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WWE Raw Results – August 5, 2019 – Goldberg Returns, Female Tag Heading 4-Way – TPWW

5. August 2019
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Comment: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young
Results: Mike Tedesco,

. The entire WWE record is on stage. Titantron graphics say, "We stand with you: Dayton, OH and El Paso, TX." The ten ring tones shall be heard.

A brand new RAW video is being performed and we’re getting into the world of life.

Phase: Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is standing on the remark table saying he needs to right a very horrible incorrect. Joe takes the commentators on the mission to continue the lie he was behind in the attack on Roman Reigns' attacker. Reigns doesn't deny it and he's just as guilty. Cole says this can be a stay show and this isn’t the time and place. Corey Graves says Joe understands why individuals assume he's behind him. Cole that more than 80% of the WWE Universe In line with the survey believed to be behind. Joe says that 80% of the WWE universe is idiots. Joe says he was nowhere close to a forklift truck and calls for he present the video.

Joe says there were extra cameras than the dystopic universe. He was not in a single frame. His identify is hidden and he won’t defend it. He’ll meet Roman Reigns later tonight and shut the present until he apologizes.

The music of Becky Lynch, the grasp of RAW ladies, cuts Joe off and continues his journey into the ring. Lynch meets Natalya by collaborating in the SummerSlam RAW Ladies's Championship Broadcast Match. Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya & Trish Stratus

Natalya & Becky Lynch begin it. They lock but can't get anyplace. They get into a driving match. Lynch goes to a dis-arm-her event, but Natalya escapes. Natalya takes her down and secures the lock in front. Lynch twists out, but Natalya takes her down and fixes her arm. Lynch comes out and tries Sharpshooter, however Natalya fights. Lynch goes to Dis-Arm-Her, but Aptitude tags in.

Aptitude cuts Natalya's chest as Trish Stratus watches. Natalya sends her into the corner and Flair rolls up within the apron. A nice bra to roll round in the ring, but they attach it. They seem to vanish for a second earlier than Natalya goes to the cross. Aptitude ultimately takes her down in an enormous boot and teases the viewers. Aptitude rubs Natalya's face from the material, rubbing Stratus. The glow spreads the neck screwing case before shifting to the jaw lock. Natalya fights and pulls Aptitude away. Flair shortly returns to the clothesline. Slim teases by marking Lynch before telling her to kiss her ass. Flair then stretches to Natalya with ropes. One among Natalya's hair enhancements falls when Flair takes her down and hits her. Aptitude massive boots from him. Natalya tries to struggle again, but Flair elbows her face and rolls him over. Natalya kicks out and sends her head for the primary flip. Natalya virtually makes a notice on Stratus, but Aptitude stops her. Flair hits the suplex and explodes.

Lynch blind tags in, and Aptitude is livid. Aptitude then attacks Lynch from behind and walks away. Natalya takes advantage of the attack and applies Sharpshooter to Lynch. Lynch screams in pain, but he gets down. Natalya doesn’t eliminate the referee's 5-odds, so she is rejected.

Winners of the Rejection: Becky Lynch and Charlotte Aptitude

Natalya pulls Lynch's ring into the center and retains the Sharpshooter software in place. Trish Stratus runs in and pulls Natalya out. Natalya shortly pushes Stratus and leaves the ring. Stratus helps Lynch out of the ring.

Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade

The footage is featured on Andrade's torn Rey Mysterion mask from RAW last week. The bell rings, and Mysterio shortly takes Andrade down with a drop-toe maintain. Andrade returns with a swirling swirl. Mysterio shortly fights again and sends him to the ropes. Mysterio goes for 619, but Andrade takes him down. Mysterio takes him down and boots earlier than hitting the hurricane in one other flip. Mysterio hits the ropes, but Andrade kneels earlier than sending him to the corner. Andrade stumbles before he scolds him in the corner. Andrade goes to battle, however Mysterio places his arm down, sending him out of the ring. Then Mysterio hits him at sundown, turning Apron to whip into Andrade's barricade!

