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WWE Raw Results – January 14, 2019 – Price vs. Balor vs. McIntyre vs. Corbin – TPWW

WWE Raw Results - January 14, 2019 - Price vs. Balor vs. McIntyre vs. Corbin - TPWW

14. January 2019
Memphis, Tennessee
Comment: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young
Results: Mike Tedesco and

Fast Results

  1. Ronda Rousey & Sasha Banks Wins On Nia Jax and Taman Bank Account given by banks in Tampa
  2. Revival gained Lucha House Celebration by means of DDT at Dawson Metalik
  3. Bayley, Natalya & Nikki Cross gained Riott Squad's rope by way of his elbow by means of Bayley Morgan
  4. Finn Balor gained Jinder Mahal by way of Coup de Grace
  5. 19659004] WWE Intercontinental Championship – Triple Menace Match: Bobby Lashley Wins Dean Ambrose (c) and Seth Rollins Spear to Ambrose
  6. Deadly four-Means Match: Finn Balor Wins Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyren, John Cenai at Coup de Grace

Backstage: Vince McMahon

We play "WHO & # 39; s IN THAT LIMO?!" launches #RAW LIVE on @ USA_Network…

And that's @VinceMcMahon !!! P.19659011] – WWE (@WWE) January 15, 2019

We go to the yard of the garages to see the parked limousine. The driving force will get out and opens the door. Out involves Mr. McMahon. McMahon begins walking, but then he stops and appeals to the driving force to return and pamper the limousine. McMahon remains glad with the outcomes

Phase: Braun Strowman, Baron Corbin, Vince McMahon

We're going to stay in the area to see Braun Strowman go into the ring. Strowman gets a very good reception when he will get into the ring. Strowman says Brock Lesnar has all the time been afraid of him, regardless that he doesn’t admit it. When he had money in a financial institution contract, Lesnar stored wanting over his shoulder. When he had a Universal Championship match in a hell cell, Lesnar tore the door off so he didn't win the title. Then at Crown Jewel, he rewarded Baron Corbin to help him overcome it. Strowman says that every thing has improved. Corbin shouldn’t be in power, so no one can save Lesnaria. Lesnar's biggest worry is true. In Chase Subject, Arizona, he gets a Common Championship. The only factor Lesnar will get is these arms!

Baron Corbin involves the scene from a gaggle of boys. Corbin says he doesn't necessarily work with RAW… Strowman says he's fired. Strowman launches the music "You've fired" however it doesn't final. Corbin says the gang must pay attention to each word. If Corbin stays for five minutes, it is going to be longer than Strowman has taken towards Lesnar. Corbin tells Strowman that he will stop lying down and provides individuals down. Strowman can't beat Lesnaria. Though Strowman understands that Corbin is specializing in profitable the Royal Rumble and going where Strowman never goes: WrestleMania's most necessary event. Strowman will get out of the ring and drives him terribly behind the scenes. Singh brothers aren't positive where Corbin went, so Strowman throws over Sunil Singh's desk.

Elias strings out the chord and begins to tell what is occurring. Elias sings that Corbin bumped into her mouth and acquired into hassle. Elias sings that she knows the place Corbin is. Strowman appears next to him, so Elias sings that Corbin is within the limo. Strowman runs in the direction of the limo and triggers the aspect mirror. Strowman pulls the driving force out of the window and throws him over the automotive hood. Strowman grabs the pipe and breaks the window open. Corbin screams out of worry when Strowman tears the door out of the automotive. Corbin gets out on the opposite aspect and runs away. Then Mr McMahon comes to him and is shocked. McMahon sneers and looks on the mess that was in his limo. McMahon says nothing.

After the advertisements we go back when Strowman tries to place the door back into the limo, however it falls. McMahon says that Strowman is a spinning ball. This costs him $ 100,000. Strowman is livid and says that this puzzle isn’t value it. McMahon says that if he plans to boost his voice, his Universal Championship match can be canceled. Strowman is furious when McMahon walks away. Then Strowman grabs the underside of the limousine and hates it with rage.

