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WWE Raw Results – April 15, 2019 – Superstar Shake-up – TPWW

WWE Raw Results - April 15, 2019 - Superstar Shake-up - TPWW

15. April 2019
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Comment: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young
Results: Mike Tedesco,

Fast Results

  1. Revival & The Viking Expertise Gained Ricochetin, Aleister Black, Ryder, and Hawkins' Viking Expertise in Ryder
  2. Andrade Wins Finn Balor Hammerlock DDT
  3. Usos Wins Bobby Roode & Chad Gable by means of Double Uce with Gable By way of the pavement shared by # 39
  4. EC3 vs. Braun Strowman never officially began as a result of Strowman destroyed EC3
  5. Becky Lynch defeated Ruby Riott via Dis-Arm-Her
  6. Lacey Evans Wins By way of Natalya
  7. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & AJ Types gained Drew McIntyren, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley by means of Phenomenal forearm Types on Lashley

Superstar Shake-up: shifting to the green

  • The Miz [19659004] Viking Ex perience (formerly referred to as Conflict Raiders and now generally known as Erik and Ivar)
  • Cedric Alexander
  • Andrade and Zelina Vega
  • Rey Mysterio
  • The Usos
  • Naomi
  • Eric Young
  • Lacey Evans
  • AJ Types

In-Ring: Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, The Miz

We're going to stay within the area to hear Stephanie McMahon's music. McMahon is making his method down the ramp that runs into arduous boos. That is the night time of Superstar Shake-up. McMahon is pleased with the Monday night time RAW. He needs the gang to provide a permanent ovation to at least one and only "Best in the World" for Shane McMahon.

Shane McMahon leaves for LOUD boos from Montreal. Shane is dancing down a ramp that doesn't have any dangerous effects on his WrestleMania matches towards Miz. The viewers speaks loudly, and Stephanie says they love them in Canada. Shane has turn out to be a developer and "present her properly." The tire poster needs to be expanded, "Ladies and gentlemen, the best Shane McMahon in the world." The audience is purple. Now Shane asks her to say it in French. "CM Punk" picks. The caller says he doesn't know French, so Shane leaves. Then Shane speaks French when the gang is. Stephanie says it was spectacular. The sound “Suck” sings. Stephanie reminds the gang that Kurt Angle had his last match and misplaced. Shane says she was not a Parisian French she was with. It was a unclean Canadian dialect.

Stephanie says each part of the roster is shaken. Shane says we are seeing new matches, new championships and perhaps identification teams. Stephanie says, no matter what brands of superstars cease, they're on an extended journey to next yr's WrestleMania. Shane says he is slowing down and saying he needs to remind a few of his hottest moments this yr. The picture exhibits Shane, who grabbed Mizanin's face. Another picture is shown by Shane, who put Miz to sleep with a triangle.

Miz's music is enjoying and Shane is on the brink of come out. Miz strikes her behind and strikes her out of the ring. Miz is now a part of RAW! Shane beats him over the barricade, however Miz returns by capturing the chair and chasing Shane. Miz is busted open and bleeding fairly a bit.

Ricochet, Aleister Black, Ryder & Hawkins vs. Revival & Viking Experience

Richochet's music hits and includes a new Ricochet shot. Michael Cole wonders if because of this Ricochet is now part of Monday night time. Aleister Black additionally makes an entrance.

The NXT Tag Championships are part of the RAW record. They’re now often known as Viking Experience and their names are Ivar and Erik.

Scott Dawson begins with Curt Hawkins. The NXT track is first. Dawson's shoulder prevents her from falling down and hips her. Hawkins returns with a pair of arms and pulls the hand bar. Dawson fights up, however Zack Ryder recognizes it. Aleister Black recognizes, but Ivar comes in and takes her down. Dash Wilder, similar to Ricochet. Ricochet takes her down by dropping two chapters. The black sign is back and opens the stem. Wilder kneels shortly in Black, however fights back. Erik tags, and the Viking Experience badge make black attempt on the moon. Ricochet shortly stops them on a springboard. All of the faces in the superstars are within the ring they usually give the Revival back the body.