We return for a break to see Andrade lower Mysterion on his shoulders from the second rope. Mysterio lowers, gets the electrical chair in place, and hits the super hurricane with one other rope! Mysterio will cheer up virtually a drop. Mysterio shrugs Andra and kicks him within the head. Mysterio goes excessive rope and hits a flying sitting senton. Mysterio connects to the top mower and hits him. Andrade goes for a sundown flap, however Mysterio scrolls via and kicks him within the head close to the drop. Zelina Vega yells out Andrade preventing. Mysterio grabs him with a sundown flip bomb near the drop. Andrade returns to the chest with a couple of chops. Mysterio geese, hits the ropes, avoids the large boot, however Andrade elbows him to the face near the drop! Andrade goes over the ropes, however Mysterio cuts him off. Andrade takes him to the tree of need and hits a double drop near his chest! Andrade can't consider it.

Mysterio makes a springboard month, however Andrade catches him. Mysterio drops a cross into the driving force's pin close to the drop! Mysterio goes to the headcut, but Andrade drops the release pressure bomb. Andrade follows with a double knee to the face near the drop! They pull the gang right here. Andrade pushes himself into Thriller to get two counters, but Mysterio soon fights and hits the permeable capsule blood near the drop! Mysterio gets him on the rope for 619! Mysterio goes upstairs for splashes, but Andrade raises his knees and covers a close-by drop! Andrade goes to Hammerlock DDT, however Mysterio drops inside the cradle close to the drop. Mysterio rejects the highest, but Andrade comes again with the bomb. Andrade tore off the masks, so the referee warns him. Vega clicks Mysterion with ropes to distract. Andrade hits him with Hammerlock DDT to win!

Winner: Pinfall: Andrade

Mysterio seems like bleeding from the left eyebrow. Andrade and Vega are celebrating within the ring.

Episode: Maria Kanellis, Mike Kanellis, R-Fact

Maria Kanellis seems with Mike Kanellis at his OBGYN meeting around this afternoon. He urges Mike to protect the fetus and the champion. Mary known as by appointment.

Maria Kanellis sits within the OBGYN room. He warns him to protect the title. Mike hugs and lays him down. Someone trusts three on his again. It's a physician masked NXT feminine referee Jessika Carr. Mike escapes with the 24/7 Championship. Maria is disliked.

New 24/7 Grasp: Mike Kanellis

Mike is at OBGYN headquarters. The R-fact is disguised as a pregnant lady. Mike can't consider it. R-Fact says, "O-B-G-why not?" R-Fact has a baby doll that falls in her womb, throws it at Mike and rolls it to win. R-Fact says, "You got your baby and got me!" R-Fact and Carmella ran away.

New 24/7 Master: R-Fact

Backstage: Becky Lynch, Natalya

Charly Caruso is within the background with Becky Lynch. Lynch says Canada wants a brand new hero, and he provides it to them. When she was standing within the area with a broken face last yr, Natalya was on Instagram to enhance her duck face. Natalya doesn’t like incomes a WWE machine.

We go to Sarah Schreiber, who's with Natalya. Natalya says ahead of all individuals dwelling in Toronto will end Lynch's career.

In-Ring: Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Seth Rollins

WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar on his option to the ring alongside Paul Heyman. They’re greeted by the boos. Heyman greeted the gang and laughed closely. Heyman says he is a defender of their reign, in defense, of world heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. His shopper has not solely given him permission – he has instructed and instructed him to train all individuals who reside and keep at house. These usually are not rhetorical questions.

Shouldn't Seth Rollins be "The Beastslayer"? Didn't he should be a conqueror? Didn't Seth Rollins should be one man with Brock Lesnar's quantity? Didn't he have to be an architect by destroying Suplex City? Isn't he imagined to be an enormous hero in the new era of the WWE universe? Isn't he alleged to be Seth Freakin 'Rollins? The reply to all these questions could be found in this chapter.

Lesnar is seen laughing. Heyman says he has fallen to his knees and asked Lesnar to point out grace to Rollins because he knows WWE needs a new hero. What Lesnar did was a cross-border crime. Heyman is aware of some inside info. Seth Rollins is here in Pittsburgh as we speak. The audience is cheering. Heyman says he doesn't know why they cheer on a person with more balls than his mind.

