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This is a part of the huge breakthrough of the competitors in the Shoe Shine Championship 2019. This position 11-40 seems at feedback and footage.

Blog textual content by Jesper Ingevaldsson from the Shoegazing blog [19659003] Pt.1 with extra information about the competition and places 1-10 might be found here.

Outcomes (click on the manufacturer / model to go directly to the abstract):
11. Dettagli D`Autore
12. Yim Shoemaker
13. Perticone – Seiichi Yoshimoto
14. EuGo
] 15th Athanase Sephocle
16. Kiyo
17. Lu Yang
18. Fumiya Ando
19. Barbavitra Shoemaker
20. Sergei Grechushkin
21. Naoki Sugimoto
22 Reid Elrod
23. Masachika Morita
24. Oh Sang Jun
25. Rozsnyai handmade footwear
26. Valentin Frunza
27. Tomohiro Inamori
28 Jan Buda
28 Jan Buda
29. Lawart
30. Alexei Sod
31. Andrey Kaveshnikov
32. Taichi Shimizu
33. Ivan
34. The Last Shoemaker
35. Mihail Burov
36 Masami Ishizuka
37. Francesco Masci
38. Batyr Bikbulatov
39. Thivakaran
40. Sebastian Makow ski

11. Dettagli Autore

Slightly chunkier, however really refined.

Dettagli D & # 39; Autore was born in 2019 within the coronary heart of Marche, Montegranaro's Italian shoe service area. The designer Giulio Giacinti (who made the final and the figure of the shoe) and the shoemaker Bogdan Paul Betianu (who made the bottom) had the assistance of Giacomo Mezzabotta, who made the upper and the company Maximoda, who made the brass tip. The shoe is a superb instance of creating footwear that wouldn’t have very finely divided stitches and a heel built from many very skinny layers of leather-based.

Backside with a very thin waist and a superbly brass nail adorned heel.

Very tight backside sew, sadly it was not attainable to measure the precise spi worth

Heel built from very skinny layers with a unique prime edge.

Very basic final type


12. Yim Shoemaker

It seems to be like a sports activities automotive

Chinese language Grey Yim, who runs Yim Shoemaker, has first made a name in collaboration with Japanese Hobu, afterward together with his own Instagram. Aggressive final shapes and doing are what most acknowledge about him, which can also be mirrored in the World Cup. It’s a nice shoe with good options like Cuban heel, tight bottom stitches and an exquisite wanting backside. There are some minor drawbacks in implementation, they usually acquired a little less planning, because of slightly imbalance, but general a very nice label.

A very beautiful bottom, so clear and properly finished


Slightly heavy on the front, perhaps not a wonderfully balanced last and pattern

One of the few Cuban heels (when they are concave, not just tapering).

From above, with a shovel


13. Perticone – Seiichi Yoshimoto

Lots of decorations on this nice example of a full brooch

Perticone, or the Italian Japanese shoe servant, Seiichi Yoshimoto, was positioned in the 18th last race. This yr, she might be found in five locations, very snug. Seiichi Yoshimoto has made all elements of the shoe besides the upper closure that Pina (ITALIANA) has made. It’s a shoe with loads of decorations, miscellaneous brogeing varieties, pierced decorations on the edges and again, the wheel's marked backside and so on.

Superbly adorned base.

Clean last type.

Closure of the upper half has small errors right here and there

Squared toe.

. [1965936].

14. EuGo

Inspired shoe.

Another climber, final 23rd is now 14th. EuGo is a trademark of Yeruult Gombosed in Mongolia. He shares the time between Mongolia, the place he has the euGo model, and San Francisco, USA, the place he collaborates with American Bootmaker Frank Beneducci. A variety of effort has been made in this shoe and has great elements such as the golden lining and the toes and heel involved. Manufacturing is a very good degree, whereas the problem is ok, however not special.

Right here's an exquisite job


The sensible gold of the entrance, back and prime of the shoe appears actually good

Golden Mountain


15. Athanase Sephocle

A shoe with authority.

This can be a rather well-constructed shoe with excessive efficiency, a bit less for hassle and design. When it was stated, Athanase Sephocle, the lower manufacturer of the Berluti manufacturing unit in France, has made some somewhat difficult elements, particularly the raised middle of the insole, and the very robust nail design on the heel. It's a base you can watch by admiring for a long time.

