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WWE Raw Results – April 8, 2019 – Lars, Undertaker, Zayn, Kingston vs. Rollins – TPWW

WWE Raw Results - April 8, 2019 - Lars, Undertaker, Zayn, Kingston vs. Rollins - TPWW

8. April 2019
Brooklyn, New York
Comment: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young
Results: Mike Tedesco,

Quick results

  1. Group Championship: Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins (c ) defeated Hawkins Dawson's Revival via rollup
  2. Alexa Bliss wins Bayley by way of DDT
  3. Ricochet & Aleister Black gained Bobby Roode & Chad Gable via Codebreaker Ricochet in Gable they only plundered outdoors
  4. WWE Intercontinental Championship: Finn Balor (c) gained Sami Zayn via Coup de Grace
  5. Winner Take All – WWE and Common Championships: Kofi Kingston defeated Seth Rollins when the bar attacked Kofi
  6. Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins gained The Bar in Troy's Paradise and The Stomp in Cesaro

In-Ring: Seth Rollins, New Day

Michael Cole, whose voice o n still shot, welcome us to the show. Seth Rollins' music plays, and the brand new WWE Universal Champion makes its means into the large ovation. The video package deal brings out a match Rollins was towards Seth Rollins to take WrestleMania final night time.

We're going back to the world to see Rolling still have an ovation. Rollins seems to be very proud of the reception. "You deserve it" music in the hearth. Rollins says, "No, no, no – we deserve it!" Rollins says he is ready for a very long time to stand in this ring and hold this title above his head. It was solely climbing Mt. Everest and hitting probably the most dominant champion in WWE historical past. "Thank you, Rollins" sing. Rollins nods on his head and thanks followers. Rollins says he's terrible at present. If a Mac truck had a human model, it will be Brock Lesnar. Lesnar destroyed him before the match, but he received again. Rollins took every part Brock Lesnar needed to cheat and get again. He might have taken some questionable techniques to realize a bonus ("BURN IT DOWN" sings to the hearth), but the fact is that he did nothing to Lesnar, which Lesnar wouldn't have finished for him. 19659012] Rollins says he has some information for followers. Final night time he heard Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman taking a flight to Las Vegas at some meetings. For Rollins, they will keep in Las Vegas because Brock Lesnar is not a dominant, defensive, plain Universal Heavyweight Champion. He’s. Rollins makes them higher. He is the dominant, defensive, FIGHTING, undisputed Common Heavyweight Champion. Rollins is a grasp who could be pleased with everybody.


The brand new day involves ENORMOUS in response to WWE champion Kofi Kingston. The sound “Kofi” sings. Based on Kingston, he sees Rollins face. Rollins seems to be confused. Rollins says Monday, not Tuesday. Kingston says his eyes don't disappoint him as a result of "" your sons, your new day! "Big E says they're in RAW because last night it was worth celebrating. They just couldn't wait for Smackdown Live. Xavier Woods says Rollins became WWE Universal Champion last night when he won Brock Lesnar. Woods didn't realize that people don't like Lesnar. Big E says their brother Kofi Kingston made it impossible. Big E makes an incredibly complete breakdown of the ring. The Big E song lights up when Renee Young breaks into the commentary. was a good idea for Becky Lynch … so how does the new Universal Champion and the new WWE Champion have a winning match tonight? Bitch and "YES" sing! According to Kingston, it seems that Shield is not the case, so neither Shield nor New Day. Only Kingston versus Rollins one-piece title. They go face-to-face when the crowd sings, "That is great." Rollins says, "Problem was accepted!" The group will escape once more!

RAW Tag Staff Championship
Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins (c) vs Revival

Zack Ryder and Scott Dawson are locked, but Sprint Wilder is fast in. Ryder locks in to Wilder, and Wilder uses the aspect lock. Ryder tries to whip him away, but Wilder keeps it bent. Ryder lastly fights at Curt Hawkins. Dawson also acknowledges, and he accuses Hawkins. Dawson's shoulder prevents him, but Hawkins returns with a drop pen. Hawkins hits his operating forearms and punches Dawson. Wilder runs and takes Hawkins down. Revival doubles his staff when the referee by accident disturbs Ryder. The wake-up hits Hawks with Hart Attack near the fall.

