviews Lacey Evans and Becky Lynch. He asks Becky that all the things that has occurred, Lacey interrupts and says the place she comes from, the great ones first. Becky says that if he has executed, he will speak concerning the money in his hand on the Financial institution. If somebody speaks rather a lot, he never brings this reality. However when talking concerning the reality, he ought to be his. Lacey is greater than her, but she will't let her win. Lacey says she doesn't know something about her as a result of she's executed the whole lot she needs to get her.

Becky says the final time he was indignant, he ran by means of everybody as a result of it was the grasp of his obsession. However he's ruthless. Lacey jokes and says she surrendered. It's a cute speech, but she doesn't cheat her. This "man" gimmick is just not true, which drives him in worry. Worry of dropping all the things and sinking into the twilight. He can odor it and it is unfortunate. And in Stomping Grounds, this worry occurs when Becky 2 Belts turns into Becky No Belts.

Lacey says she is doing together with her.

Backstage: Nikki Cross, Alexa Bliss

Nikki Cross is with Alexa Bliss and Bliss says she is going to acknowledge Lacey Becky and Bayley tonight. However he can't consider that Bayley will do that again. He calls Bayley a master of manipulation. He knows who is the actual Bayley. When he began NXT, Bayley was terrible for him due to his totally different backgrounds. He can be nice if he needed one thing from you, however in any other case he can be alienated from you. Bliss says she may be with Lexy Nikki and Nikki say she understands what it is to be out wanting. Bliss asks if he’ll forgive him and if he can be in his corner tonight.

Miz TV Samoa Joe

Miz welcomes everyone to Miz TV. He says his visitor as we speak is a bulldozer, he's a WWE model of Godzilla, and he's a brand new US champion, Samo Joe as Joe walks into the ring.

Joe says before they begin, however it seems like he's misrepresenting narration. He stated "new" US champion, but there's nothing new about it. Rey Mysterio shops his identify and was given the prospect to win it. Miz says he gained it again? Let's take a look at the profit. We see the Raw clip from last Monday, the place the injured Mysterio released the title and Joe attacked Mystery and took over the US championship.

Miz says that many people say that Mysterio did the appropriate thing when he admitted that Joe's shoulders were not precisely the cash carpet in the financial institution, however Joe still felt he had to put a Coquina change. Joe says sure. Miz additionally says he threatens Mysterion's son Dominic. And the participation of a member of the family exceeds the line. Joe says these strains belong to him, Miz. And in terms of what he needs, there’s nothing too lengthy. And he thought he was coming here to speak about potential challangers, but if he needs to speak about crossroads, perhaps he's talking about his family.

Two men stand and Braun Strowman's music hits and comes to Strowman's ring. Strowman says if Joe is in search of a challenger, why not close her within the mouth and get these palms. Strowman gets into the ring and the music of Bobby Lashley. Lashley tells Brawn that she hasn't been executed together with her. And like Joe, they’ve a historical past together, and he is aware of if anyone deserved to be shot within the US title,

Ricochet's tracks and subsequent he's strolling around. Ricochet says they are all the time here claiming, and his two victories towards Cesaro, he needs to enhance and win the primary championship. Out comes to Cesaro's ramp. He assaults Cesaro when the battle breaks in the ring. Lashley v. Brawn, Miz towards Joe. Strowman, Ricochet and Miz Clear House

Six Man Tag Team Match
Braun Strowman, Miz, Ricochet vs. Cesaro, Samoa Joe, Bobby Lashley

. @ KingRicochet has tagged 6-Man #TagTeam Match and guess on SHOW #Raw! @mikethemiz @BraunStrowman @SamoaJoe @fightbobby @WWECesaro [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) June 11, 2019

The clock is ringing and we're on. Lashley is in the ring where Strowman starts the match. Strowman, who has a number of turns and a big clothesline with Strowman, takes Lashley out. He means The Miz's ring. He sends The Miz Lashley, followed by Strowman. Miz's operating knee. When the referee disturbed Cesaroa, Joe clothesline Miz. Lashley throws Miz into the corner and Joe is in.

Samoa Joe, with punches at The Miz. Joe, with Headbutt, takes down Miz. Cesaro is labeled Cesaroo and Chief. Miz fights again and gets out of it when Ricochet is tagged in. Ricochet slides outdoors and journeys to Lashley and kicks Joe. He will get to the ring and closes Cesaro's head into the swivel body. Ricochet jumps out of the top rope and descends to Cesaro. Lashley gets into the ring and she or he's taken down. Ricochet, with great agility, takes Cesaro out of the ring. Ricochet jumps over the higher rope and turns to Cesaro by touchdown.