Seth Rollins' musical hits, and he slowly slumps onto the stage in his steel chair. Rollins slowly will get to the aspect of the tire and painfully pulls himself in the direction of the step and into the tire. Rollins tries to feed Lesnar, however Lesnar kicks him with injured ribs. Lesnar steps into the steel chair and kicks him within the face. Lesnar drives a steel chair into Rollins' ribs before crushing his again. Lesnar stands above him and asks, "When are you going to learn?" Lesnar lifts him up and punches him in the corner. Rollins is in ache. Lesnar picks him up and hits him again in the corner. Lesnar poses and expects Rollins to rise. Lesnar pushes him. Heyman asks, "What the hell is wrong with you?" Lesnar strikes him once more with a rib. Lesnar has enough and provides him an F5 Lesnar grabs and holds the WWE World Cup while standing over Rollins.

In the course of the business break, Brock Lesnar returned to offer Seth Rollins a new F5. EMTs have been down making an attempt to assist Rollins.

Rollins grabs the microphone as he pulls himself up. Rollins says he's received to the point where he has to ask himself if all this is value it. Rollins says you’re keen on one thing so much that you’d do something to protect it and make it protected, regardless that the thing you’re keen on will make you hit the plenty in and out, week after week, week after week. A bunch of people deal with him with "WHAT".

Rollins answer is yes. He is every little thing. Each different day, this is all he ever needed. Rollins says that is all he has. He'll be in SummerSlam and will hit Brock Lesnar. Rollins says, "I guarantee it." The light-weight "Burn it down" track will cheer you up. Rollins falls out of the ring and pulls himself up. The judges try to get him out. Rollins says he can't get on the stairs. Rollins starts with a polite applause.

From Behind: Kurt Angle, Road Income, Drew McIntyre

Charly Caruso is behind the WWE Famer Corridor and Pittsburgh's personal Kurt Angle. Angle says it feels nice to be again in Pittsburgh.

NXT Tag Workforce Champions The Road Income walks as much as him and introduces himself. They promote NXT TakeOver: Toronto streaming on Saturday and SummerSlam streaming on Sunday. The power, integrity, and intelligence of their recreation design have made them thirsty. He Montes Ford beatboxes Angle theme track. They take out purple Solo cups and a box of milk. Angle says he promised his wife that he wouldn't do anything crazy. Angelo Dawkins asks if he is Kurt Angle or Mike Kanellis. Then Angle agrees to get milk.

They go toast, however Drew McIntyre cuts them off. McIntyre says he's been at peace. McIntyre reminds Angle of what happened the last time they have been in one ring. McIntyre warns him to play a match with Cedric Alexander on the road. McIntyre says he made Angle benefit from his personal enterprise. If he screws him, he'll minimize off the skull.

Viking Raiders vs. Jay Alexander & Eric Abraham

Ivar begins and kneels down certainly one of his associates earlier than placing his weapons on one other. Ivar tagged Erik and knelt down. Erik grabs another man and pulls him within the ring to get a German Suplex. Erik's elbow has one guy within the ring earlier than bombering one other. Ivar marks it and combines it with an enormous splash. They gained the Viking Experience.

Pinfall Winners: Viking Raiders

Video: Harley Race Memorial

Pictures of wrestling tweets reacting previous the Harley Race web page. 19659006] In memory of Harley Race: 1943-2019.

They sent a video packet about Harley Race's life.

The Pittsburgh crowd provides Harley Race a standing ovation. The Harley music broke out.

Particular Guest Referee: Kurt Angle
Cedric Alexander vs. Drew McIntyre

Kurt Angle arrives at a homely reception from a hometown.

McIntyre assaults Alexander from behind as he makes his entrance. McIntyre hits him around the ring until Alexander gets him in the ring submit. Then Alexander jumps off the barricade and hits the twister DDT.

The lights exit in the area. The lights then start to flash and Bray Wyatt of The Fiend distributes the Mandible to Kurt Angle! Fiend takes him out with a shout.

New Day vs. Anderson & Gallows

The footage is proven as having gained OC last week on the RAW Tag Staff Championship on RAW.

Luke Gallows wears face paint. Karl Anderson starts towards Xavier Woods. Woods shortly blocks him.

Winners of Rejection: New Day

The "Kofi" music is choosing up, but Kofi Kingston isn't in Pittsburgh. Ricochet ran down to save lots of. Ricochet will get Gallow out of the ring before hitting types with the top mower and the kick. Ricochet stands high within the ring with the new day. They challenge OC to a match.