We're coming back for a break to see Dawson and Hawkins down. Ryder and Wilder are tagged. Ryder hits him by dropping the missiles earlier than giving Dawson a flapjack. Ryder hits Wilder again. Ryder hits the Revival with Broski's boots earlier than Hawkins comes close to a drop in Wilder. Hawkins knees feel blown, however he simply plays. Hawkins virtually picks up a win. Hawkins wipes him down before marking it to Ryder. Wilder rolls fast with Ryder's legs into ropes, but he just picks up an in depth relative. Dawson hits Hawkins with a stroke on the ground. Revival hit Ryder on the rack of torture, but Ryder leaves for a troublesome pop. The wake up is shocked

They're making an attempt to cut Ryder's ring, but he's falling into a fracture try. Dawson rolls to Ryder close to the autumn. Hawkins blind and Dawson beats him. Revival hit the Shatter machine in Ryder as a result of they assume he is still a legal man.

Winners and further RAW Tag group champions: Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins

In-Ring: Kurt Nook, Baron Corbin

Ring Reader Mike Rome begins to read the Baron listing of Corbin Awards, together with him as a listed man gained Kurt Angle farewell in the match. Baron Corbin comes out of the noisy crowd. Corbin mocks the gang once they sing "Asshole" to him. Corbin says he’ll take it as well mannered. For weeks, he listened to them all screaming at how Angle deserves one thing higher than his opponent in WrestleMania. The nook selected him, and he confirmed everyone that the nook didn't need to be in the identical ring as he did. “Close f ** k up” picks. Corbin says he's actually trendy. Corbin says he confirmed he was higher than the Olympic tradition. After this dominating victory, he knows the gold medal he has earned.

Songs by Kurt Angle, and he comes out of the large pop. "Thank you, Kurt" sings. Angle thanks fans. Angle says Corbin was a better man last night time and his profession is formally over. Corbin is just starting out, so Angle hopes for all of the happiness on the planet. Angle shakes his hand and says, "… bad luck!" Angle Slam's Angle and Ankle Lock! Corbin yells and taps. The angle provides him the opportunity to go throughout music playback.

In-Ring: Kurt Angle, Lars Sullivan

All of the sudden Lars Sullivan's music hits! Sullivan comes out on stage and Angle seems astonished. The corner goes as much as Sullivan's ring. Sullivan seems to crumble something for her. Sullivan then grabs the corner and captures him down! The workforce takes over him. Sullivan then goes up and hits the dive head. Sullivan then goes back to himself

Video: Celebrity Shake-up Promo

Celebrity Shakeup Occurs Subsequent Week in Raw and SmackDown

Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley

Alexa Bliss plays and makes the best way to the ring that’s dressed to compete. He had given Sasha Banks or Bayley a social media problem. Bayley is the one who accepts the problem.

Bliss mocks Bayley a bit of a bell. Bayley tears him down and puts him in the corner. Bayley punches him down and drops him to the higher rope. Bliss shortly pulls him out of the ring and punches him into the ring. Bliss applies the jaw lock when the gang begins to sing to Bayley. Bayley fights, but Bliss hits her with the fallacious clothesline. Bliss fees and hit her face. Bayley rolls him soon and grabs the rope, but the referee sees. Bayley hits the nook at sunset, but the dangerous tire positioning is beneath Bliss's arm beneath the rope. Bayley throws out of the ring. Bliss hits DDT.

Winner of Pinfall: Alexa Bliss

In-Ring: Becky Lynch, Lacey Evans

Becky Lynch's music tracks and the new RAW and Smackdown ladies's master make their approach into the ring. Lynch holds the Smackdown Ladies's Championship, whereas the RAW Ladies's Championship is secured round her waist.

Video package deal: Becky Lynch wins Ronda Rouse and Charlotte Aptitude at WrestleMania's fundamental occasion.

The viewers sings his track and when it ends, they sing his identify. Lynch is actually pleased. Nine years ago, he labored in a bar that wasn't too far from here. The sound "You deserve it" sings. Lynch thanks the fans and says, "We did it!" Another "Becky" sang. Becky says his identify is Becky Two Belts. "Becky Two Beltts" picks. For 2 months, Ronnie and daughter Rice talked about how great their CVs have been, however in WrestleMania, when all was stated and finished, this lady who walked with out something left. He will not be probably the most sporty individual within the company, however he has a very good theme track that the gang sings for him. Lynch says that repatriating 15-year-olds to battle all over the world taught him to survive. He all the time stays, wins and finds a strategy to win in the long run. "You are a man" singing fires.

