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NXT Results – March 13, 2019 – Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final – TPWW

NXT Results - March 13, 2019 - Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final - TPWW

Results: Richard Trionfo,

Winter Park, FL – Full Sail Reside
Remark: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson


Fast outcomes

  1. 2: Forgotten Sons Wins Mustache Mountain Double and Reverse DDT Mixture in Seven
  2. # 1 Rivals Match: Io Shirai vs. Bianca Belair There was no competition when Shayna Baszler disturbed
  3. Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Spherical 2: Aleister Black & Ricochet gained #DIY ( Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) in Black and 630 in Ciampa

Classic Semifinals of Dusty Rhodes Tag Group
Mountain of Mustache (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs. Forgotten Boys (Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler) [19659008] Bate and Blake launch things and Blake wristwatch. Bate turning and taking down. Flip with slam and cutler and depart the elbow drop. Bate is suplex and she or he gets virtually dropped. Bate with arm using wrist. Cutler is elbow and kick. Cutler pierces and kicks the nook and Blake tags in. Blake is a cobra change Bate. Bate descends to his stomach-to-back suplex and seven tags. Blake is shipped to the ground and to seven cuts and to DDT Cutler. Blake with kick and Seven slam for the coming autumn.

With seven commas, Cutler makes a word and Cutler's blade when Blake retains seven. Cutler is on his knees and continues to work on his knees. Cutler launches seven and continues to work on foot. Blake tags and he hits a foot drop on his leg as Cutler keeps seven ft over the trailer. Blake will get virtually autumn. Blake, with a rotating toe, and then he does it again. Blake with another rotating tip, but seven with an inner cradle near the fall. Blake retains Seven out of the identification and uses the determine for a four-foot lock, however seven turns maintain. Blake takes the ropes to drive Seven to launch the grip. Cutler tags and kicks seven.

Seven with a sundown flap close to the knee in the autumn. Cutler avoids the ensuigir and the seven elbows. Both men with a clothesline and each males are down. Bate and Blake and Bate with clothespins, and the back piece drops after Irish whip. Bate and drop kick to Blake and then hit Cutler's operating elbow. Bate's airplane spin at Cutler after which he sees Blake going forwards and backwards, and he gets Blake on his again as it is a jumbo aircraft spin. Bate a double rana and it sends Blake and Cutler to the ground. Bate forgets the capturing star to squeeze the apron. Bate explodes after which hits a operating shooter by pressing Blake on the floor

Bate will get up and hits the corkscrew splash, but Cutler breaks the duvet. Bate sends Cutler to the ground after which marks seven. Seven lymphats when he applies full Nelson and Bate hits his clothesline on the Dragon Suplex for seven, however Blake's foot is put on the rope. Bate with Plancha on Cutler and Blake. Bate tags and he will get up. Seven get Blake's shoulders, but the referee has come throughout and Bate is pushed out and Ryker hits Bateen. Cutler takes care of seven after which they hit the double stomp and the inverse DDT combination for 3 readings.

Winners: Forgotten Boys (prematurely)

Backstage: Matt Riddle, Adam Cole

Matt Riddle is behind and asked why he encountered Velvet in Dream. Matt says he needed to see the title and say. Adam Cole interrupts and he says Riddle is unhappy to assume he deserves the North American title page. Cole says he is the subsequent champion and it is indisputable. Matt says Cole is talking a few exhausting recreation, however why doesn't it happen in the ring?

# 1 Contender Match
Io Shirai vs. Bianca Belair

NXT Ladies's Champion Shayna Baszler joins the commentary staff of this match [19659009] Belair pie face Shirai. They lock and Belair filled with Nelson and Shira. Belair with shoulders and she or he misses. Shirai drops the kick and Belair goes to the ground. Io places the dive on the floor, however Belair strikes. Belair catches Shirain out of the pre-tie and Belair falls on the Shirai ring from the ringing points. They return to the ring and Belair is approaching. Belair hits Io. Belair will get virtually autumn. Shirai escapes from the slam and gets virtually a drop. Belair, who has virtually fallen in Shira.

Belair, with double undercoat, but Shirai with roll and double Stomp. Shirai with a drop tip and Io Tiger with Feint Kick. Io, where there’s a springboard to kick kick Belair. Io, who has a operating double knee, hits the nook and then rises from the top, however Belair grinds Shirai and puts him within the tree of persecution. Belair whispers Io's hair. Belair goes round, however Io stops him. Io climbs on the turnbuckle and Io hit Belair and then hits Frankensteiner on the turnstiles. Io rises from the top to the moon and descends to Belair's knees.