Once we add ads, we go backwards, bringing Braun Strowman out of the world.

Ronda Rousey & Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax & Tamina

Clock rings and Sasha Banks are launched towards Nia Jax. Jax says he needs Ronda Rouse, so Rousey simply goes to the tag. The banks then blind Jax and hit the hurricane. Banks hit a few operating double knees. Jax blocks another and places him in the upper rope. The banks will begin him back, but Jax will take him quickly. The banks go to the arm, however Jax gained't go. Jax raises him, however the banks jumped on his back for a sleeper. Jax strikes her off. The banks come back with one other sleeper, however Jax beats him. The banks come on prime of the rope, arrive back and hit the bulldog. Banks mix with sliding knees for two calculations. Ronda Rousey identifies and crowds cheering. Rousey punches him into the corner, however Jax will stop him quickly. Tamina tags and headbands Rousey down. Rousey immediately comes back and takes her to the arm, however Jax pulls Tamina out of the ring to keep away from it. The Jax and Tamina recreation plans are enjoying. They've been out for a while now when Rousey is ready within the ring. Then the banks take down Jax to get some action.

We'll be again for a break to see Jax apply the bear to hug the banks. The banks are preventing out, however Jax takes him twice. Jax hits the bowball splash two extra occasions. Throughout buying and selling, Tamina plucked and cheated on the banks. Again to Reside, Jax applies a jaw lock. Then they go to the image frame if you wish to play the film Glass Trailer. Banks have jawbreaker access to the jawbone, however Jax floored him shortly within the back. Tamina leaves for the slam of terror, however Banks goes down with two payments. The banks go, but Tamina stops her. Tamina then knocked Rousy off the Apron. Banks ignore Tamina and ship her to Jax. Then the banks hit the Russian Lege to swipe and apply the financial institution statement.

Winners: Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks

Charly Caruso will get into the ring and says that their future matches didn't forestall them from profitable. Rousey says he respects each other and says he was honored to mark him. Profitable Sasha Banks at Royal Rumble is his largest victory as a RAW Ladies's Champion. Banks take an exception. Rousey says he’s doing his greatest by tapping the banks at Royal Rumble. Banks say that Rousey just isn’t the one one who can tap individuals. Perhaps he can ask Nia Jax and Tamina how it felt. Banks meet anybody anyplace anytime. The banks say it is a pleasure to show Rouse how he loses his class. Rousey says he can maintain the "World Classiest Loser" badge because he doesn't want it. Banks say he isn’t a loser. Final week, Rousey stated the banks have been the most effective. It was not the other. The only loser is Rousey Royal Rumble. He faucets Rousey out and take his identify again. Financial institution. The banks then walk away. Then Rousey runs after him and says he didn't imply the way it came out.

Backstage: Jerry Lawler, No Method Jose

@JerryLawler! #RAW [19659011] – WWE (@WWE) January 15, 2019

Backstage, some superstars are waiting outdoors McMahon's door. Jerry Lawler then involves the large reception. Nicely Approach Jose and his kinfolk then danced past Lawler

Backstage: Sasha Banks, Ronda Rousey, Bayley, Natalya, Riott Squad

We go back to see Bayley and Natalya, arresting Sasha Banks and Ronda Rouse. They each persuade the banks and Rouse to walk away. Natalya says that banks need to study to regulate their feelings that Bayley is totally different from. They begin to argue until Riott Squad goes up. Riott Squad says that everyone else is falling apart once they keep collectively. They worry Natalia and Bayley earlier than they depart.

Lucha Home Celebration (Kalisto & Gran Metalik) vs. Revival

Scott Dawson is furious that Lucha House Celebration did not say anything about Dawson's leg at the backside of final week. It's time to pay.

Kalisto and Gran Metalik symbolize the unit. Dash Wilder takes down Kalisto and mocks them. Kalisto returns and takes Wilder with a nice springboard fork. Kalisto and Metalik hit Wilder with a double staff for two. Dorado recognizes back, however Dawson is available in and takes him down.

Outdoors Vince McMahon's door, there was a backstage phase in the midst of the match (see under).

