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Star Wars Solo Trailer Reaction and Speculation Time!


Hello youngsters, I know it's cool to download a video for Youtube, which seems like a full jack-ass that wanders a few 30 second clip. As an alternative, learn our ideas! Studying is sweet for you!

New Solo-trailer of this upcoming Star Wars aspect of the story is brief, but the man actually turned me in this venture. I feel I'm very easy to please. Virtually everyone knows concerning the issues when leaders have shot and changed Ron Howard. No matter your feelings, Ron Howard is a bit frightened to know that there was an enormous change in course. So, when you’ve gotten seen two teasers that I’m absolutely on board!

We decided to share our reaction and take part in speculation. Be a part of me (Vincent) and Chris on this journey

Vincent: Arms on Star Wars Controllers! This made me extra excited than it ought to be.

Chris: Okay, perhaps you're too straightforward. I was like "Yup, this is the stuff I recognize." Nevertheless, the sound design is barely totally different than you anticipate. Sounds… actual?


Vincent: Exhibits the Imperial Railway Station. Notice that there is a R2 unit

Chris: There are additionally some Stormtropers. I hear there's one other variation there. Rogue One gave us Dying Troopers and some type of Tank Troopers. Right here is Range Troopers. They are approaching G.I. The world of ​​Joe BLANK-Viper, however truthfully, makes higher toys. In their toys, they want more cool troopers and strange

Vincent: Some Rogue One troops did nicely, but once they reached the final Jedi "Execution Trooper", that they had finally reached the top of the silly special forces. 19659002]  Solo-Star-Wars-Trailer-Reaction

Vincent: Han Solo meets an imperial recruiter. Han Solo again on the expanded universe has all the time contained him to the Empire in some capacity, I am really glad that they favored it.

Chris: Yeah, I don't keep in mind a lot of the gadgets in the prolonged universe even within the 90s, but every little thing in the trailer is principally consistent with Han's historical past. If he is on the lookout for his Academy, I feel that is occurring in Corellia, Han's hometown. Man, I guess that this was hilarious when Lord & Miller directed it. Workplace jokes! He steals a stapler. Nerdy bureaucrats!

By the best way, does it seem to be a wierd place for an interview? In the midst of a busy practice station? How does that work? "You said you had experience flying what?"




Vincent: I see Han being automobiles or accelerators. He looks like he might be a automotive man.

Chris: They put automobiles quicker to provide George Lucas a visual boner.

On a critical scale, you possibly can't see it too properly in this state of affairs, however within the video you possibly can inform that he has a small golden dice you see in the hanging Falcon cockpit at Star Wars and that we take a look at the top of the newest Jedi. I hope we get 15 minutes to elucidate the place they got here from.


Vincent: Han and Qi Ra (Emilia Clarke) are in the operating kingdom? A quicker bike reminds me of Rey's.

Chris: I suppose these are his time in Corellia, and he and Qi grew collectively. He in all probability had little scams and crap earlier than he turned a full-fledged smuggler. Hey, perhaps he will get into hassle with the empire and is sure to hitch them identical to Mahoney on the first police academy.

Yeah, I guess Solo follows the plot of the police. I can't watch for a scene the place Han Solo hits the young Sy Snootles podium and he's blowing Grand Moff in Tarkin before everyone.


] Vincent: It appears we are an early imperial sort we’ve never seen earlier than. Extra toy gross sales

Chris: Bought! It have to be troublesome to create new one-planet planets for Star Wars.


Vincent: Many movie speeds are square / rectangular. I questioned if this type was between the Clone Wars and the New Hope

Chris: Above all, I see the Admiral Ackbar's cousin who swims in the ocean!

If you wish to be critical for two seconds, take a look at the physique and tail lights for his accelerator. It’s utterly designed to point out… FORD FALCON

 ford Falcon


Vincent: There are a couple of Turkish Solo trailers. The boy, PETA, will probably be bullied.

Chris: “Here in the mountains is cold. I remember some selviytymisosaamisia, if I ever catch a cold just Tauntaunin and searchlight. ”

Vincent:“ I’m wondering if they odor worse inside or outdoors. Oh, I’ll in all probability by no means survive.


Vincent: We see a ship that you’re presupposed to be a Millennium Falcon, besides this time it's an entire new look. It might make sense for it to appear to be garbage once we see it in a new hope, on the planet our automobiles can grow older shortly… particularly in case you use them for smuggling.

Chris: I acknowledge this!


Vincent: Han looked at Falcon. We don't understand how he's going to get it from Lando. Perhaps he thinks he's stealing it or profitable it.

Chris: I read a deceptive message at present about how Falcon is in search of a brand new and considerably totally different Solo creates an enormous continuity error. In what method? The Sith Revenge of Sith has a shot where Falcon flies in Coruscant in the background, and it appears like it’ll work later in Star Wars. Nevertheless it happened earlier than this!

A) Congratulations on seeing it.

B) I can really consider there are Starship producers who make multiple of each star ship. Have you learnt how we saw a number of X-Wings? There could be numerous Corellian charters!

Vincent: I also noticed this text. I feel they stocked it because Lucas or someone stated it ought to be the same. Guess what? It isn’t explicitly mentioned in the film, so it might be a special ship.


Vincent: It's a Area Practice! I’ll guess that heroes have some cargo in stock.