Such a cushty base and heel.

To make this nicely shaped peak straightforward.

Fairly strong look. basic full brogue sample from above except


16. Kiyo

Very conventional take the whole brogue oxford.

Kiyo or Kiyo Uda, like his full identify, is a specially manufactured shoe machine in Tokyo. He does some medium-time period objectives, MTM and tailor-made in his personal identify and in addition the work of different corporations. The shoe is made solely of him. It’s a very conventional shoe with a waist and a primary sample outdoors the square. Closing and doing is in good condition, regardless that you will discover areas that aren’t 100% like a heel with a barely uneven raise, and a few locations have a barely uninteresting base. A pleasant shoe, but somewhat plain

Additionally the bottom could be very conventional

Here you’ll be able to see some areas with improved area, waist heel and bottom edge which are slightly uneven

Clean a superb job here.

Final with a tender sq. tip.

Neat closing.


17. Lu Yang

Specially oriented shoe.

Another Chinese competitor, Lu Yang, is a custom-made shoe that has made all elements of the shoe while Jiao Yang designed. The jury mentioned a bit if it have been thought-about applicable, however we decided to go away it with out points. It’s a pretty cool shoe, perhaps not perfectly balanced, and the diploma of problem is larger than the level of implementation. Very skinny waist, particularly on the surface, which fits a great distance, provides the shoe a special character.

Very slender waist.

Arrow-Formed Heel


You get a bit of cowboy boot feeling if you take a look at the shoe within the profile.

. [1965975].

18. Fumiya Ando

Comparatively spherical model

Japanese manufacturer Fumiya Ando ranked fifth in last yr's World Championships, this yr he gets just a little additional. It is nonetheless a very good signal he provides us this yr, little question that each doing and the level of problem is sweet, although not completely at the highest degree. The aesthetic of the shoe also seems a bit off, with the tip piece being slightly arduous, trendy again piece. Fumiya Ando was beforehand a scholar of artwork, however has now been making footwear for about four years, so this recreation is model new.

Clear and basic.

Right here you possibly can see how the front and back elements of the shoe usually are not

A very tapered, trendy heel with some seen lighter areas between some heel elevations

Very nice work right here.

Brief tip, long vamp.


19. Barbavitra Shoemaker

One other sensible basic

Barbavitra Shoemaker is the model of one other Japanese Yasuhiro Koui. He has made the entire shoe himself. A wonderful shoe, a basic type that looks like it might come from an previous British custom-made company, and properly executed. Nothing actually stands out, but a common degree that exhibits talent. Snug elements embrace the suitable veneer finishing and the pleasant approach that the cone-formed heel continues to shape the profile.

Channel closed adhesive has triggered darker areas to the underside in the direction of the sides, otherwise clear and cozy

Classical Final Type

It is value mentioning, although, that it isn’t part of what the jury seems to be at, a leather that may be a pretty dark brown colour which could be very good high quality.


20. Sergey Grechushkin

Streamlined model

Russian custom-made Sergei Grechushkin, who leads G-footwear, has made a shoe that varies slightly on the manufacturing degree. The work of the heel and the waist is snug and very trendy, and the closure is sweet in width, whereas the ending of the nook and the only edge is a bit rough and has gaps. Evgeniy Zelentinov made the design and the upper, Sergei Gregushkin did it.

Bizarre base with "peach base" when the bottom is simply floor

Prime view

Very skinny waist.

Almont toe


21. Naoki Sugimoto

"Battleship" version of the right brogue model

Naoki Sugimoto is likely one of the many unbiased Japanese shoe machines that work to purchase themselves, and the shoe is an effective footwear. Particularly the nicely-made heel stands out with a flat concave form and a clear leveling on the waist, making it stand alone in a fantastic means.

The underside is really nice, very sharp toe.

Angle is likely one of the things that stand out from the level of problem with a small cuban heel shape, a raised prime and a separate nodge at the waist.

The unfinished inside elements definitely eliminated some factors

Good heel


22. Reid Elrod

Cool Shoe

Reid Elrod from Elrod Footwear, a younger shoemaker based mostly in Portland, USA, studied footwear in Europe a couple of years in the past and has worked at residence in the USA, combining European and American shoe building traditions comfortably. She has fascinating patterning work on this shoe, and the elements have been in problem, reminiscent of a decent bottompick

"Fish Bone" decorations.

