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WWE Raw Results – January 28, 2019 – Strowman vs. McIntyre – TPWW

WWE Raw Results - January 28, 2019 - Strowman vs. McIntyre - TPWW

28. January 2019
Phoenix, Arizona
Remark: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young
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Quick Results

  1. Seth Rollins Wins Dean Ambrose By way of The Stomp
  2. Elimination Chamber Qualifications: Nia Jax & Tamina Gained Alexa Bliss and Mickie James by Jax Bliss and James
  3. Baron Corbin Wins Kurt Corner via Deep Six : Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan Gained by way of Natalya & Dana Brooken Liv in Natalia
  4. RAW Ladies's Championship: Ronda Rousey (c) Wins Bayley's Hand Bar 19659010] In-Ring: Seth Rollins, Triple H, Dean Ambrose

    The arduous reaction continues when Rollins grabs the microphone. The exhausting "BURN IT DOWN" track starts. He talks about everyone who locations all males on the line of Royal Rumble. Rollins stated it was heart, willpower, passion, love – what you need to call. He stands right here on this ring saying that Seth freak's Rollins is going to WrestleMania's most necessary occasion! The Phoenix crowd launches the music "YOUR FUTURE".

    Rollins promised himself if he overcame the royal turmoil he wasn't going to … it doesn’t matter what, he wasn't going to do it. She smiles and says that is once in life. Rollins smiles and refers to the WrestleMania 35 model. He stated some youngsters are rising up who need to stroll to the moon or play in the Tremendous Bowl, but all he needed to do is to point out it and get his most necessary venue in WrestleMania.

    Rollins says one path can take him to Smackdown where he can problem somebody who has long been a great pal – WWE champion Daniel Bryan. Another strategy to WrestleMania takes him to Suplex Metropolis, the place he sues Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. Loud's "TAKE HIS BELT" track starts with Lesnar. Rollins stated he had to take a while to make this nice determination.

    The music of Tripins H hits Rollins. Triple H walks on a ramp and features a baby sitting within the ring. He grabs the microphone and the arduous "NXT" music starts. Triple H is glad Rollins lived in a dream and showed signs. He spoke of Rollins' challenge just some months in the past to restore the actual Seth Rollins. Triple H tells us that Rollins got here here and acquired emotional and made him emotional.

    She tells Rollins to be simpler within the problem and she or he is pleased with it. Triple H stated Royal Rumble was designed to be difficult. He stated final night time that we came upon who’s "one" and that is Seth freakin Rollins. Triple H talks concerning the massive determination that Seth has made, just as Becky Lynch has the same determination earlier than him. He reveals that Becky will make his choice tomorrow night at Smackdown Reside.

    Triple H tells Rollins that he should decide here tonight. He says Rollins is aware of how briskly the machine is shifting. The Triple H provides Rollins until the top of the night time. He says WWE champion Daniel Bryan and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar are here. Triple H needs Rollins to inform him who he's coming from. Rollins says it is among the most troublesome selections he makes, but when it needs to be achieved tonight…

    And here Dean Ambrose will stop. Ambrose says that this father-boy is so cute, but actually makes him sick. He factors out Triple H, who doesn't consider in him once they drove around Florida for $ 500. Ambrose says Triple H needed to eliminate him. Triple H points out Ambrose's turning Rollins the identical evening Roman Reigns introduced leukemia. Ambrose tells Triple H that this dialog does not apply to him. Triple H says there is something on this ring that considerations him. Ambrose calls Rollins to suck. "You're pure mouth in your ass." He hopes Rollins will win Bryan or Lesnar in WrestleMania, but everyone knows that Rollins can't beat him without help. Ambrose suggests taking the Triple H ebook tonight. Triple H smiles and walks away. Ambrose cuts off Triple H and wonders if he should ask for permission first from his father. Triple H requires a decide proper now.

    Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

    Rollins with snapmare and kicking within the chest once we return after a break. They're robbing the surface by rolling Rollins. Rollins jumps out of the barricade to catch Rollins before the motion goes again in. Ambrose tosses rollins down the hair and throws the best arms. Rollins Ranges Ambrose Superkick. Ambrose avoids Curb Stomp, eats a kick by way of ropes, Rollins tries to show the sundown, Ambrose hangs, jumps down and throws Rollins into a ring submit. Ambrose will get STF, Rollins breaks freely and throws extra shreds. Ambrose together with your proper hand when Rollins tries to commit suicide. Ambrose crops Rollins face down, hooks on foot and Rollins kicks out

    Again reside, Rollins combines a cross piece with Ambrose. Rollins with Slingblade and Ambrose revolve across the ring. This time Rollins combines suicide with a dive barricade. Behind the within of Rollins clothespins Ambrose upstairs and combines another suicide dive. Ambrose will get kicked again into the ring and falls back out. Rollins captures Ambrose's third suicide outdoors the dive. Rollins is lacking a frog splash company. Ambrose, whose roll is shut to 2 figures. Rollins with a large knee, buckle bomb and superkick in Ambrose.

    Winner: Seth Rollins

    In-Ring: Dean Ambrose, Nia Jax, Tamina

    Back to Stay, we see Dean Ambrose still in the ring that sits in a metal chair with a microphone. He has one thing critical about what he needs to say and asks the gang to be jerky.

    Nia Jax and Tamina stroll to pause. Nia involves Dean's face. Tamina also begins to strategy Dean. Nia was shot behind Dean by sending her out of the ring.

    Alexa Bliss and Mickie James are within the next qualifying round.

    Elimination Problem Elimination Chamber
    Nia Jax & Tamina vs. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James [19659011] Let's start with Alexa Bliss and Taman. Tamina shakes Bliss off shortly. Bliss will get Tamina down and connects it to permanent moon-arrows early. An identifier for Nia Jax, who sends Bliss to a corner that takes Mickie James into the process.

    I come back to reside when Tamina takes Bliss away from the superkick. Tami has Bliss on the carpet. Bliss captures Tamina's elbow and rolls from two to 2. An identification for Jax who throws Bliss. Nia splashes into Bliss's corner and then presses her physique to her head at an angle. Mark again to Tamina, who throws herself at Bliss. Bliss with another corner and Tamina starts. Tamina loses low cost photographs to Mickie. Bliss grabs Tamina's hair, rolls and tags for James. James will get kicked to Tamina and leaves off the top of the ground as he takes him out. James, with hurricanrana-Takedown Tamina. James follows it with a lanyard. James kicked Tamina's head. Jax will get the tag. Jax threw James away. Jax has James. Bliss is up. Jax places Bliss on James's shoulders. Jax, who has a double Samoan drop and covers James to get pinfall.

    Winners: Nia Jax & Tamina

    Nia Jax and Tamina at the moment are certified for the Ladies's Removing Chamber for 3 weeks on the New WWE Ladies's Tag Champions Crown

    Baron Corbin vs. Kurt Angle

    Backstage, Kurt Angle was asked for the final time he was in November, dropping Drew McIntyre. He is requested to repeat the identical factor tonight towards Baron Corbin. Angle stated that it takes time to get this match.

    Earlier than the match, Corbin grabs the microphone and says that the angle is among the biggest ever. He stated in the present day, Angle broke individuals's ankles and gained a gold medal with a broken neck. Corbin says he has one last run and talks about how the followers don't consider in him on the idea of "YOU SUCK". Corbin says he intends to humiliate Angle tonight.

    Nook proper hand and here we go. Angle with German Superman Corbin. Corbin makes slides out / Liu & # 39; s runway combination comb. Corbin right hand corner. The Corbin works over the left hand and head. Angle catches Corbin passes, and Corbin takes the nook. Angle with German suplex, second German and third with two chapters. Corbin with counter and ranges Angle with excessive begin. Angle Slam and Corbin begin. Ankle lock is in use. Corbin tries to make ropes. Corbin turns and kicks off the corner.

    Winner: Baron Corbin

    After the match, Corbin leaves the ring and mutes the fans with the ringtone. Corbin jumps again into the ring and provides the day.