After a business break, Cesaro is within the ring with Ricochet. Cesaro, but Ricochet's closure to Ricochet. The higher line of Cesaro and Ricochet falls outdoors. Lashley is tagged in. He rob Ricochet's barricade. He throws Ricochet into the ring. He sends Ricochet to the corner, but Ricochet's kick to the top, adopted by a drop level, takes Lashley down. Miz is tagged in. Miz with a double ax off the highest. Miz's proper palms get within the corner of Lashley. Miz's fired, adopted by double knees. And once more. And the third time. The large boot takes down the river. Miz's DDT to Lashley. Cesaro gets to the ring and DDT on Cesaroo.

Miz is firing both Cesaro and Lashley. He leaves for Lashley, however Lashley moves and sends Miz's face to the carpet first. Joe's in. Joe hits Strowman from a ring object. He goes to Miz's deck, however Strowman breaks it. Cesaro is tagged in. Miz leaves to mark Strowman, but Lashley grabs on Strowman's foot. Strowman throws Lashley into barricades. Within the ring, Cesaro grabs Miz and waves him around the ring. Cesaro spins her for about 30 seconds. He drops Miz and Cesaro will get a bit of dizzy. He will get to Miz's sharpener, but Ricochet will get to the ring and doubles his knees to Cesar when both males are down.

Strowman is again on the ring. Miz tags in Strowman. Shoulder to block Cesaron. Cesaro corner and spowman Strowman when Cesaro falls outdoors. Strowman goes out and large shoulder blocks Cesaron. Cesaro threw himself back into the ring and the other splashed Strowman. He goes to the deck, however Samo Joe breaks it. Strowman raises Joe, however Joe escapes. He leaves the ring, grabs the US championship and runs away. Miz is labeled as Strowman goes after Joe, however Lashley hits Strowman's spear. On the end of the tire, Ricochet runs in the direction of Miz and The Miz, whose again is Ricochet landing outdoors Lashley. Cesaro goes to the Miz deck, however two descents. Miz and Skull Crushing Finale. Ricochet is labeled and 630 splashes on Cesaro, however he descends to Cesaro's knees and Cesaro is visibly painful.

Winners: Braun Strowman, Ricochet, The Miz

Backstage: Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn

Baron Corbin is backstage, and he requested who the particular referee is towards Seth at Stomping Grounds. Corbin doesn't say no hurry, he's received two weeks. He likes interviews and meetings.

Becky Lynch & Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss & Lacey Evans

@ BeckyLynchWWE & @itsBayleyWWE deliver FIGHT to @LaceyEvansWWE & @AlexaBliss_WWE in # TagTeam #Rock! [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) June 11, 2019

The clock is ringing and we're on. Bayley starts the match with Alexa Bliss. Bayley closes Bliss into the corner and likes him. Bayley's snapmare. He goes to the deck, but Bliss begins. Bayley goes to the suplex, but Alexa turns it into an armband. He goes to the deck, however Bayley kicks.

Alexa recognizes Lacey within the match. Lacey's elbow. He goes to the deck, but Bayley leaves. Bayley closes Lacey into the corner and Becky Lynch is marked for the match. Becky's right arms, but Lacey's stomach. Alexa is tagged, but Becky is kicking. He goes to Becksploder, but Lacey pulls Alexa Bliss out of the ring. Bayley, with a baseball slide, takes Lacey out.

Alexa is within the cope with Becky Lynch. Becky's enzyme takes Alex out. Lacey is tagged and he attacks Becky, but doesn't let him make a tag. Lacey together with your proper hand. Lacey goes to the deck, however Becky kicks. Lacey beats Bayley from the ring merchandise. Becky together with his proper hand to Lacey and he sends Lace outdoors the tire. Inside comes Alexa, but she is shipped out. Bayley beats Alex. Lacey gets to Becky's ring and stomp. Alexa beats Bayley and Becky kick. The knee to the belly and the swinging Lacey neck breaker. He leaves the deck, however Becky kicks.