Tight backside posts.

The highest closure is sweet,

A profile view that exhibits off the special base counter


23. Masachika Morita

Good shoe

We're now right down to 23rd place, and here the level of footwear continues to be excessive. This considerably particular pattern, full of brand name, is the Japanese Masachika Morita, which is now in Italy, and in addition leads the GranGoron brand. It is strong footwear, and the level of problem continues to be quite high. Aesthetically perhaps not each cup of tea with toe and toe springs

Nicely finished base

Comparatively long toe and toe

The very sharp tip

was slightly raised, which seems to be good.

24. Oh Sang Jun

A barely coarser appearance

Oh Sang Jun is from South Korea, though he discovered to make footwear in Japan about ten years in the past when he’s now working from his residence country. Her footwear look pretty good and have good features, resembling tight single stitching, near the waist edge minimize, and so forth. Few minor mistakes here and there that took the scoreboard

A very tight edge at the waist.

A pleasant element is the top of the tongue.

The shoe is just not absolutely balanced and the heel is raised from the bottom


25. Rozsnyai handcrafted footwear

Shoe with a lot of good design features

The shoe of the Hungarian Rozsnyai shoe, situated on the same road as other properly-recognized Hungarian manufacturers, resembling Vass, and handmade by welted RTW, MTO and MTM. Good to see most of these corporations within the competitors. The shoe is superbly designed and has quite a lot of "tops" that return to the totally different elements of the shoe, all over the place from the liner and from multiple places on the heel prime and toe and toe. Sándor Rozsnyai made the pattern, the higher Mária Kocsis and the bottom Sándor Blaskó


The tops of the design factor have been the whole shoe

From the highest

fairly okay, but not probably the most refined.

26. Valentin Frunza

A shoe with a cowboy boot feels like it.

Moldovan shoe servant Valentin Frunza began to discover ways to manufacture footwear for his father's workshop at the age of 12 and has had his own model for many years. The shoe has clear results on cowboy boots with a toe-formed, high toe stroke, accentuated waist shape and enormous holes. Both the extent of problem and the implementation are extra than just on the proper degree, perhaps just a little at a traditional degree.

Hour glass base


High Toe Stroke

Pointy from

27. Tomohiro Inamori

There's much more spherical right here

More Japanese representatives, Tomohiri Inamori has achieved all of the shoe himself, a reasonably spherical filled with imagination that will get just a little special look with rare hobbies and small tweaks being basic. The shoe seems better from the highest than the bottom, the upper, the heel and heel are pretty good general.

Not the purest single finish and waist isn’t refined.

Fairly Snug Closure, Very Lovely and Contrast Tube

The sample mixes a quarter of a sq. between square corners and a very delicate rounded vamp when it still appears pretty balanced.

The only sew and wrap finish is nicely executed [19659166].

28. Jan Buda

Polish Mark

Jan Buda is a Polish custom employee who has worked for a few years, albeit somewhat beneath the worldwide radar. He was just a little burdened and placed on his footwear, which is a bit obvious, for instance, with a comparatively careless toe burn that makes a bit look. One of the few labels with a tied waist.

A very balanced base.

Waist with Brazilian Tatajuba wood studs, very durable.

The toes are clearly polished.

29. Lawart

A very formidable shoe from the Czech specialty, Lawart, where Erik Martin Lawart has completed the last, pattern and does it, and Aneta Gretzova made the upper. It’s a absolutely hand-sewn shoe with a dense and nicely-made upper stitching, which was part of getting the footwear to comparatively high factors in problem. Slightly much less in implementation, the place there’s still some method to be as clean as a number of the larger footwear, and the jury was not completely all for design.

The one brass nail ornament. [19659181

Last shape of Almond toe

Cute sock lining, additionally hand-sewn.


30. Aleksei Sod

Highly effective shoe.

One other formidable signal, this shoe is created from a local Nizhny Tagil from Russian order. If the upper was the large folding of the previous shoe, here is the only stitching that could be very excessive and in addition snug. As well as, there are some good and less less good elements, and designwise it comes so little out.

Snug ornament on the back, whereas the tip was not properly made, thick and flat on the underside. 19659190] Profile view, very heavy heel.