    Ring: Finn Balor, Bobby Lashley, Lio Rush

    Finn Balor walks on the stage and directs the tire to a strong response. Balor nonetheless exhibits some wear final night time at Royal Rumble. He says final night time 10 minutes when he went toe-to-toe with Brock Lesnar. “I don't make any excuses. Brock Lesnar gained me. After which Brock Lesnar gained me again. “Balor stated he by no means felt velocity or power like earlier than. He stated he was injured immediately, but he isn’t standing here when his head is hung low. Balor stands here when his head is high. "Last night Brock Lesnar won me and Brock Lesnar won me again because I did Brock Lesnar's faith."

    WWE Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush interrupted. Rush says it is a disgrace that Balor even acquired a chance at the Universal Championship. He says Balor virtually wins Lesnar, but he wouldn't have the prospect in hell Bobby Lashley. Rush says Lashley is greater and quicker than Lesnar ever. He says "ass whooping" Balor took nothing last night time that Lashley would do. Balor points to Lashley for just some seconds at Royal Rumble final night time.

    Lashley then assaults Balor and drives him onerous. Lashley continues to carry Balor and flows again into the tire. He teases that he has finished, however returns to Balor and drives him again to the carpet. Lashley and Rush return to the ramp once we see Balor's rolling ache.

    Revival vs. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins

    We get a reminder of Ryder's and Hawkins' previous group success in WWE. Ryder and Hawkins shortly find out about Dawson and Wilder. Dawson will get the tag and drops Ryder after the suplex after Wilder's dropkick. Dawson, with repeated elbows and a fast headache. Ryder, with a collision killer in Wilder, when he gets the code. A tag for Hawkins who throws the best arms on Dawson, who gets the tag. Hawkins has both Revival members. Hawkins captures Dawson's kick on the top. Dawson smoothes Hawkins with a clothesline and throws Ryder away from the corner. Hawkins, who has a small package deal shut to 2 payments. Wilder will get the tag. Shatter Machine Double Group.

    Winners: Revival

    Backstage: Daniel Bryan, Erick Rowan

    Backstage, WWE champion Daniel Bryan walks with Erick Rowan. Bryan is asked if he has what it must win Seth Rollins in WrestleMania, if he’s elected, deliver him final night time with Rowan. Bryan calls it a silly query, and it’s offended by "Burn It Down" in the air of Seth, which celebrates air air pollution.

    In-Ring: Elias, Jeff Jarrett, Street Dogg

    Elias is in the midst of a hoop. his guitar to Phoenix. He needs to know who needs to stroll with Elijah. The sound “OHHHHH, WALK WITH ELIAS” begins. Elias states that the track is fascinating as a result of they let her down. He thinks that once you hear that the guitar starts, you have to be cheering up in your ft. Phoenix continues to provide Elia an incredible reaction when he handles them. He says he’s within the presence of Elijah within the presence of greatness, however it appears to be too late. Phoenix begins "WE NOT NOT WORTHY". Elias says it’s exactly proper and says that the songs she writes are simply going to her. Right now he wants all quiet telephones, hold applause and shut his mouth.

    Here comes Jeff Jarrett. "Listen, slapnuts." He needs to know why Elias thinks he can get a concert tonight after what he did final night time at Royal Rumble. Jarrett says he has a problem with Elias and explains his identify.

    Jarrett interrupts "Road Dogg" Jesse James! Comment talked about by Street Dogg was Roadie. He says that Elias does not need to play songs to the general public, she suggests she performs with herself and does it in her personal time. Street Dogg leads loudly "SUCK IT" with Jarrett's smile. The viewers begins loudly "WHILE" singing. Street Dogg says they’re quiet because this can be a PG show. They sing it even more durable. Street Dogg regrets that it’s even worse. They determine to sing “with my kids tonight” and Elias is just not glad. They sing to the ring and stroll. Elias splits her guitar behind Street Dogg. Jarrett can play with Elijah. Jarrett, together with his massive proper arms and then the final right hand that falls to Elias. Jarrett picks up his guitar when Elias reaches his knees. Elias on a low stroke Braked and tearing over the guitar back

    Backstage: Dana Brooke, Natalya

    Backstage, Dana Brooke talks about changing a human moon this evening with Natalya. Natalya doesn't appear to be glad when Dana is a teammate of her workforce right now and simply needs to win. Dana says she isn’t solely higher than human, but she is best than Natalya

    Backstage: Mojo Rawley

    Backstage, Mojo Rawley cuts a promo that stares at himself to cover the mirror as a result of he hasn't made a name on Monday night time RAW . "Soon everyone will see who I really am."