I'll come again to this recreation that still exists. Metalik takes each down earlier than Revival returns. The fisherman runs to assist, however he's lastly gone. Dawson DDTs Metalik and covers. Metalik gets his foot at the backside, but Wilder pushes it away. The decide doesn’t see this.

Pinfall Winners: The Revival

Backstage: Apollo Crews, Curt Hawkins, EC3, B-Workforce, Heath Slater

We're going back in the midst of the above-talked about match to see Dasha Fuentes outdoors McMahon's door. He interviewed Apollo Crews, who needs the Royal Rumble journal. Curt Hawkins needs to shoot and do it with Lesnar vs. The Streak. Fuentes turns and sees EC3 standing there. Then comes B-Workforce and Heath Slater.

In-Ring: Vince McMahon, John Cena, Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Balor Finn

Mr. McMahon leaves the ring. McMahon speaks, but John Cenai's music hits. Cena makes the route for an excellent reception. Cena says that McMahon has simply misplaced the Common Championship on the largest occasion on WrestleMania. McMahon is right here to inform someone. Cena saves time and effort. Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Brock Lesnar (who went to play soccer) all walked away. McMahon turned to his crew and requested someone to step up. Cena looked at her and stated she wouldn't let her. McMahon gave him an opportunity and was not given by Cena. Then McMahon gave him more alternatives. The worth was left at delivery, wedding ceremony and funeral. Cena does not say this to McMahon's compassion. Strengthening is missing from your life and loving each other second. Cena tells McMahon to offer her a chance. He didn't give McMahon. The Royal Rumble is unforgettable. Cena will win Lesnar and develop into a 17-fold WWE champion. How does he know? Cena has no other WWE superstars: ruthless aggression.

Indignant Drew McIntyre comes out of the ring. McIntyre doesn't care that Cena is going in her life. How dare Price stands on the ring with a straight face and claims to be nonetheless a ruthless aggression. McIntyre will get McMahon's face and says that is what a ruthless aggression seems like. McIntyre explains that Cena is the time and her time is now. Identical to Stone Chilly, Rock and Lesnar, Cena can depart.

Baron Corbin is now on stage. Corbin says his life was threatened earlier this night. Corbin isn’t a man who has a lawyer in a shortcut, but if he was… it's one of the best business for him to get a Universal Championship match from Lesnar. Balor says he's a bit uninterested in all the time getting out of those discussions. The three men of the ring can declare a whole lot of issues, but he’s the only one that has ever been a Common Champion. McMahon says perhaps in the future Balor is, however there's lots of beef. McMahon says Balor has a whole lot of talent, however Lesnar and all this beef … he doesn't know. Balor says it's time to be trustworthy. McMahon never believed in him, however individuals do. Balor says he is conscious that McMahon is cussed and doesn’t change his thoughts, so how does he show him? Balor attacks Corbin, while McIntyre assaults Price. McIntyre then takes Balor out of Claymore Kick. McIntyre will ebook Cena and hit him with Claymore Kick. McIntyre stares at McMahon, who stands with the apron smiling.

McMahon says that each one 4 males need a match, so it's a Deadly four-Method match to determine Lesnar's opponent.

Backstage: Vince McMahon, Jinder Mahal

to Mr. McMahon goes on stage, where Jinder Mahal stops him. Mahal says it is an honor to be in the presence of McMahon and full his costumes. Mahal invites him to Vince by mistake and says he’s shocked as a result of he was not thought-about for Fatal 4-Means Match. The WWE universe was robbed last yr with Brock Lesnar. McMahon asks if Mahal actually thinks individuals need to see Mahal versus Lesnar. Mahal says he gained't let McMahon rely. McMahon says he's selecting the man's Deadly four-Method. If he can win him, he can get into the match. Mahal needs to face Finn Balor.

Riott Squad vs. Bayley, Natalya & Nikki Cross

Commentators report that new NXT newcomers will appear in both shows earlier than being assigned to the brand. Nikki Cross shouldn’t be formally on the RAW listing.