Wonderful single sew, very tight and properly made.

From above.


31. Andrey Kaveshnikov

A shoe that has solely single holes and is not a full brogue.

Andrei Kaveshnikov is called Moscow Shoemaker on Instagram. It is a shoe that may be a little duplex with a moderately giant and bulbous toe, in contrast to a small, tapered heel. It might have been extra balanced.

Seems pretty cool on the backside

Giant front

Right here you possibly can see how small, tapered heel doesn’t add to the opposite shoe. 19659201] From under, it seems to be nice, with a nice nail paintings


32. Taichi Shimizu

Taichi Shimizu is a Japanese who works as a Carlin trainee in Italy. He's a reasonably new shoe that you would be able to see in a shoe the place the execution is a bit shameful. The construction of the heel and the heel of the heel is good, whereas the one edge and the one finish usually are not the identical.

Good heel, less good single end

Some major upper error errors, resembling the center of the impeller, have been made with less good effect.

profile view.


33. Ivan Alla

Ivan's Shoe Under

If two of the above footwear are a bit uneven in their manufacture, the Russian shoe servant Ivan. He made the entire shoe himself. There are not any real hits or in any course, but no real difficult elements that make the hotspots rise.


Welt seems pretty good.

From the aspect

the higher is sort of properly accomplished


34. The Final Shoemaker

Last Shoemaker is a brand new brand from Thailand that’s Don & # 39; s Footwear 's prime – notch offering that gives hand and MTM / customized made. The competition entry has been made by various individuals: Allan Donnely made the final, the base of Chan Onthaisong and Vinia Chartwong. It isn’t probably the most refined shoe with no quality at all, for example the upper sew, whereas the only end and lining look really good.

Clean base with nice sharp edges. broad, which doesn’t look 100%.

Basic spherical spherical

Pretty green mountain


35. Mihail Burov

Conventional twist

One other Russian custom tailor, Mikhail Burov, who made the shoe himself, apart from the higher sewing made by Alexander Kosimovsky. The perfect half is in the event you in all probability have a relatively clear bottom and the only one to sew, while the opposite elements are lacking somewhat sophistication and talent.

Sole au pure.

The last stability is a bit off when the vast a part of the shoe just isn’t

The increasing distance of the straps provides a special look

The normal last shape

. [1965937].

36. Masami Ishizuka

Masami Ishizuka trains footwear in Tokyo, Japan. He has made a shoe with a moderately particular sample, particularly with a medallion that appears like a graphic atomic sign. It is clear that this shoe is made by someone who’s new to shoe processing, it’s simply made and not exactly correct in execution.

Sole is fairly right.

Aspect view.

Broad last.

A unique model of the medallion


37. Francesco Masci

Francesco Masci is a former lawyer who now serves as a tailor-made shoe servant in Rome, Italy, beneath the model identify F&F. The problem degree of the shoe with a decent conical heel, and so forth., was larger than the implementation degree. The only edge is dangerous and never the most typical.

Shoe with flushing metallic.


The only edge is dangerous and never even flat.



38. Batyr Bikbulatov

Basic stuff

Batyr Bikbulatov is a Russian who lives in Germany for 20 years. She makes shoemaking half-time outdoors her ordinary work and has a label that may be a very basic full brogue. Higher sewing is fairly good, there’s some room for improvement on the backside, now the underside is a bit dirty and never even flat.

The only one just isn’t the cleanest.

profile view.

neat and nicely achieved

Very traditional shoe.


39. Thivakaran

An Indian label, another newbie shoemaker, Thivakaran Palani. The top is sort of special with a diamond software and rotary sewing. It isn’t a neatly made shoe, particularly gold end is tough.

The bottom is an open channel.

Prime view

Edge finishing and stability will not be excellent.

Rotating the top part by stitching.


40. Sebastian Makowski

Shoemaking World Championship remaining shoe 2019.

Sebastian Makowski from Poland isn’t a interest and you may't await a superhair. Its prime manufacturing is one of the best half, while backside manufacturing is a bit harsh. A pleasant touch on the purple lining

The bottom, which was capable of descend and grind properly, completed higher.

Aspect view

Handheld holes

The pink lining is a nice detail.

Pt.1 for extra info on competitors and places 1-10 might be found here.

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