    Elimination Chamber Qualification Match
    Natalya & Dana Brooke vs. Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan

    Dana Brooke, who has a nasty wanting clothesline that sends a production network to Liv Morgan's ring camp. Sarah Logan will get the character and sends Dan to the corner. Logan raises Dan, Liv and Liv bounce down Dana. Natalya breaks down the pinfall firm. Liv hits Dana's head. Mark Natalya, who flattens Liv's clothesline and hits Logan's corner. Natalya throws Liv away. By misuse, Liv can roll Natalya. Natalya counts as Sharpshooter. Dana together with his right hand sends Ruby Riott to fly a pre-union. Logan pushes Danan to Natalia to interrupt the show. Liv has rolled Natalia to get pinfall.

    Winners: Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan

    Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan at the moment are certified for the Ladies's elimination chamber match in three weeks to crown new WWE Ladies's Tag staff champions.

    Ring: Ronda Rousey, Bayley

    RAW Ladies's Champion Ronda Rousey gets into the ring. When music cuts, you hear a really complicated response to Rousey and exhausting "BECKY" songs. Rousey talks about last yr's improvement for the first lady, Royal Rumble. She dreamed great and now a yr in the past she is RAW Ladies 's Champion. Tonight got here out of Phoenix. Rousey tells Sasha Banks that he gave him his first life. Loud “BECKY” track restarts.

    Rouse must surrender and just accept booing. He needs to talk concerning the following. Rousey Rating in WrestleMania and know that Becky Lynch is watching. Another very arduous "BECKY" track begins. Rousey stays quiet and tossing the mic.

    Bayley's music interrupts Rouse. He will not be Becky Lynch, but he is right here prepared for battle and it appears that evidently Rousey is able to struggle too

    Rousey holds his championship and accepts.

    RAW Ladies's Championship
    Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Bayley

    Rousey immediately takes Bayley and tries to go to his arms instantly. Bayley fights the underside rope to release. Bayley goes after Rouse's right arm and throws him out of the ring. Bayley pulls Rouse's ring into the apron and tries the neck strap over another rope. Rousey makes use of the deal with towards the ropes. Bayley, with a cutter by means of Rouse's center rope. Bayley mock prevents Rouse's ankle / knee. Bayley connects Dragon Screw to Rousey towards rope break.

    Back to life, Bayley throws his elbows at Rousey. Rousey, whose obtain answer is Bayley. Rousy with slippers Bayley, however unable to tug off another favors his arm. Rousey throws an enormous boot for Bayley, however Bayley captures Rouse's leg and goes to the knee ball! Rousey finds a strategy to battle. Both roll out of the ring to the floor. Bayley grabs Rouse and joins the abdomen to the suplex towards the barricade of the ring.

    I come again to reside when Bayley will get right down to Rouse in the financial institution statement! Rousey does every little thing he can to get into the ropes. Rousey closes and breaks the grip by touching the underside edge. Bayley is annoyed. The commentary talks about how Bayley won’t have experienced this presentation. Bayley props Rousy up on the upper wheel. Rousey drops underneath Bayley, throws lefts and rights, Bayley photographs that hit Rousey down, Rousey jumps up, pulls Bayley down and gets the handle locked. Bayley pins.

    Winner and nonetheless RAW Champion: Ronda Rousey [19659012] After the match, Ronda Rousey walks to Bayley, who is sitting within the nook. Bayley shakes his hand

    Ring: Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch

    Here comes Becky Lynch. Lynch has been kneeling "selling" his injury to ladies's night time at Royal Rumble last night time.