We'll be again for a break to see Erik, who controls Hawkins. Ivar tags and knees down Hawkins near the autumn. Erik recognizes again, and he killed Ivaria Hawkins next to the autumn. Erik makes use of Hawkins hand bar, but he fights and attacks Revival. Erik then harms the garments on her. Ivars come once more and take Hawkins down on the brief run. Wilder tags and stopper Hawkins. Dawson acknowledges, and he falls to Wilder's Hawkins with a foot drop. Then Dawson uses a second stem bar. Wilder tags and attacks on Hawkins with two payments. Wilder then applies the jaw lock. Hawkins finally fights and acknowledges in Ryder.

Ryder travels away from Dawson and Wilder, Wilder. Ryder hits Dawson with a flapjack before hitting a operating forearm. Ryder punches him into the corner. Ricochet and Black take the Viking Expertise. Dawson shortly will get away from Ryder and the tags in Erik. Ryder hits the Erik with a fall of his foot on two bills. Ricochet and Black take the Alarm. Ricochet perfectly gathered the moon on Dawson's flooring. Ivar tired of the clothesline Hawkins. The Viking Experience then throws him on the upper rope for Ricochet and Black. Erik kneels down his knees in entrance of Ryder. Ivar is marked in, and Viking Experience hits the win.

Winners of Pinfall: Revival and Viking Experience

Finn Balor vs. Andrade

Andrade and Zelina Vega debuted in RAW by Smackdown Stay. Vega presents herself and Andrade to the general public. He says Andrade has made many skills on Smackdown Stay. Andrade is multilingual. In Montreal, English is one other language. Andrade offers with WWE in his native language. Andrade takes the microphone and says simply: "Merci!" Andrade shouts to Balor in Spanish. Andrade gets in the ring and continues to shout earlier than removing his coat.

They lock up and Andrade takes him instantly. Andrade stomps midsection before kneeling at her nook. Andrade hits the double knee face with two figures. Andrade stomps Balorin before making an attempt to get a double undercoat, but Balor fights with it. Balor descends to drop the again piece on the roll and drop it on the face. Balor crouches her earlier than dropping her down. Balor is making an attempt to catch his breath. Andrade grabs Balor and goes to slam, but Balor drops to DDT. Andrade rolls out of the ring to get well, so Balor hits the baseball slide. Balor leaves the spout pre-joining, but Andrade pulls Vega in entrance of him. Balor stops before kicking him, and Andrade punches him.

We're coming back for a break to see Balor's return to Andrade. Balor drops him into the nook. Andrade shortly turns the whip, however Balor's leap over him. Balor's knees are harm and he can't benefit from it. Andrade goes to Tornado for the opposite rope within the opposite DDT, however Balor descends into his own reverse DDT for 2 calculations. Balor connects and measures the Sling blade. Andrade bounces up and makes a spin wheel sit back to the top close to the autumn.

Andrade goes to the top of the moon, but he descends on his ft as Balor strikes. Andrade immediately goes to the moon, however Balor will get his knees up. Balor shortly drops him to the corner and goes upstairs, but his knees are too harm. Andrade sweeps his legs and goes to Godfather, however Balor moves. Balor goes to Coup de Gras, but Andrade moves. Andrade elbows her again, however Balor descends into the inside field near the fall. Balor shortly washed her out of the ring. Vega stands on the apron, so Balor jumps over to Andrade, the sender who had been together with her in the summertime! Balor places him in the ring, and Vega hits him on a flying hurrican on the ground. Vega gets to Balor's ring and Andrade hits left with DDT!

Winner of Pinfall: Andrade

In-Ring: Elias, Rey Mysterio, Lars Sullivan

“Ladies and Gentlemen… Elias.” Elias greets the gang and plays the funeral. Elias says his music is so powerful that he brought back John Cenai, a physician at Thuganomics, and raised a lifeless man from his grave. Why these legends interrupt him, together with the legend. “Undertaker” sings. Elias says she's ready for the Undertaker next time. Elias says Worth and Undertaker understand the overall fact that WWE represents Walk with Elias. The Bell Middle is packed and energetic. They might really feel this power on a regular basis if Canadiens was ok for the playoffs. The audience loves her and doesn't let her speak. Elias should just shout at them.

Rey Mysterion music tracks, and he goes to Raack at Smackdown Stay. Elias tries to charge her, however Mysterio will get away. They get into the ring, and Mysterio knocks back to Elias. “619” picks the music. Mysterio hits him with a careless hurricanran earlier than knocking Elias out of the ring.