Bayley begins with Sarah Logan, but Nikki Cross goes wildly in the ahead movement. Bayley acknowledges her in. The cross jumps on Logan's again with the sleeper earlier than it is pulled out. Liv Morgan is tagged in, so Cross takes him down. Ruby Riott then comes and stands on the Riott group. Natalya and Bayley joined her, but Nikki shouts to let her play. Nikki attacks Riot and takes the Riott workforce. Natalya and Bayley then hit baseball slides for Morgan and Logan. The cross pulls Riott off the apron and forearms.

We're coming back for a break to see Logan Bayley. Bayley fights and strikes slowly with a movable double springboard. Logan will soon come back and hit the wheel. Logan will get Bayley back to ring and tags in Morgan. Morgan comes out of another rope with a bulldog for 2. Morgan jumps on Bayley's again, and Riott gets low cost photographs. Morgan picks up two chapters. Logan tags and jaw lock. Bayley fights, but Logan stops him.

Finally, Natalya recognizes and falls down after the German Suplex. Natalya's clothesline Logan, they usually're virtually botching the wheelbarrow. Riott breaks the pin and pulls Logan into the corner. Bayley takes Riott out. Morgan goes in and hits the hurricane, however Risti breaks the pin. The cross scares Morgan, and Natalya is Sharpshooter. Morgan has a shot deflected off course, so cross within the box. Cross and Natalya hit Hart Assault in Morgan. Cross the bump of a Morgan head carpet earlier than hanging Logan with a fracture breaker. Natalya hits Riot with Suplex from Germany. The cross splashes at Riot and Logan at an angle. The cross follows the Bulldog in Riott and the bulldog in Logan. Natalya then drops the drop into Logan. The cross then jumps from the pre-cross to the frame in Riott. Morgan launches the cross shortly, but he shortly returns. Bayley's tags and Cross hit the rope suspension.

Winners of Pinfall: Bayley, Natalya and Nikki Cross

Backstage: Finn Balor, Dana Brooke, Mickie James, Lacey Evans

#RAW @ LaceyEvansWWE [19659011] – WWE Universe (@ WWEUniverse) January 15, 2019

Finn Balor runs in the background as he passes Mickie James and Dana Brooken, who speaks to Lacey Evans. [19659026] Backstage: Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose is backstage and is furiously defending his Intercontinental championship towards Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley in Memphis. Nobody takes their championship

Jinder Mahal vs. Finn Balor

If Jinder Mahal wins, he will probably be within the Fatal 4-Method match tonight to seek out out who will meet Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble and remove Balor from the match.

Though Finn Balor makes Samir Singh disturbs him. Then Mahal strikes her off. Mahal assaults Balor and drives him first to barricade. Mahal screams to go to the Royal Rumble. Mahal will get him into the ring and the referee checks Balor. Mahal demands that he ring the clock. Balor says he can go.

Bell rings and Mahal superkicks Balor are close to the autumn. Mahal pierces him a couple of occasions before setting the jaw lock. Balor fights and drops down Mahal. Mahal pulls him up, but Balor shoots him. Balor then goes to the impeller, but Mahal sweeps his legs.

We will probably be back in a break to see Mahal's throttle Balor before he rusts him exhausting in the corner. Mahal cuffs him and uses one other jaw lock. Balor crashes and picks up two chapters. Mahal immediately returns to jaw lock. Balor will get out with jawbreaker and hits above. Mahal hits a couple of operating forearms earlier than taking him down and beating twice. Mahal leaves the Sling Blade, so Balor dropkicks Singh out of the pre-union. Balor sends Mahal out of the ring and connects the couch. Balor will get Mahal's ring and hits Sling Blade. Balor drops him into the corner and hits the Coup de Grace victory.

Winner Pinfall: Finn Balor

Finn Balor stays in an infinite 4-means match towards John Cena, Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyle later within the evening. The winner meets Brock Lesnar's WWE Universal Championship at Royal Rumble.