Lacey climbs on the second rope, jumps off the top rope, aiming at Becky, however Becky strikes off the street. Bayley is tagged as Alexa Bliss. Bayley throws Alexa into the nook and spins her. On the other aspect is Bayley's knee and the bottom of Bayley behind Alexa's neck. He goes to the deck, however Lacey breaks it. Becky goes outdoors after Lacey, but Lacey throws Nikki Cross in entrance of him. Lacey, who has ladies's rights for Becky. Lacey Ladies's Rights for Bayley. Lacey recognizes herself when Alexa goes to Twisted Bliss, but Bayley gets her knees right. Lacey with ladies's rights to Bayley.

Winners: Alexa Bliss and Lacey Evans

Backstage: Sami Zayn, Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon is behind the scenes and involves Sami Zay. Two sit and Sami tells him that they have not all the time seen the attention, however he spoke to Corbin and is aware of that Corbin is allowed to decide on the referee. Sami might say tonight that he may be Seth Rollins' referee towards Kevin Owens. Because Seth and Roman are shut they usually can start small. He may be another referee outdoors the tire. Shane says she gave her an concept. And tonight Sami is an outdoor decide.

In-Ring: Paul Heyman

. @ HeymanHustle has lots to say about #UniversalChampion @WWERollins right now #Raw! 😳 [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) June 11, 2019

Paul Heyman is in the ring. He introduces himself and says he is disturbed by the hostility and hostility of Brock Lesnar and Common Grasp Seth Rollins. Final week, Lesnar did not need to get his money in a bank contract. As an alternative, Lesnar scored Rollins and Tremendous ShowDown, Rollins gained the Brock Lesnar chair. And Rollins admitted that it was at first of Raw.

Heyman asks if he’s the grasp they may delight. Seth Rollins just isn’t a worthy Common Champion, Seth Rollins is a tremendous cheater and stupid feckless thug, because Rollins has now ensured that Lesnar continues to be Mr. Money. Earlier than she and Lesnar have been prepared to tell everybody once they have been going to spend cash, but not anymore. No more Mr. Nice Jew, no more Mr. Good Beast. They don't say when. He doesn’t declare that Lesnar is right here tonight, but he does not claim that he is not. He doesn’t declare that Lesnar is a particular guest at Stomping Grounds, however he does not claim he isn’t.

He doesn’t recommend that Lesnar waits until Rollins is probably the most weak. violates the PG period. And after the stroke, Lesnar takes the Common title off Seth Rollins. It's no trace it's not a forecast or spoiler. It's a menace, it's a promise it's a guarantee. Guarantee for his shopper, many occasions and future, dominant, defensive, indeniable, universal heavyweight, beast killer, Brock Lesnar

Elevator: R-Fact, Carmella, EC3, Drake Maverick, Cedric Alexander, Heath Slater

# 247Title has acquired the STUCK automotive within the background #Raw! [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) June 11, 2019

Back to the elevator, it's R-Fact with a celebrity. They are making an attempt to play the game. Carmella takes off her cap and says nobody can converse until they’ve a hat. Maverick grabs his hat and says he has to get out of right here, he's getting married for a couple of weeks. EC3 says she's married and she or he's not invited? Maverick says he’s the perfect man. R-Fact says he is nervous about dropping 48/7 European TV and he's apprehensive about Hornswoggle. Maverick says he isn’t Hornswoggle.

IIconics vs. Lisa Lace and Aalya Mia

#IIconics has no problem putting WASTE in the #Raw group of local rivals! @BillieKayWWE @PeytonRoyceWWE [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) June 11, 2019

WWE Ladies Tag Team Champions IIconics are in the ring. They speak about how they are the longest master and champion of the WWE ladies's workforce staff. Royce says they are preventing as champions that they have been asking for the toughest competition. Billie says they are on the lookout for the world and found these two. San Jose & # 39; s best, hardest competitions

Billie says they're placing it on their minds. Ladies won’t ever be champions of a ladies's group group in the identical method that San Jose Sharks isn’t a Stanley Cup champion. Loud boos from the gang. They are saying they are the longer term and the longer term is IIconic

Clock rings and Billie Kay are attacking one of the ladies. Billie kicks him and Peyton Royce is marked for the match. The best hand of a lady, however Royce, kneeling on her abdomen. Kay is tagged in. The IIconics Double Team.