Shayna comes up from the bulletin board and leaves the ring and pulls the Io on the ground. The decide calls the watch and Shaynan Kirifuta Clutch

No competitors

After the match, Kairi Sane leaves for the ring and Shayna applies Kirifuta's change to Sane. Io hits Shayna to pressure him to release the Phrase. Shirai sends Baszler to the floor. Io checks Sane and Shayna returns to the ring and puts Shirain on Kirifuta Clutch

Subsequent week

We take a look at Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic two weeks ago. We see the confrontation at Efficiency Middle final week. They’ll meet subsequent week

Backstage: Shayna Baszler

NXT #WomensChampion @QoSBaszler can’t identify one competitor that is invaluable to the title choice … but @catherinekelley reveals that @RealKingRegal can identify THREE! #WWENXT #NXTTakeOver [19659009] – WWE (@WWE) March 14, 2019

Shayna Baszler is requested why he did what he did. Shayna says that everyone thinks they should face him, but none of them deserve it. Shayna is advised that she is going to meet with Io Shirai, Kairi Sane and Bianca Belair.

Classic Semifinals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Group
Aleister Black & Ricochet vs. #DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano)

Black and Ciampa begin off. They lock and go into the dam. Black leaves the spherical and Ciampa rolling. Black, kicking and kicking in the middle. Black will get virtually a invoice. Black with drop tip and Black with arm. Ricochet tags and he works on the arm. Ricochet in hand. CIampa with aspect-aspect lock and Ricochet escaping. Ciampa, whose head has started, and Gargano tags. Gargano with a drop kick to the again of the top near the autumn. Gargano, with an Irish whip and Ricochet, hovers over. Ricohet avoids Gargano and Gargano prevents the handle from scissors, but Ricochet is able to hit the handle with scissors and drop the kick. Ricochet puts a dive on the floor, however he sees Ciampa shifting to Gargano and he makes a superhero landing.

Ricochet, with a drop kick and then Black and Ricochet sitting in the midst of the ring. Ciampa with waist lock, but Ricochet elbow. Gargano with a hip leg. Gargano, with a suplex and an in depth relative. Gargano sends Ricochet to the crank and Ciampa tags. Ciampa kicks Ricochet in the nook. Ciampa catapolises to the bottom of Ricochet's throat and the Gargano tags. They need to use Ricochet. Gargano, with a neck breaker, gets virtually a invoice. Ciampa tags and he connects the forearm with Ricochet's lower back. Ciampa neck breaker

Ciampa mocks Black sits down in front of him. Ricochet is shipped to threads and Gargano tags. Gargano gets an in depth relative. Gargano, with a wrist lock, puts his hand on the carpet and bounces on his elbow. Ciampa tags back and he snaps Mars Ricochet and applies a reverse jaw lock. Ciampa keeps Ricochet without figuring out tags and Gargano tags. Ciampa has started with Gargano enzyme. Gargano goes to the DDT sling, however Ricochet blocks it and hits Ciampa. Gargano with a clothesline for Ricochet. Ciampa tags are retrieved.

Ciampa, where the operating knee is close to autumn. The Gargano tags again and Ricochet block the Ciampa pot, and he sends Gargano Ciampa and Ricochet with Ciampa and Ciampa neck breakers. Black tag and he hits the operating forearm and again elbow. Black and kick thigh and leg swipe. Black with baseball slide on the top followed by Quebrada in Ciampa and Gargano. Black will get virtually a bill. Gargano avoids a suplex with a knee head. Gargano avoids sweeping his legs and kicks Balck on his head. Gargano is shipped to the ahead motion. Black with a kick when Gargano leaves the spear ring. Black with a stroke, but Ciampa breaks the lid. Ricochet sends Ciampa tot to her flooring. Black with an elbow behind Gargano. Ciampa tags and hits the top. Black knee to Ciampa, whereas Ricochet pulls on Gargano flooring. Ricochet misses the moon on the floor and Gargano super-kick

Black rises up and Ciampa stops in Black and hits the London Tower with a forward motion. Gargano, with DTS and Black strips, starts. Gargano with La Mistica GargaNo Escape. Ciampa with Fujiwara arm in Ricochet. Ricochet gets Ciampa on his shoulders and drops Ciampa on Gargano.Gargano holds his knees and has hassle getting up. Ciampa makes an indication and Ciampa sees Gargano on the ground and Ciampa checks Gargano. Ricochet tags. Ricochet's arms and Ciampa burn back, however Ricochet's benefit until Ciampa hits the forearm. Ricochet is lacking the pot, however Ciampa knees and Ricochet with Pele kick.

Gargano tries to get back to the prelude and black tags. Black leaves a round pot and Ciampa goes to Fairy Story Ending, but black to black and Ricochet rises from 630 to Splash and three chips.

After the match, Black and Ricochet have fun their victory in the ring. The finals can be held in two weeks

Winners: Ricochet and Aleister Black (prematurely)

Phase: Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa

Candice LeRae makes a habit of checking her husband. Ciampa leaves to examine Johnny. Ciampa and Candice assist Johnnya ramp. Johnny collapses in front of the trophy. Ciampa helps Johnny again and Ciampa tries to send Gargano to HunterTron, however Gargano translates things and sends Ciampa to HunterTron. Gargano and operating knee. Candice is impressed by what her husband just did.