Chris: I guess Woody Harrelson teaches Chania to steal something from it. Practice exhibits loads of the identical practice degree that was within the Imperial Shadow (RIP, Expanded Universe)


Vincent: cool new dangerous guy preventing on the practice with Han Solo

Chris: I hope they don't have this man in the long run: "Now is the time to put my armor and call me … Boba Fett!" 19659002]  Solo-Star-Wars-Trailer-Reaction

Vincent: Hanging on the seashore. I do not know what's occurring right here.

Chris: Perhaps Han and Qi go to the sport we see in a couple of photographs.

I hope it’s Jakku and we see Han's tips from Rey's mother and father. final greenback


Vincent: Woody Harrelson aka Tobias Beckett performs some of the widespread names in Star Wars. I assume perhaps this can be a area cemetery.

Chris: "Kid, I teach you two things: how to smuggle and sanctify the holy land of the carrots."

] Solo-Star-Wars-Trailer-Reaction

Vincent: Man, it’s a cool go well with. The droid I am going to have is a brand new K2SO. Droid we love and die.

Chris: However this droid is a lady. Recreation changer. That is additionally Qi, so I feel there are a number of Han-aged jumps in the film.

Vincent: There has already been a female droid. Waiter for Dexter's Eating at Episode II. Yes, it was an actual star-wars film and no fever dream!


Vincent: Donald Glover performs Lando. Can we now get Landon Episode 9? And don't kill him?

Chris: Nice Casting. Glover and Harrelson are the most effective ways to make this entertaining.

Is it a bit unusual that they really don't show us Chania themselves?

Vincent: Sure and No. Every time I see the face of a new Han, I feel, "It's not really Han."


Vincent: Only a good character of this character. I’m wondering how essential he’s. She seems to be fairly dangerous ass

Chris: Thandie Newton. Implausible today Westworld. He teaches Han how you can cover in secret cargo websites, or he finally ends up as an imperial spy


Vincent: Area Monkey

Have to be a minimum of one unusual pilot. I Had Sebulbaa


Vincent: Han Solo got here into play or something? Moody shot, that's for positive.

Chris: Canto Bight? In all probability not. Perhaps this tower on the seashore.


Vincent: Chew has two bands of bandol! New Toy Opportunity!

Chris: I feel it's arduous to make Chewie look totally different in films because she's principally just a bare bear. I feel the 90's flattop can be the best way to go.


Vincent: Lando and new droids trade cool hand alerts. I’m wondering if Lando has owned him.

Chris: He sanctifies him.


Vincent: Oudo a singer with a wierd thing in a jar.

Chris: It appears like Boushh's helmet. For my part, it’s a tower on the seashore and additionally a gambling area. However who knows?


Vincent: Han plans to make a quick guess. He was all the time considered a gunslinger, however we by no means saw him make an previous western guess until you let him kill Greed in the cold blood.

Chris: Alternatively, Han controls his capacity to maneuver on to him and not using a vital facial or muscle response to keep away from the Blaster shot. Then he says, "I'll never shoot first!"


Vincent: Is that this cool new dangerous guy we see on the practice?!

Chris: Completely. I hope there are a selection of bizarre hunters on this film. Something I've needed extra from the Jedi returned.

Vincent: * pushes glass nose nails * I feel you imply Empire Strikes Again


Vincent: There are some photographs of visitors and some smaller ships.

Chris: It's more doubtless than you guess: Han Solo spends eight years as city bus driver

 Solo-Star-Wars-Trailer- Reaction

Vincent: Han, who delivered the cocky, then a bit of away when his guy informed him he received him.

Chris: I attraction to you for any variety of imperial credit Qi & # 39; Ra knows "real name" and it's not as cool as Han Solo. I hope that I’m flawed.

Vincent: "Han Solo was the dog's name!"


Vincent: Imperial Star Destroyer launches some TIEs. (new toy!). I assume it’s a recruited TIE or somebody with advanced scanners in a crazy area surroundings.

Chris: It seems to be like I might be one other sort of Gunner placement. And I feel only the leader is like that. The odd mistake jogs my memory of Star Trek II. Which in all probability means that is Kessel's run as a result of it was a threshold line that has not yet been defined


Vincent: Right here's another image.

Chris: I agree, it appears very cool.


Vincent: Han makes a classy roll to destroy a TIE. He's a reasonably good pilot!

Chris: "Try spinning – it's a good trick! Whoaaaa!"

So, this unusual space have to be Kessel Run.


] Vincent: Han is messy

Chris: Photographs like this helps to create Harrison Ford's basic line at Empire Strikes Again: "When I was younger I looked and sounded different!"

 Solo-Star-Wars-Trailer- Reaction

Vincent: The Right Reaction to the State of affairs

Chris: By no means tell him the chances! ” width=”1354″ peak=”565″ />

Vincent: I'm not very excited concerning the big area film, nevertheless it has been much worse on Star Wars

Chris: It's nicely established

 Solo-Star-Wars-Trailer-Reaction ]

Vincent: Right here's a better image of Falcon, who is engaged in fastened okay appaletta between mandibles. Fairly cool. And a great way to promote new toys!

Chris: If this can be a cargo ship, perhaps it carried real freight?


Vincent: Chewie rests comfortably on Han. I guess this is after his girlfriend kicks the bucket on this flick.

Chris: He and Han make a heroic choice to sell weapons to Jabbal Hutt (I mean he's in all probability simply within the movie I simply say)