WWE Intercontinental Championship – Triple Menace Match
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins

Lio Rush cuts an ad saying it's time to endure from individuals like Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Individuals need Bobby Lashley as a champion because he’s a fighter. Lashley becomes an Intercontinental champion, whether they prefer it or not. Ambrose and Rollins come better or by no means. Lashley controls and collects intercontinental championship.

Charly Caruso interviews Seth Rollins and explains how she has no issues kicking Dean Ambrose's tooth in her throat. Final October, Ambrose deceived six years of friendship with him and Roman Reigns. Like Bobby Lashley, physics will solely get you thus far. What matters is what you name the clock. Nobody on this planet can do what Rollins can call. Rollins invests in the line and takes back the Intercontinental Championship.

Ambrose tries to convince Rollins staff to take Lashley. Rollins throws Ambrose's Lashley. Rollins takes Lashley out and hits Plancha. Ambrose attacks, but Rollins breaks him. Rollins gets him into a hoop and hits a physique piece that crosses two ropes. Lashley runs in, but Rollins stops him. Ambrose attacks Rollins behind. Lashley and Ambrose be a part of forces to attack Rollins. They take turns attacking Rollins. Lashley hits the suplex and covers, but Ambrose breaks it. Ambrose says to loosen up. Ambrose retains Rollins on Lashley. Then Lashley retains Rollins up and Ambrose launches him. Ambrose and Lashley continue to attack Rollins midsection. Rollins bypasses the snow wine Lashley and fights back. Lashley then with KILLS Rollins spinebuster. Ambrose then strikes Lashley out of the ring. Rollins captures two readings in Ambrose's internal case. Rollins strikes Ambrose out of the ring. Rollins then hits Ambrose and Lashley's suicide dive. Lio Rush will get into the ring. Rollins tries to attack, however Rush circles him. Rollins drives him, so Lashley provides Spinebuster a flooring on Rollins! Lashley follows the stomach stomach degree on the Ambrose flooring!

We're coming again for a break to see Lashley's jaw lock on Rollins. Ambrose passes and clothes strains Lashley. Rollins and Ambrose took Lashley. Then they turn and meet each other before they get out of Lashley. Rollins and Ambrose then clothesline Lashley out of the ring. Then they stick with the highest of the steel pieces and hit the ring with Lashley. Ambrose will get into the ring they usually get to the hockey. They may break one another before Rollins rolls him. Rollins hits Ambrose's snout however Rush breaks the pin. Rollins chasing round Rush. Rush is again and the golf equipment are Rollins. Rollins stops him and Ambrose knocks the Rush. Rollins superkicks Ambrose. Lashley shortly punches Rollins out of the ring and covers Ambrose, but he strikes out. Lashley is furious. Ambrose shortly triggers Lashley and put his eyes on. Rollins hits Ambrose with a springboard clothesline earlier than Lashley catches up. Rollins hits Lashley's huge step. Ambrose throws Rollins out of the ring and covers Lashley, but Lashley leaves. Ambrose can't consider it.

Ambrose and Lashley go to the Doomsday, however Rollins "descends" on their ft. Rollins take them down, however Rush pulls the rope right down to get him out of the ring. Lashley follows Speare to Ambrose to win!

Winner and New WWE Intercontinental Champion: Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley Celebrates with Lio Rush. That is the first time Lashley has ever held the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Backstage: Alexa Bliss

Next we’ve got a Bliss moment. He places his locker room on the stage. Bliss is just not responsible, so he comes in. Bliss is disrobed but covers his chest.

Phase: Bliss second with Paul Heyman

Alexa Bliss enters the entrance. Bliss mentions that McMahon has introduced that she might be on the Ladies's Tag Workforce Championship. Bliss knows when they may come. Bliss declares that three teams from RAW and three teams from Smackdown Stay compete at Elimination Chamber. The profitable group will be the new winner of the WWE Ladies Tag Workforce. Bliss reveals the championship.