New Day vs. Ricochet vs. OC

We're joining this unfinished match. AJ Types applies aspect plugs to Ricochet. Ricochet comes out and hits a pair of arms adopted by a hurricane. The types roll into the apron to regroup. Ricochet blocks the kick and the arm. The types pull him shortly into a face that first turns right into a lock. Ricochet calculates the suplex as scrolling. Types shortly shoots a shot into the throat and tags in Karl Anderson. Ricochet shortly takes him by the neck guard for two non-recurring values.

Massive E marks and hits Anderson's ribs. Anderson shortly kicks him behind the knee and tags Luke Gallows. Kicks the large boots Huge E down and hits him within the corner. The pads are related to the suplex for two counts. Pillows elbows him within the chest and secures the jaw lock. Huge E fights, but Gallows boots him down before he wipes Ricochet's apron. The types are quick to tag and replicate on Huge E's face. Huge E fights him, however Types goes for a strike mixture. Huge E drops off and avoids the springboard. Then massive E hits the highest of the stomach-abdomen.

Xavier Woods and Karl Anderson mark it. Woods runs over to the wild, avoiding some garments and elbows earlier than taking him down. Types throws Woods into the corner, but Woods beats him back earlier than he hits the roll of honor. Woods hits a sliding knee on Anderson, but Gallow breaks the pin. Ricochet hits the Gallows on a springboard. Huge E knocks Gallow out of the ring, and Types hits Huge E with an outstanding forearm. Ricochet hits a moonsault kick on Types before knocking him out of the ring. Gallowes shortly avoids Ricochetta and sends him to the barricade. Types makes a fast journey to Woods, and Anderson DDTs Woods. The tags run out and The OC hits a kill.

Winners Pinfall: The OC

In-Ring: Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns

Video Package deal: Roman Reigns was virtually taken

Samoa Joe marched down the ring. Joe says he gained't wait anymore. Joe provides Roman Reigns an opportunity to go down the aisle and apologize to him. Administrations won’t come out. Joe says he's enjoying Roman like that then. Joe goes out, throws a chair out of the ring and sits in the midst of the ring. Joe says the RAW shall be formally shut down until Reigns comes down and apologizes to him. Joe provides Reigns till three falls. Joe drops to 3, but Reigns doesn't come out. Joe says he's been up all night time. All Reigns has to do is stroll down the aisle … until he's afraid. Joe says the gang is sitting in his palms because Reigns is just too many cowards to return down and apologize. The very mild "CM Punk" vocals decide up. The stage comes up and says Roman Reigns is within the parking zone. Joe says he's going to "say hello to his ass." Joe walks down the ramp.

Backstage: Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe

We go in the background to see Joe walking. Roman Reigns drives to the automotive and starts to get out, however then he jumps again in as the opposite automotive comes out of nowhere and hits Reigns' automotive!

We see the material through the business break. The automotive that hit Roman Reigns' automotive accelerated. Samo Joe rushes into the automotive, kicks the door open and tells Reigns to remain down. Joe appears to be very concerned about Reigns. Then the triple H comes out and Reigns gets out of the automotive. Triple H advised him to stay nonetheless.

WWE Ladies Tag Workforce Championship Championship
Deadly 4-Approach Elimination Match
Cartoon II (c) vs. Kabuki Warriors vs. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

Billie Kay and Mandy Rose begin. They lock, and Peyton Royce instantly tags in. Royce stumbles down on Mandy. Kay tags in they usually take him down. IIconics knocks the other groups off the apron. Alexa Bliss is available in and The IIconics hits the windmill. Kairi Sane runs in they usually hit him in front of the doubles group. The resident duck kicks, but Kay spin kicks him. IIconics stands excessive in front of a quiet crowd. Rose attacks IIconics from behind and takes Kay into two downs. Rose hits him, however Kay takes him down. Sonya Deville splits a double workforce from The IIconics. Rose spends two counting for Kay. Rose hits a quick operating knee and pins Billie Kay to remove IIconics! We are guaranteed to have the brand new Ladies's Tag Staff Champions!

The II collection has been faraway from the match.