Lars Sullivan's music hits and he comes right down to the ring. Mysterio drops him, however Sullivan doesn't realize it. Mysterio avoids him and comes again twice. Mysterio goes to the springboard, however Sullivan grabs him. Mysterio hits him back, but Sullivan picks him up. Mysterio hits the spots, however Sullivan hits the Freak accident. Sullivan is indignant and picks up Mysterion once more. Sullivan then hits the operating seat.

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable vs. Usos

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable are in the ring. Roode says so long as he and Gable are within the recreation, they will win any WWE tag workforce. Gable says regardless of the place you’re – RAW, Smackdown, NXT – they will win them. The gable challenges which might be there’ll come out. Usos solutions the call

Jimmy Uso starts with Chad Gable. They get around the ring and Gable takes him shortly. Gable takes her a second time before she uses the toe bar. Jimmy is preventing quick and supporting him within the corner. Then Jimmy grabs it with an enzyme. Jey Uso acknowledges and hits Gable. Gable turns the whip into the nook, however Jey knocks Roode out of the prelude. Jey strikes Gable out of the ring and treads the planchan, however Roode grabs his legs. Gable beats Jey out of the ring, and Roode was washing her on the ground. Roode acknowledges and throws Jey into barricade. Roode gets Jey's ring on two payments. Roode pierces Jey before marking Gable. The audience sings, "Let's go to Usos." Gable gets Jey into the corner and signs Roode in. Roode applies a chin lock, however Jey fights and hits together with her. 19659024] Jimmy and Gable are tagged in. Jimmy clothespins him twice before kicking him into the midsection and beating up. Jimmy hit the Samoan drop before he was seized by a operating hip assault near the fall. Gable shortly returns to the top of the arm. Roode and Gable hit the German Suplex / Blockbuster double workforce virtually within the fall. Roode beats Jey out of the apron. Jimmy avoids the fracture / moonsult double group. Jey tags and superkicks Gable. The roode is culminated with an apron. Usos then hit a double superkick gable earlier than going to the other corners.

The Pinfall Winners: The Usos

Bliss's Moment w / Sami Zay's

Alexa Bliss says it's time for Superstar Shake-up to get a second of Bliss. This can be the last time in RAW, so he has a visitor at Sami Zay. Sami Zayn involves an unlimited ovate in his hometown of Montreal. Zayn dances round when the gang sings his theme track. Zayn sits down when the gang sings "Sámi". The Zayni theme music begins once more, and the gang breaks out. Zay takes the bow and listens to the audience to sing their songs. Bliss says it was fairly a reception. Zayn's music then lights up for the third time, and the gang is simply as powerful as the first time. Then Zay sits right down to exhaustion. The audience continues to sing their songs. Zay's crying to them in France, and the reception is complicated. Zayn says he's going to launch it within the notch and get the gang to sing "Olé." Zayn is dancing round when the viewers sings for him.

Zayn says she is going to stop as a result of she might do this all night time. Bliss says he returned last week on Monday and was incredible to get him again. Zayn says he's in this metropolis all week. He has seen family and friends. Zayn hit all the recent spots on the town. Zayn says he loves this metropolis. This city is great… it's simply individuals he can't keep. Montreal has world class cuisine, artwork, architecture… however individuals. The low level of his week is now in the room with all these individuals. There's one thing within the air of Quebec. Zayn says she doesn't need to be here and didn't need to make a Bliss present. Bliss says he's impolite. Zayn says nine months ago that he was ready for this response, however now the songs make him sick. The audience sings loudly. Zayn says they're coping with their untreated issues for him. Zayn says he doesn't settle for it. Zayn says they are disgusting and shameful. Zayn says these aren't even fans. They are too busy gamers to criticize and royalties.

Bliss says individuals are not an issue with WWE. He says Zay has an issue. Zayn says he was born here, but these aren’t his individuals. Zayn says he doesn't even stay here anymore. He moved to the sunny Orlando in Florida. Zayn decided to go away Montreal just as he determined to go away it now. Zayn says he knows where he's going. The audience sings goodbye to him. Zayn says, "Yes, look at you in hell," and walk away.