Winners: The IIconics

In-Ring: Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre

@ Shanemcmahon # WWESSD Celebration @DMcIntyreWWE talks about what he's going to do @WWERomanReigns at #WWEStompingGrounds. #Raw P.19659011] – WWE (@WWE) June 11, 2019

Shane says to grow in sports activities occasions, you'll see a number of superb issues. And when one thing particular comes, you will notice. And Roman Reigns is that something particular. Roman Reigns is the Way forward for the WWE Corridor of Famer. Shane says as a competitor, hats away from Roman. He gained the Royal Rumble twice, crucial event at WrestleMania a number of occasions, he’s many champion at WWE and Roman Reigns has victories towards Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. However he has no revenue towards him, it’s the reverse. Shane has gained the Roman Reigns, which occurred at Super ShowDown.

McMahon says he is very pleased with himself and isn’t a Roman shame. Roman gave him the most effective, however his greatest was not sufficient to beat one of the best on the planet.

Drew raises Shane's arm in the air. Shane says Drew helped him so much. He helped him put together, he used all his battles with Roman. Fans sing boring as Shane says it is his celebration. Shane says the technique works. He has been there for emotional help, why he might go there and beat Roman Reigns. Nevertheless it was in Tremendous ShowDown, he couldn't imagine what was happening at Stomping Grounds

McIntyre says he appreciates it and hopes that the celebration wouldn't be San Jose as a result of they haven’t any respect. Drew says that Roman is a WWE measurement stick when he loses, it turns to go and it occurred in Super ShowDown. But in Stomping Grounds, he gained, only to win him, Drew says, “I'm going to hurt you. I'm going to humiliate you. Shane McMahon is the best in the world, but Drew McIntyre is the most dangerous. I owe you and Stomping Grounds physically attack you until you are completely unidentified. And chicken, I'll win you, one, two, three. ”

Shane says he is so highly effective and he needs. They are right here to rejoice and have fun. In one of the best World Trophy recreation and champagne contained in the table, both start bottles. Shane drops out of the world's greatest prize when Drew drinks instantly from the bottle.

McMahon says he might be right here all night time, but the show must continue. They have two people who might probably be a part of their social gathering tonight as the new WWE Raw Tag Team champions. Shane introduces an alarm to the ring.

Revival gets to the ring, Shane says the match is subsequent. They will't drink proper now, if they win, they’re referred to as events, but provided that they convey some gold.

WWE Raw Tag Championship
Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder (c) vs. Usos vs. Revival

#Raw #TagTeamTitles Are On Line! Can @ZackRyder & @TheCurtHawkins retain gold or do the titles change arms? @ScottDawsonWWE @DashWilderWWE @WWEUsos P.19659011] – WWE (@WWE) June 11, 2019

The clock is ringing and we're on. Jey Uso and Zack Ryder are within the ring. Ryder first falls on Jey's face. He goes to the deck, however Jey kicks. Hawkins is tagged and double Jey. She goes in front of the deck, however Jey leaves. Jey is shipped to the ropes when Wilder acknowledges himself. Revival was crushed outdoors of Jey and Hawkins.

Wilder acknowledges Dawson again to a business break. Double group at Hawkins, however Hawkins descends and Jimmy is a professional man. He sends the alarm outdoors the ring. Uso is flying over the top rope and touchdown on Revival. Dawson is thrown into the ring. Jimmy's superkick, adopted by a Samoa drop. He leaves the deck, but Dawson leaves. Hawkins and Ryder's Enziguiri are tagged. Double staff is Jimmy. Ryder goes to the deck, however Jimmy kicks. Ryder goes to Tough Ryder, but Jimmy leaves. Jey is labeled with a superpot for Ryder. Tremendous kick Hawkins and one other Ryder. Jey climbs the highest line, Dawson acknowledges himself when Jey is on the highest rope. Jey and Usos splash in Ryder. Sprint has Jey's foot when Dawson goes to the deck and gets a pin.

Winners: New WWE Raw Tag Team Masters, Revival

Backstage: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is behind the scenes with Charly Carus and is asked about Sami Zayn later this night. Seth says he's prepared for Lesnar at Tremendous ShowDown, he's ready for Lesnar anytime. Prepared for Corbin at Stomping Grounds and ready for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn tonight.

Backstage: R-Fact, 24/7 Championship

Properly, it didn't take long. Identical to everybody felt like getting alongside, the elevator stopped and # 247Title Match breaks down #Raw! [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) June 11, 2019

The R fact continues to be in the elevator. Maverick is nervous about her marriage when Carmella tells her it's fantastic. EC3 says actual marriage is real and she or he's been married 5 occasions. It’ll change for everybody who comfort Maverick. R-Fact says that if they hadn't passed him, they might have recognized that they had rather a lot in widespread. R-Fact calls Maverick Hornswoggle they usually're family. They begin singing when the elevator door opens and the referee stands there with different WWE superstars.