We return for a break to see Mandy Rose and Nikki Cross spraying. Alexa Bliss whispers in Cross's ear. Cross codes in Resident. The resident locks in with Mandy however is thrown away. Mandy avoids kicking and blind tagging Bliss. Bliss is shocked. Bliss leaves with Asuka, however as an alternative he marks Sonya in Devilla. Deville's shoulder blocks Asuka, but Asuka bounces the ropes and takes him down. The resident kicks him, however Deville blocks one and hits the clearing. Deville kicks badly from Asuka. Asuka avoids a sliding knee and is hit by a flying hip attack. Kairi Sane means. They double the staff to Deville. Deville shortly tags Bliss. Bliss focuses on health. Say goodbye to Bliss Peak. They lock and Bliss takes him down. Sane shortly sweeps her legs and hits the double pin halfway. A healthy wrench turns the hand and marks the resident. The resident comes off the highest rope and provides Bliss an ax handle. Bliss blind tags Rose. Rose within the arm of Asuka earlier than tagging Deville. Rose and Deville take Asuka soon. One of many Inuka extensions is dropped. Rose hits Asuka's knee near the autumn. Mandy goes to the bed of roses and drops her. Then Asuka fights towards it and fetches an Asuka lock on the rose to send.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are deleted from the match.

We return from the break to see Asuka getting an ankle lock on Cross. The cross fights out. Bliss indicators, and he knocks Asuka down. Cross codes and attack Asuka will quickly. The cross massacred the back of Asuka's neck near the fall. Crosses the arm of Asuka in the nook, but Asuka rejects. Cross prevents him from tagging in Sanee, but Asuka shortly delivers the German Suplex.

Sane and Bliss are recorded. Sane hits a dropkick and a pair of neck protectors. Bliss reverses the whip, however Sane hits a operating crossbody. Sane walks the plank and hits the cross. Sane then hits a sliding arm. Kabuki Warriors Double Staff Cross and let him out of the ring. Asuka then tries the Asuka lock on Bliss, but Bliss drops the pin. Someplace in an in depth combat Bliss entry. The resident kicks Bliss and tags Senen. Sane goes excessive rope but the referee is distracted. The Cross knocks Sane's prime rope and attacks the Asuka. Bliss takes the Phrase down and hits Twisted Bliss to win!

Winners and New WWE Ladies Tag Group Masters: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

In-Ring: Miz TV w / Dolph Ziggler & Shawn Michaels

The Miz welcomes Miz TV to the public. For the first time, the Miz welcomes Shawn Michaels of the WWE Hall of Famer. Michaels comes to bop with the ring and will get a pleasant reception. Miz then introduces the WWE "pair", Dolph Ziggler. The videos are from Ziggler, who gave Michaels Sweet Chin music on Smackdown two weeks in the past.

Ziggler says he would fairly have a pair on any day of the week than both of the two asses in the ring. Ziggler has stolen exhibitions and carried the enterprise on his back even when he didn't need to. Ziggler says it's the most effective wrestling ever occurred as a result of Michaels lost his smile and Miz misplaced his balls. Ziggler needs Miz good luck by hitting him on SummerSlam. When he hits Miz in SummerSlam, he lastly will get the respect he deserves as a dwelling, respiration legend. Ziggler signs the contract.

Miz says the identify call didn't work in fifth grade, and it doesn't work now that he's a grown man. If Ziggler has been here for a decade and hasn't received the adulation he needs, it's not the WWE universe. It's on Ziggler. Miz can't wait to get his palms on Ziggler subsequent Monday on RAW. Ziggler is confused. Miz says Ziggler didn't learn the good textual content. The Miz could have many future SummerSlam moments in his profession. The person Ziggler meets has not a lot else. Ziggler isn’t with the Miz. Ziggler goes nose to nose with Shawn Michaels. Michaels says, "Well, Dolph, it's not me." The "Goldberg" track fired.

Goldberg's music hits, and area undoubtedly ERPTS! LOUD “Goldberg” songs. Ziggler comes out of the ring as Goldberg reaches the ring. Goldberg seems on the crowd they usually cheer him up. Goldberg signs a deal when the gang sings his identify. It is going to be Dolph Ziggler vs. Goldberg at SummerSlam. The viewers sings, "Goldberg." Goldberg says, "Dolph Ziggler – guess what, boy? YOU ARE NEXT! “Ziggler turns out and Shawn Michaels provides Ziggler sweet music!

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