Lynch asks if this little weird Ronnie can hear it. Every time he closes and needs extra, the person waits once more for his head. So far as Charlotte Aptitude is worried, he’s positive that the McMahon household will give him the headlines of the Tag staff to help him lose Lynch once more. All ladies in both divisions in all probability need a piece of her, but she's a purple head in a leather-based ready to hit her head. Lynch brings championships when the gang thanks and sings his identify. Lynch's music is enjoying, and he leaves the ring.

Lacey Evans's music hits her when she leaves the ring. Evans comes right down to the ramp and stares at Lynch earlier than piercing him on the best of the mask! Evans is going to stroll away, but Lynch assaults him behind. They crawl on the ramp, and Evans will get the benefit. Lynch fights again and blocks firing on the LED wall. Lynch tries to apply Dis-Arm-Her, however Evans manages to get out. The judges maintain Lynch back

Backstage: Seth Rollins

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins stretches backstage when Charly Caruso walks to her. He asks why he accepts the problem. Rollins says he loves and lives. Rollins lives in entrance of the subsequent challenge. Rollins admires Kofi Kingston, but he is additionally harm. That is his presentation. If you want to get on your face, it’s better to be ready to simply accept the results. Last night time they both had the most important wins. Kingston is ready to perform A-degree efficiency, but he's better prepared to convey his A-recreation tonight. B + doesn't get the job.

Ricochet & Aleister Black vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

Aleister Black and Chad Gable. Gable applies a waistband and opens the shaft, however black turns the strain. Black takes him down, but Gable fights. They stop in a lifeless finish. Gable cuts her into the throat and takes her down earlier than she crosses. Bobby Roode recognizes, and he bumps out of Black. Roode pushes her into the corner and goes to Ricochet, but Ricochet avoids the attack. Ricochet tags in. Black knees Roode, and Ricochet follows the drop. Black hit with Gable Metro off. Ricochet then hits Roode by listening to the center rope on the ground. Ricochet will get close to Roode within the fall. Ricochet sweeps arms and marks in Gable. Ricochet fights Roode and Gable. Ricochet sends a Gable flight by dropping. Ricochet hits the rope, but Roode pulls the top rope right down to get him out of the ring. Ricochet seems to be forward to seeing her head down. Ricochet grips its neck and back into the ring. Gable knocks a black apron before rusting Ricochet onerous into the corner. Roode recognizes, and he hits Ricochet with a high knee. Roode follows the laundry roll near the fall. Gable tags again and he takes Ricochet down. Ricochet Boots Gable Again and Elbows Roode.

Black and Roode are marked in. Black hits some operating elbows earlier than taking him down with a stroke mixture. Black hits the springboard moonsult Roode and Gable virtually within the fall. Roode shortly takes him to the nook, but he’ll soon eat the elbow. Black jumps over him, and Roode rolls him near the autumn. The audience makes a wave with out trigger. Ricochet tags in. Black Shot Roode and Ricochet hit the modified suplex virtually within the fall. Black pulls Gable out of the ring. Ricochet goes to the top, but Roode cuts off. Gable causes distractions, and Ricochet has been thrown off the top. Roode hits the spinebuster close to the fall. Roode and Gable hit the collision killer / moon, however Black breaks it. Roode and Black poured themselves out of the ring. Gable tries German Suplex, however Ricochet lands after his ft and Gins after Codebreaker.

Winners of Pinfall: Ricochet and Aleister Black

Roode immediately assaults Ricochet behind to tug Gable out of the ring.

Backstage: Elias

Elias's presentation still exhibits pictures before being interrupted by Thuganomics physician John Cena.

Elias is the background where his guitar is within the background. Elias says she had a fantastic performance earlier than John Cena interrupted what made it barely referred to as music. Elias says if someone stops her tonight, together with Vince McMahon herself, hell

Video: cardboard box

A smoking cardboard field seems like a wierd video. It seems like a demonic doll that begins laughing.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bobby Lashley

Dean Ambrose's music tracks and he makes his last entrance. Bobby Lashley makes an entrance with Lio Rush. Rush goes to speak, but he decides towards it. They stroll on the ramp and Rush speaks once more. Rush decides to speak once more. They get to the apron and Lashley asks for a microphone. Lashley says, "Don't worry, Dean. When you've gone, I'll take care of your wife for you." he rushes to Lio Rush for barricade Ambrose attacks Lashley on a rising ramp and punches him on stage. Lashley kicks and tells him. massive spinebuster by way of the desk! Lashley and Rush go back. This match by no means started.