    Becky grabs the microphone and talks about being back within the RAW. He reveals how he lowered Rouse here on this ring last time he was right here and stunned “Ronnie” by no means got here to find a battle with him when the whole lot was stated and achieved. Becky talks about profitable the Royal Rumble, and unlike Seth Rollins, he doesn't need much time to assume. "I choose you." Big response and "YES!" Sing to Phoenix for discover.

    Becky says he’s breaking down Ronda's mysticism in WrestleMania and "kicking his ass all over the world." Ronda needs a microphone. Add to Ronda. Ronda needs the entire world to listen to this. "First of all, how are your feet?" Ronda needs his opponent to battle. Phoenix literally brings Ronda out of the building right now as he cuts his promo. Ronda threatens to break Becky's face once more and knows that he can destroy him together with his bare palms. He talks final yr about stealing WrestleMania's exhibition when Becky was in a Kickoff present. Ronda says he owns Becky in WrestleMania and throws the microphone down

    Backstage: Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins

    Nothing but respect. #Raw @BraunStrowman @ WWERollins [19659012] – WWE (@WWE) January 29, 2019

    Backstage, Braun Strowman congratulates Seth Rollins. He tells Rollins he's making the fitting selection and getting his job in WrestleMania.

    Braun Strowman vs. Drew McIntyre

    The bell rings, locks, and Strowman pushes McIntyren off instantly. McIntyre tries to shoulder and Strowman stays on his ft. McIntyre captures Strowman with footwear and chilly cuts. Strowman shortly takes McIntyren out of his leg and kicks him with ribs that send out Drew. Strowman jumps out of the ring, runs in McIntyre and McIntyre sends Strowman to the ring matrix once we go for a break.

    Again to Stay, Strowman captures McIntyren's huge blow. Strowman and his trunk at McIntyren's chest after which the clothesline Drew excessive line. Strowman grabs a bit of steel and starts strolling in the direction of McIntyle. Baron Corbin seems and attacks Strowman. Corbin is a metal chair and hits Strowman over its rib and back.

    Winner by way of DQ: Braun Strowman

    After the match, Strowman punches the steel chair out of the palms of Corbin and sends Corbin to the steel levels! Phoenix begins a hard "GET THESE HESS" music. Strowman runs across the ringers area and launches McIntyren's barricade. Strowman is operating once more and this time taking Corbin away. McIntyre is able to do it back on his ft and degree with Strowman with Claymore Kick.

    Corbin and McIntyre appear to be leaving, however come back to the ring and grab Strowman. Corbin and McIntyre give Strowman a double chamber over the steel steps. An WWE official is making an attempt to break and clear the world.

    Next Week

    Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Alicia Fox and Nikki Cross outline the ultimate group of RAW to steer the Ladies's Tag Group Championship Removing Chamber on the subsequent Monday night time.

    In-Ring: Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Seth Rollins

    Heyman has a microphone and introduces the standard undisputed Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. He finds this assumption of the entire program tonight as absurd as a result of it must be Seth Rollins' easiest choice for his whole life. Heyman says that Rollins has only one choice for WrestleMania: to challenge Daniel Bryan for WWE championship. He adds that regardless that Rollins and Bryan could possibly be a sporting amusement clinic, no one really needs to face Lesnar and battle with Lesnar in WrestleMania.

    Seth Rollins interrupts and walks shortly into the ring. Rollins comes proper in entrance of Lesnar. Lesnar smiles. Rollins immediately assaults Lesnar with repeated photographs. Rollins appears to be Lesnar down and ready for Curb Stomp when Lesnar connects F5 to no where! Two WWE officials try to get in and Lesnar drives them away. Lesnar picks up Rollins and combines one other F5, Lesnar, with the third F5 Rollins. Lesnar, with the fourth F5 on the lifeless Rollins. Lesnar doesn't appear to be carried out.

    Lesnar throws the Common Championship on the carpet and picks up Rollins, which combines the fifth F5 over the championship. Lesnar arrives at the Common Championship. Rollins sits towards the ropes and shouts: “Hey Lesnar! Is that this all you’ve? “Rollins fights with their legs with ropes. Lesnar expenses and assaults Rollins. Lesnar picks up Rollins and connects with one other F5 when RAW breaks off.