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NXT Results – July 24, 2019 – Keith Lee vs. Damian Priest – TPWW

Results: Richard Trionfo,

Winter Park, FL – Full Sail Reside
Remark: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Beth Phoenix

NXT Breakout Event Jordan Myles Wins Angel Garza by way of German suplex
  • Bianca Belair defeats Xia Li by way of KOD
  • Io Shirai defeats Kacy Catanzaro on DQ while Candice LeRae assaults Shirai
  • Damian Priest defeats Keith Lee in The Reckoning8
  • Regal
  • Last week, we saw Johnny Gargano get some revenge on NXT males's champion Adam Cole after weeks of Johnny taking covert photographs. William Regal announced that they might meet at Takeover in Toronto for the 2 Three Falls of Three teams, where every wrestler selected the condition, and if it goes via the third fall, William Regal will select the order.

    NXT Breakout Event Semifinal Match
    Jordan Myles vs. Angel Garza

    Garza presents his hand and Myles tries to shake it, however Garza pulls it again. They lock in with Myles with a waist buckle and Garza with a everlasting clutch. Myles, who has a pull-down, but Garza on the primary shears. Myles can escape. Garza with wrist lock, but Myles with reversing. Myles with the bar bar and Garza with the ropes. Myles, who has a hand to tug his arm. Myles drops a kick to Garza. Garza tells Myles to return to her apron and Myles avoids swiping her ft and hits a knockout. Garza pulls Myles out of the apron and Myles falls down onerous on the ground. Garza sends Myles to the play levels. Garza sends Myles to the guard and Garza returns to the ring.

    Garza removes his pants to reveal his socks and the referee continues to drop to Myles. Garza kicks Myles as Myles returns to the ring. Garza punctures and locations the double bottom diaper back on the breaker. Garza tries to work on his again and he gets stuck, but he doesn't lose a second time. Garza goes to the cam change and he makes use of it. Garza runs within the again, however Myles turns and will get close. Garza, with its thrust, is nearing autumn. Garza pushes Myles to the ropes and the referee warns Garza. Garza forearms and he sends Myles into the fold. Garza tries to ship Myles to the connecting rods, but Myles blocks it. Myles sends Garza to the breasts and to Myles by robbing her chest.

    Myles with operating forearm and one. Myles with a swipe of his ft and a kick to the temple. Myles with a clothesline and Myles getting up. Garza rolls away from Myles and Myles goes to the forefront and goes to the springboard, however Garza hits Myles by dropping the pot close to the autumn. Garza is missing from the springboard moonsault and Garza is touchdown on her ft. Myles with a foot sweep and a clothesline around the corner. Myles, with load lifting Germany, suplex of three bills.

    Winner: Jordan Myles (advancing to finals)

    After the match, Shane Thorne goes to the bulletin board and needs to know why he debuts eight superstars when getting him. They haven’t any expertise and they’re no better than his worst on one of the best day. Thorne says she doesn't want a event to break it down.

    Backstage: Johnny Gargano

    We are again and Johnny Gargano says whenever you took his household with you, you made things personal. In New York, he would make NXT a champion. It's not about that anymore. He does what it’s essential to overcome the hell out of you. You possibly can deliver weapons and your sons, but deliver your identify. Johnny says his suggestion is Road Struggle.

    Bianca Belair vs. Xia Li

    #ESTofNXT @BiancaBelairWWE can do it ALL! #WWENXT [19659012] – WWE (@WWE) July 25, 2019

    Belair runs to Li's nook and joins the shoulders in a collection. Belair who strikes Li. Belair more forearms and he throws Li around the ring. Belair misses the nook, however Belair sticks to Li's hair. Belair with double bottom diaper and Glam Slam adopted by a handshake. Li rolls on the apron and Belair brings Li again to the ring with hip loss. Li, together with his back and Belair, catches on the Li junction after which hits a fallaway slam

    Belair kicks Li and connects behind his forearm. Belair goes for a delayed vertical suplex and Belair dies, but Li will get his leg and he hits Belair. Li, who has a chest whereas supporting Belair on a thread. Li jumps over Belair and Belair to his shoulder. Belair with KOD for three readings

    Winner: Bianca Belair

    Video: Killian Dain

    We go to the Killian Dain video. He stated he wouldn't attack anybody, however the distinction is that Matt Riddle isn't just anyone. Matt Riddle is anyone. Former UFC fighter and in his world he could be the hardest. Dain says on the earth, there are not any rules. When he put Matt Riddle by means of this step, he solely obtained a glimpse into Dain's world. He can't wait to point out you every little thing and welcome you to his world.

    Backstage: Mia Yim, Jessamyn Duke

    WHAT'S EVER YOU, @MiaYim ?! @jessamynduke #WWENXT [19659012] – WWE NXT (@WWENXT) July 25, 2019

    We see a video from the earlier week when Jessamyn Duke was within the Performance Middle and Mia attacked Mia Yim.

    Mia asks Duke if she thinks it's a recreation. Mia kicks the locker room in Duke's head and walks away.