Bliss is now welcome to Paul Heyman, but he's chopping him off. Heyman kisses his hand and says this is Bliss's "blissful moment" as a result of he is interviewed by Brock Lesnar's lawyer. He asks Lesnar to face a Deadly 4-Approach match. Heyman says that Lesnar cleans a heavy border, besides one. Is it John Price? Suplex Metropolis is built for the Hustle, Loyalty and Respect jumping manga. Is it Drew McIntyre? Heyman can be a liar if he didn't admit he had an eye fixed on McIntyre. Everyone ought to have eyes on McIntyre. The competitor is nearly guaranteed a Common Heavyweight Champion… right now. Is it Baron Corbin? Corbin shouldn’t be the preferred guy within the WWE universe, but a proactive non-future captain…

Otis Dozovic leaves the stage and begins to filter out by disturbing Bliss and Heyman. Tucker Knight comes out and apologizes. Then the phase ends…

Deadly 4-means Match
Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre vs. John Cena

The winner of this match will receive a WWE Universal Championship match with Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble event.

The match rings and McIntyre are dashing into the Price fast. In the ring, Balor will get to the entrance and kicks Corbin down. Balor goes uphill, but Corbin pulls him down and hits two on his chokeslam. We’ll come back for a break to see Corbin go to the shoulder in the first ring publish. McIntyre knocks out of the ring. Balor kicks McIntyle and hits him with a ring. Balor leaves the spout pre-becoming a member of, however Corbin beats him out of the apron. Cena will get the ring and hits the Corbin with the tornado DDT. McIntyre breaks the pin and strikes off the worth. McIntyre speaks to Cena in the trash, but shortly returns to her pair of shoulders and again. Cena hits McIntyre's 5 Knuckle Shuffle and goes to Angle Adjustment. Cena connects and covers McIntyren, but Corbin breaks the pin. Corbin-klubit Cena behind. Cena tries AA, but Corbin gets out. Corbin goes to the suplex, but Balor goes. Balor and Cena have been in a double workforce at Corbin. Price and Corbin double group Corbin nook and go double staff superplex. McIntyre then comes and power bombs Price and Balor. Corbin keeps the highest rope with a view to keep away from superplexin. McIntyre assaults Corbin and tries to get a superplex, however it seems like he slips. Corbin will get him into the tree, however McIntyre sits up and hits the top. McIntyre proclaims Claymore Kick in order that they go business.

We're coming again for a break to see Corbin hit Balor at the end of Days, but McIntyre is breaking it. Corbin gets his ft and stares at McIntyle. Corbin and McIntyre begin brawling. Corbin goes out and the clothesline, but McIntyre heads her. Cena comes out of the top rope, however McIntyre descends into a pressure murder virtually within the fall! Corbin and Balor crawl when McIntyre drops the Price down. McIntyre and Corbin stand still. The worth and Balor then make stereo. Cena knocks McIntyren out of the ring when Balor hits Corbin with the Sling Blade. Cena goes to AA in Balor, but Balor slips off and kicks him. The worth cuts off Balor from the highest rope and tries the Tremendous AA, Balor fights with it, however Price combines Super AA, the Corbin throws into the Ring and covers Balor, however Balor kicks.

Corbin goes out and grabs a steel chair. Corbin Cracks Price behind the steel chair a couple of occasions (Fatal four-Means match has no proper to reject). The Corbin then assaults the McIntyre chair. Corbin gets into the ring and hits Balor's chair twice. Corbin covers Balor, however Cena is breaking it. Corbin pierces Cena and goes to the chair for a shot, however Cena moves. Cena hits Corbin with AA, however then he turns proper to Claymore Kick! Balor takes McIntyren out with an enormous DDT. Balor hits the Huge Coup de Grace at the Price and wins! Cena stated loudly to Balor in the course of the pin

Winner of Pinfall: Finn Balor

Finn Balor meets Brock Lesnar's WWE Common Championship on the Royal Rumble occasion.

John Cena grabs the microphone and says it’s a must to struggle for alternative and respect. Earlier this evening, Vince McMahon stated he didn't consider Balor. Balor advised him that folks do. The worth says that Balor still has one one that believes in Balor. Cena tells Balor about Lesnar's hell in Royal Rumble. The worth then accepts Balor earlier than the gang

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