Renee Younger runs to her husband and checks her. Mojo Rawley speaks of a damaged mirror the place he asks what he was in WrestleMania final night time. Rawley's eye is painted around with purple lightning.

WWE Intercontinental Champion
Finn Balor (c) vs. Sami Zay

Sami Zayn arrives at a huge reception. The viewers is singing their songs while dancing down the ramp. Then the viewers sings "Olé". Zayn brings back himself and says if you will stay in WrestleMania, you might also come again to RAW after WrestleMania. His schedule is open and he might go proper now. Zayn challenges anybody behind and comes up towards the match. WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor answers the decision. This match is the title!

They lock in and Zay takes him to the corner. They lock again and Balor supports him in the nook. Zayn turns her around and performs playfully on her chest. They lock the third time, and Balor opens his arm. Renee Younger has joined the comments and feedback about Dean Ambrosea. Zayn will get out and twists Balor's hand. Balor plows up and fights.

They lock their arms and Zayn takes her down at the waist. Balor fights and hits her arm. Balor sends him out of the ring, however Zay will get in and strikes him out of the ring. Zay teases Plancha, however Balor strikes in order that Zayn turns away from the top rope and dances. Balor returns to the ring, and Zay uses the aspect-finish lock. Balor tries to whip him out, but Zay keeps the headset closed. Balor finally rusts him and connects a ridiculous drop to the fall. Balor applies the handbeam, however Zay will battle soon and push away from Balor. Zayn chops and goes to the sunset, but Balor rolls and drops him. Balor takes her down and hits her chest twice. They trade commas until Balor hits over him.

We'll be back for a break so Balor hits Zayn. Zayn shortly returns and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb, which is near the fall. Balor returns shortly by dropping right into a corner. Zayn avoids Coup de Gras and rolls him close to the autumn. Zayn hits an exploding nook and tries to make Helluva Kick, however Balor strikes. Balor hits him with Coup de Grace to keep the title

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Finn Balor

In-Ring: Sami Zay

Zay grabs into the microphone and will get to his knees. Zayn appears out of the gang and looks disenchanted. Zayn says she laughs and says she actually thought that tonight will probably be healing what's fallacious together with her. It all confirmed what he has finished in current months. It really seems like they missed him. The track of "Sam" is picked up calmly. Zayn reaches his ft and says he can say truthfully on the idea of his coronary heart that he has not lost this or any of them.

Zayn says WWE is a really poisonous surroundings. It's not because of McMahon or other WWE Superstars. It is due to viewers and ugliness. Zayn says she lives a very significant and full life. He's very joyful. There isn’t a luck within the life of the public. They only get joy and satisfaction that they’re critics as an alternative of being followers. It is the solely thing that provides them a way of self-esteem. They condemn every thing except themselves. It’s because none of them have balls to take a look at themselves. They know the ugliness and cynicism of themselves. The viewers thinks they’re the voice of the voice and people who must be heard. It appears overnight that they have turn out to be the evil superiors of WWE. Zayn says he's been about one thing: doing what's right. The actual factor is not to return to WWE rescue or to take over the WWE. The correct factor is to return right here every week and maintain them all responsible because nobody else does it. Zayn says, "See you in hell" and stroll across the gang.

Backstage: Dana Brooke

Displaying a new backstage interviewer. Dana Brooke walks and says she needs to congratulate Becky Lynch. Lacey Evans exhibits that there is a line in entrance of Lynch. He is probably not in front of the line, but he isn’t behind. If he has the prospect to get to the line, he’ll take it. In response to him, he congratulates Becky Lynch

In-Ring: Elias, Undertaker

“Ladies and Gentlemen… Elias.”

Elias greets the viewers. Final night time John Cena destroyed WrestleMania for the second yr in a row. The yr is now a special story. All of them had to make their lives, however they acquired to a physician at Thuganomics. A man who can play any instrument, John Cena just isn’t a musician or artist. He is a selfish, insecure, pretend humble junk that rides alongside him. They all saw it last night time. The viewers begins to sing to Elijah. In Brooklyn's spirit and what occurred, he exhibits everyone how straightforward it’s to rap. Elias says she doesn't even need her guitar.