Backstage: Bayley, The IIconics

The distinctive website exhibits that Bayley is making an attempt to get in contact with Sasha Bank, so IIconics is having fun with him. Bayley says he finds another companion.

The IIconics vs. Bayley & Naomi

WWE Ladies's Tag Group IIconics are in the ring.

Naomi is the newest addition to RAW

Bayley is rapidly attacking Billie Kay and Naomi tags. . Kay arrives shortly. Peyton Royce's tags and dismantles Naomi. Royce applies the jaw lock. Royce leaves and beats Bayley off the apron. Naomi hits the jawbreaker. Kay acknowledges, but Naomi returns. Bayley hits Royce with Bayley-To-Stomach. Naomi hits Kay with a cut up foot victory.

Winners of Pinfall: Bayley and Naomi

Phase: Puppet

#RAW P.19659024] – WWE (@WWE) April 16, 2019

A box with a spatula, has returned. The doll laughs and flashes.

EC3 vs. Braun Strowman

Strowman runs immediately over EC3 and throws him over the ring earlier than the watch rings. Strowman throws him over the ring before staging. Then Strowman throws him out of the ring. EC3 begins to run up, so Strowman breaks him behind. Strowman whips on the EC3 LED wall and punches him on stage. Then Strowman takes her on stage! The bell never rings.

Superstar Shake-up

They announce that Eric Young of Sanity has come to RAW

Becky Lynch vs. Ruby Riott

Becky Lynch takes him down shortly earlier than raising him to the nook. Riott blocked the shot, however Lynch stops him. Lynch takes her down and causes. Lynch then hits Riot on a baseball slide. Lynch hits the clothesline off the entrance movement earlier than getting the Riott ring. Lynch shortly beats Liv Morgan's apron. Riott takes Lynch down twice. Riott pierces her before hitting a snapmar and applying a neck press. Lynch fights up, kicks him and hits a pair of clothes earlier than hitting the dive. Lynch connects to Bexploder. Riott drops him shortly, however Lynch punches him back. Riott cuts him off and closes him from the higher degree. Riott hits one other rope with a centon bomb near the autumn. Riott goes uphill, but Lynch strikes. Lynch applies Dis-Arm, but Riott Squad pulls Riott out. Lynch hits the Riott workforce with a transverse frame. Lynch then gets Riott to win the Dis-Arm-Her.

Based on the winner: Becky Lynch

Lynch shortly quits the attack of Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan towards him. Lynch kills Morgan with the scary Bexploder that descends on his head. Lynch celebrates his ring with two belts.

Scene: Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, Lio Rush

Charly Caruso is behind the scenes of Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley. Corbin hopes that Charly has been admitted to Smackdown. He asks for hypothesis about who is Smackdown Stay. McIntyre says he's not giving anything. All he needs is to get his palms on the Roman kingdoms. Corbin says the kingdoms might journey excessive, however it's over. They drive Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns out of the RAW. Lio Rush asks what Lashley did to Dean Ambrose, who can be silly to Reigns and Rollins

In-Ring: Natalya, Becky Lynch, Lacey Evans

Natalya leaves the ring. Becky Lynch continues to be within the ring. Natalya congratulates her on her success. Final week, Lynch stated he had to sleep with one eye open. Natalya is right here watching her eye inform her she's one of the best on the market, the perfect was, and the perfect out there ever. She has come after the RAW Ladies's Championship

Lynch says she has spent years in wells with numerous forgotten ladies, simply as she was. Natalya is identical. Second, he was sporting headlines, he knew that forgotten ladies came to him. If you wish to take the world, it’s a must to activate the individual. They’ve traveled the world as youngsters who need to struggle anyone to get their foot on the door. Take a look at them. "You deserve it" sing to select.

Lacey Evans's music cuts off Lynch. Evans says he admires Natalya, however the RAW ladies's championships might by no means have been like him. One lady is aware of the way to help a curry and use her affect to get what she needs. Now that he’s formally on Monday night time, he needs the RAW Ladies's Championship. Evans says he has authority over McMahons to have Natalya's subsequent match towards him. The winner is the primary line to use Lynch for the RAW Ladies's Championship. Evans is going to coach Natalya Ladies's Right. Lynch ought to concentrate. One lady can train a person something or two.