    In-Ring: The Velveteen Dream, Roderick Robust, Pete Dunne

    NXT North American champion Velveteen Dream goes into the ring. Dream says the only method he’ll step down is to be a North American champion the day the expertise dies. That day he needs to go straight to hell. That's what it seems like without the NXT North American Champion. That was how Roderick Robust gained him. Roderick Robust is one hell of a person and he hears that Robust can go all night time. Regardless of who he’s, and if he will get the expertise he asks for, the beam is on and the dream is over. Robust is aware of he's not large enough to experience. Dream says there’s someone who may be large enough. In case you are beneath the voice of Dream of Velvet, he needs to experience you.

    Undisputed Period music and Roderick Robust music go on stage. Robust says it's a cool story. Roderick says he doesn't consider Dream believes something he says. Robust says he is aware of why Dream forgets him. You're scared. Even with these glasses, he can see it in your eyes. Robust says the dream is aware of that he is probably the most deserving challenger on this continent, but he’s the actual factor and he can take the dream title identical to that. Robust tells Dream to provide her what she needs. Otto from Toronto. In consequence, expertise dies. That is plain.

    Pete Dunne's music plays and walks round. A robust one hits Dunne's face and Dunne grabs Robust's hand and snaps his fingers and sends robust ones to the ground. Dunne smiles and appears at Dream's belt, however Dream leaves the ring with out saying a word

    Backstage: Roderick Robust, William Regal

    We're again and Roderick Robust is on his method with William Regal. Robust needs to know what Pete Dunne is doing on NXT and who Pete Dunne believes he’ll take his probability. Robust says he pinned Dream so the match ought to be his.

    Regal says he has spoken with Johnny Saint and Regal says that Pete Dunne has been part of NXT for some time. In Toronto it was Roderick vs. Velveteen Dream NXT North American Championship. Regal says that Velveteen Dream meets Pete Dunne and Roderick Robust at Takeover.

    Robust says he needs to satisfy Dunne to ensure Dunne doesn't do it for Takeover.

    Kacy Catanzaro vs. Io Shirai

    🍬 @CandiceLeRae is nice however NOT DELIVERY!

    Is @shirai_io officially on his head? #WWENXT [19659012] – WWE (@WWE) July 25, 2019

    Shirai in a drop-off like watch rings and Io with a operating double knee image.

    Candice LeRae assaults Ioa and the referee calls the bell.

    Winner: Io Shirai (by disqualification)

    Candice, whose kick sends Io to the ground and Candice follows a suicide dive. Candice gets a chair and Io finally ends up on the ramp for safety.

    Backstage: Adam Cole

    Adam Cole says that management is making an attempt to screw up an undisputed era. Roderick was presupposed to face Velvet Dream, however Pete Dunne is added to the combination. The robust comes out because the champion of North America. Road Income thinks it might be a good idea to simply accept the challenge of Bobby Fish and Kyle Reilly. In Toronto, the undisputed period is gilded. Adam mentions Johnny's announcement, however nothing is more remaining than a one-sided wrestling match. That's what he gained at Gargano. You name yourself Johnny Wrestling, however as soon as you move on, you’ll be able to't use that identify anymore.

    Next Week

    Subsequent week, Tyler Breeze meets Jaxson Ryker. We also see Pete Dunnen and Roderick Robust.

    Keith Lee vs. Damian Priest

    Lee stories that the priest listens to the audience singing to him. They lock and Priest has a lock and a aspect lock. Lee picks up the priest but Priest holds the aspect lock. A priest with a shoulder however Lee doesn't move. The priest who strikes the body. Lee and Priest long for a collection of punches and kicks, including a leaping bike that just drowns. Lee, who has shoulders, and picks up Priest's finger. Lee raises Priest together with his arm and Priest to flee. Priest kicks Lee backwards and Priest backwards.

    Priest with a restraining inflatable bag. Priest goes for the suplex, but Lee blocks it. A priest who has a kick in the hand, adopted by a clothesline and a priest, is about to fall. A priest with a chin on the again. Lee gets on his ft and the priest kneels. Priest goes for the suplex, but Lee blocks it. A priest on his forearm tries an Irish whip, but Lee prevents it. Lee, who has an Irish whip and a priest, goes to the forefront. Priest, with a fistlock and a priest, walks the ropes and crosses close to the body. Priest with a stroke on Lee.

    Lee grabs Priest's wrist, however Priest pierces. Priest with more punches, however Lee holds on. Lee punches and pulls more punches for Priest. Lee with a operating forearm at an angle adopted by a clothesline virtually within the fall. Lee runs to his elbow and to Priest with the kick and Falcon Arrow. A priest with punches and kicks for Lee, adopted by an forearm, however with Lee's arm. Priest with a kick however Lee with a double hand. Lee with a POUNCE to Priest

    Priest rolls to the floor and Lee follows. Lee grabs Priest's hair and sends Priest back into the ring, however Priest kneels to knock Lee off the apron. A priest with an inverted dive, but Lee captures the priest and Lee tries a strong bomb, however the priest lands on his ft. The priest replaces his ears and hits a bicycle kick that sends Lee ringtones. Lee returns to his ft and helps the priest. Priest returns to the ring and so does Lee. The priest hides behind the decide and hits Cyclone Kick, followed by Reckoning for three chapters.

    Winner: Priest of Damian