Elias raps that he is ailing with John Cen. He's sitting right here with three fingers. Middle is Worth. Every celebrity needs to make his identify for Elias, but the subsequent one stops him is Lifeless Man.

Clocks and crowd ERUPTS! Undertaker's music hits, and he makes a legendary entrance. Undertaker did not appear in WrestleMania for the primary time since 2000. Undertaker magically turns the lights on and goes into the ring. Undertaker isn’t sporting a spectacle. Elias begins to go away when the gang sings "UNDERTAKER". Elias then stops and returns to the ring. Elias removes her jacket and takes off the wi-fi microphone. "Holy sh! T" picks. Elias slowly rises to the lifeless man, and the Undertaker involves him. Elias turns to go, but then she tries to blind her. Undertaker shortly huge boots on him before hitting Chokeslam! Undertaker will take away their mines earlier than they announce the top. The Undertaker then falls with Elias' Tombstone Piledriver before posing on his body.

Winner Take All – WWE and Universal Championships
Kofi Kingston (WWE) vs. Seth Rollins (Common)

The bell rings and rings earlier than locking. Kingston opens his hand and takes him to his knees. The Kofi track picks up. Rollins travels by way of, plaster up, and connects to locks. Rollins cinches on lock. "Let's Go Rollins / Let's Go Kofi" Sing. Kingston is preventing and rusting him. The Rollins shoulder prevents him and hits the ropes. Kingston jumps on her and hits her elbow back. Kingston goes to SOS, however Rollins leaves. Rollins tries his Ripcord knee, but Kingston avoids. Kingston strives for Troy's paradise, but Rollins stays away from it. Rollins tries Stomp, however Kingston slips away.

We're coming back for a break to see Rollins and Kingston trading. Rollins sends him to the nook, however Kingston comes again. Kingston jumps out of the body section, however Rollins drops him out of the center air. Rollins goes to a different rope, however Kingston avoids him. Rollins shortly follows a step-up enzyme near the fall. Rollins alerts for the top. Kingston calculates Stomp to roll close to the autumn. Kingston deserves a second step up and implements him with DDT for an additional near fall. Kingston will soon take him to the pendulum earlier than he goes to the upper arm. Rollins meets him there, but Kingston drops him from the highest to the ground. Kingston rests on the highest rope, however the bar runs and assaults Kingston.

Winner Disqualified: Kofi Kingston

Rollins runs in and helps Kingston to remove Sheam and Cesaro rings. The wind has been taken from the sails of the gang. Rollins says he and Kingston will cease it the second time. Crowd boos. Rollins needs a group with Kingston and faces The Bar.

Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins vs. Bar

Watch rings and "Bullsh! T" sound instantly. Rollins beats Cesaro's ring and tries to plan, but Cesaro captures him and hits him. Sheamus then captures Kingston and closes him to barricade. We’ll come back after the break to see that the gang does nothing but take note of this match. Cesaro beats Rollins. Sheamus tags, but Rollins begins to battle back. There's a seashore ball. Rollins sends the Sheamus shoulder to the ring submit

Kingston tags and hits Sheamus on the forearm of the spring plate. Kingston jumps to the clothesline earlier than hitting Growth Drop. Sheamus avoids Hassle in Paradise, but Kingston shortly hits SOS. Cesaro is breaking it. Kingston strikes the ground of Sheamus and Cesaro. Kingston is in search of confidence, however they may catch him. Then Rollins will take Bari's suicide dive earlier than they will harm Kingston. Kingston hits Sheamus with a lattice structure near the autumn. The viewers pays attention to the numerous seashore balls of the crowds. The bar hits Kingston with a really white voice, but Rollins violates it. Rollins superkicks Sheamus is within the ring and sends him to the ring publish. Kingston calculates the neutralizer, however Cesaro drops to Cesaro Swing. Kingston calculates that the counter is scrolling near autumn. Kingston hits Cesaro in Hassle's paradise earlier than Rollins combines with Stomp's victory.

Winners of Pinfall: Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins

Rollins and Kingston rejoice their headlines, however the audience doesn't seem to care.

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