The battle breaks down a lot that it covers the R-fact, however Carmella pulls the R-Fact to the elevator and the elevator door closes.

Firefly Fun Home

Bray Wyatt puts an indication on the door that says, "Reject all your hopes that leave you". The digital camera flashes once we see the evil Bray for a second. Bray puts his hand on his head and tells the rabbit that it's his fortunate day. The floor is her. The rabbit says it's not cool to eat your folks regardless of how cool you’re. And he needs to say what's actually occurring in the house when Bray grabs his head and throws him on the floor. Bray grabs an enormous hammer and breaks the rabbit with it.

Wyatt picks it up and asks if it is ok or not. She tastes blood and says "Yowwie wowie, it's delicious." As we speak's episode is delivered to you by Ramblin's rabbit sauce. She's all the time within the mild, we just should let her in.

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens

It's a physical match between @WWollollins & @FightOwensFight #Raw! [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) June 11, 2019

Sami Zayn was a special outdoors visitor referee.

Sami Zayn tells the referee that he needs confidence in the ring. He calls Seth Rollins and says he has to examine him out. Seth has ribs, and Sami, who has a referee, asks Rollins whether or not he has a knife. He checks the boots. In distinction, he shortly pollutes Kevin Owens. Sami Zayn goes outdoors the ring and the ring

Seth's arm with Owens grabs the rope. Seth won’t let go as quickly as Owens calls him cheat. Sami leaves the ring and says to break it. Owens, with an arm on Rollins, however Seth acrobatically detaches from it and turns it right into a snap mare. He goes to the deck, however Kevin Owens shoots. Sami leaves the ring and disturbs the decide. Seth goes to the deck, however ref is distracted. Seth talks to Sam and Owens attacks him. Two shifts with the appropriate hand and Rollins get to Owens's corner. Sami leaves the ring camp to break up. Owens leaves outdoors and Seth kicks Owens when Seth continues to be within the ring. He goes outdoors and Sami talks to Rollins when Owens throws Seth into a barricade, followed by DDT.

Takaisin kaupallisesta, sivusuunnassa Kevin Owensista, kun hän jatkaa työskentelemään Sethin loukkaantuneiden kylkiluiden parissa. Seth leikataan lähellä hänen vasenta silmäänsä. Owens ottaa taaksepäin taaksepäin Rollinsin. Owens menee useless kannelle, mutta vain yksi luku.

Owensin oikea käsi, kun hän työntää Sethin kiertokangasta. Owensin ampui vatsaan. Kevin Owensin oikea käsi, jota seuraa toinen oikea käsi. Owens nostaa Sethin hartioille, mutta Seth kyynärpäät päähän. Sethin päähine, mutta Owensin polvin kylkiluut. Rollinsin rinteessä. Seth menee suplexiin, mutta Owens kääntää sen polveksi kasvoihin.

Kevin Owens kiipeää ylä köydestä, hän menee sentonille, mutta Rollings sai polvensa. Owens, kipua, rullaa ulkopuolelle. Seth Rollins, jolla on itsemurha-sukellus Owensiin, mutta Owensin oikea käsi estää sen. Owens lähtee pop-up-voimapommiin, mutta Seth laskeutuu jaloilleen. A kick to the face by Seth adopted by a step-up enzuigiri.

Seth Rollins climbs the highest rope as Sami Zayn gets within the ring to examine on Kevin Owens. Seth climbs down as Owens goes for a roll-up however a kick out by Seth. Owens runs in the direction of Seth but Seth lowers the top rope and to the surface Owens goes. Seth with a suicide dive as he lands on Kevin Owens and Sami. Seth with the curb stomp. He goes for the duvet however Sami pulls the referee out of the ring. Sami says Seth must be disqualified.

Sami Zayn will get within the ring and he checks up on Kevin Owens. He starts speaking to Seth Rollins as the two argue. Seth grabs Sami as Sami calls for the bell.

Winner: By disqualification, Kevin Owens

Seth Rollins hits Sami Zayn with a right hand and he begins to beat up on Sami as Baron Corbin will get in the ring. He assaults Seth Rollins. Corbin grabs a steel chair. He goes to hit Rollins however Rollins with a kick as Corbin drops the chair and leaves the ring. Rollins grabs the chair and hits Sami Zayn with it.