Natalya vs. Lacey Evans

Evans fights shortly out of the waist. Natalya instantly takes her to the tail and her. Natalya washed her before throwing her out of the ring.

We might be again for a break so Natalya will take Evans down and check out Sharpshooter, but Evans will get away. Natalya hits the baseball slider and hit her face. Natalya will get to Evans ring and authorizes her to the nook. Natalya pierces her earlier than the referee supports her. Evans pulls Natalya shortly into the primary corner. Evans stomps Natalya and bounces his head from under. Becky Lynch is seen watching behind the scenes. Evans then applies the jaw lock. Natalya fights up and captures her on the inside cradle for 2. Evans returns to jaw lock. Evans cinches inside it, however Natalya gets out. Natalya comes again and hits the Discus clothes line. Natalya then applies Sharpshooter. Evans tries to get to the bottom, however Natalya pulls him in the midst of the ring. Evans refuses to touch and gets to the underside. Evans leaves the ring. Natalya took her to the barricade and hit her. Natalya will get her in the ring, but Evans hits the Right Ladies.

Winner of Pinfall: Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans is now within the first row towards Becky Lynch

Backstage: Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns

Charly Caruso is a again gate outdoors the lads's locker room. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns come out. He asks who’s their companion's companion. Rollins says, but Reigns says he has to wait like everyone else. Based on Rollins, he heard what was stated earlier. This can be a honeymoon part, but why not? Life is sweet for them. The life of the opponents shouldn’t be so good. They haven’t forgotten what Bobby Lashley did last night time to Dean Ambrose. This may be certainly one of their latest night time time at RAW. Reigns says, regardless of whether or not it’s the final, they tear down the Montreal.

Phase: Dolls

Earlier than we see a rock horse that reciprocates shortly and shortly, a creepy doll home is proven. Then we see one other rocking chair with a ventriloquist doll.

Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley vs. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & AJ Types

Bobby Lashley begins with Seth Rollins. Lashley strikes him within the corner, however Rollins fights. Roman Reigns acknowledges, they usually hit Lashley with a double staff. Reigns pierces Lashley's corner, and AJ Types indicators in. The types hit Lashley, but he has an angle. Baron Corb's tags and types minimize him. "AJ styles" sing. The types bounce to Corbin and mix with the fall. Drew McIntyre identifies and factors to Reigns.

Reigns comes in and punches McIntyren. McIntyre shoots him shortly, however Reigns returns to the top. Manages clubs out of her corner before hitting ropes, however McIntyre's counter with stomach-stomach suplex. McIntyre connects Glasgow to Kiss near autumn. McIntyre captures him with two payments. McIntyre blames and pounds her earlier than throwing her out of the ring. Corbin acknowledges and returns to regulate the barricade. Corbin whips him into the barricade, and McIntyre speaks a bit trash to Reign. Corbin will get him into the ring and hits his chokeslam near the fall.

We'll be again for a break to see the Reigns stroke again to Corbin and Tag Rollins. Rollins hits McIntyre with a plancha earlier than it covers Corbin with two bills. Rollins superkicks Corbin before kicking him into the midsection. Corbin is fast to get out of the ring. Rollins goes on suicide diving, however Corbin tears him. Corbin captures him twice. Corbin punches him into the corner and places him within the upper rope. Rollins fights superplex and arrives again. Rollins hits the boulders they usually're both down.

Types and Lashley are marked in. Types pierced her earlier than she went to her clothesline. Types knocks McIntyren out of the entrance and raises Lashley, but Lashley slips off. Types come again shortly when Lashley will get an additional kick. Corbin works and faces the identical destiny. Types are created by Types Conflict, but McIntyre captures him with Claymore Kick. Reigns goes to provide McIntyre Superman Punch, but McIntyre goes down. Rollins superkicks quick with McIntyelta. Reigns then hits McIntyre's Superman Punch. Reigns hits Corbin with Drive-By Dropkick. Then Rollins hits him with a suicide dive. The types create the Phenomenal forearm, however Lio Rush grabs the legs. Lashley beats Types, however Rollins breaks it with Stomp! Reigns joins Spear to Lashley, and Types follows the victory of Phenomenal's forearm.

Winners of Pinfall: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and AJ Types


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