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NXT Results – August 21, 2019 – Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain – TPWW

NXT Results - August 21, 2019 - Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain - TPWW

Results: Richard Trionfo,

Winter Park, FL – Full Sail Stay
Comment: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Beth Phoenix


Damian Priest Wins Mansoor The Score
  • Mia Yim Wins Vanessa Bornen Shield Ya
  • Shane Thorne defeated Bronson Reed with a operating shoe
  • Killian Dain defeated Matt Riddle by three Vader Bombs

  • : Undisputed Era, Jordan Myles] No matter @AdamColePro says, we expect we hear @Go .

    # NXTBreakoutTourney Winner Points of interest Set for # NXTC Championship! #WWENXT[19659010←—WWE(@WWE)22August2019

    NXT Men's Champion Adam Cole is on his option to the ring with plain members of his era.

    Adam says. that he did every little thing he stated. He defeated Johnny Gargano and efficiently defended his NXT championship. Adam says individuals say he had an accomplishment in his life, and now it's not a query, he's the greatest NXT master ever to stay. Adam needs to offer everybody an instance. If there was NXT Mount Rushmore, you wouldn't see the faces of Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampan, Shinsuke Nakamura or Finn Balor. That may be Adam Cole's face 4 occasions.

    Roderick stays in all 4 they need to stand here in gold clad. There’s nonetheless plain prophecy to be fulfilled. They have been screwed. Roderick says they're going to chop the chase. Velvet Dream, you didn't fix me, you fastened Pete Dunnen. The driving time of your North American Championship matches is borrowed. As soon as you stop killing him, Roderick says he’ll fulfill some of his prophecy.

    Kyle O'Reilly says you have to get the suitable man to win the tag group match. Kyle presents Exhibit A when Bobby Fish tagged in the course of the takeover. Kyle says he might not have a regulation degree, however he is resting on his skills. Bobby says it is clear to anybody with a working eye that they did not lose the Road win. Bobby tells the silly practitioner William Regal to return out and do it proper.

    Adam needs them to do it right. The undisputed era in comparison with gold is what's right. Kyle and Bobby, you're the most important tag group in NXT history, and it's a matter of time before you will get Titles. Adam tells Roddy that the North American title has his identify on it. Adam says they are two steps from their prediction and administration of this place. They are two steps away from making this place unquestionable.

    As they make their means up the ramp, Jordan Myles goes by contract to the stage.

    Adam calls the timeout and says Jordan have to be joking if he thinks he's going to make use of his title alternative at the NXT Championship. When you make a mistake once you challenge him, Adam says a knocking smile on his face. Why don't you challenge Shayna Baszler. What about going to NXT UK or 205 Stay to challenge their champions? They're not on the identical degree as Adam Cole. Adam decided to speak slowly as a result of Jordan didn't appear to be listening. A younger wrestler's profession is nothing in need of a problem to challenge him for the title. Adam says that in the event you problem him, he will make your profession an plain failure.

    Jordan palms over the contract to Adam and then drops it in front of Adam.

    Again Boots: Bronson Reed, Shane Thorne


    We move on to the feedback by Bronson Reed. He stated it was one of many biggest alternatives of his career. Bronson says he needs more as a result of he’s the king of Australia's robust type.

    Shane Thorne comes up and tells Bronson he was given a chance and blasted it. Shane says Bronson has wasted everyone's time. Bronson challenges Shane to the match and Shane accepts.

    Mansoor vs. Damian Priest

    Fist meets face… #WWENXT[1965901010—WWENXT(@WWENXT)22thAugust2019

    . ] They lock and Priest on a clear break and Mansoor pushes Priest. The priest pushes again. Mansoor goes to the turntables and Priest pulls Mansoor to the carpet. A priest with a boot and a punch, followed by a knee. Priest on the shoe. Mansoor with piercings and Priest on his knees. He sends Mansoor over the top rope, but Mansoor lands on the apron. Mansoor slides back in and connects to the arm. A priest on his forearm knocking on Mansoor's rug. Mansoor with inner cradle for close touchdown.

    Mansoor with a kick however the Priest stays on his ft. Mansoor by bike and Priest stays on their ft. The priest goes to the throttle and Mansoor lands on his ft and hits the enzuigir. The priest is shipped to the floor and to Mansoor with a plancha. Mansoor chest protector. Priest pushes Mansoor out of DDT's tornado. Priest on clothesline and Splash Mountain. Priest to think about three counts.

    Winner: Damian Priest

    Mia Yim vs. Vanessa Borne

    Borne followed Aliyah. Borne kicks and stumbles on his hand. Borne with a aspect lock, however Mia together with his personal aspect lock. Mia with shoulder and double thrust in the throat. Aliyah grabs Mia's foot and Bornee's Samoan drop close to the drop. Borne drives Mia to the lock and kicks Mia behind. Vanessa hangs on Mia's ropes and hits her and kicks her within the lower back. Vanessa's pie meets Mia and Mia by beating her. Vanessa passes Mia and Mia's double leg takes down and strikes. Mia kicks and forearms. Mia chopping and different kicks. Mia, who has extra pieces for Vanessa, after which Biel. Mia with a cannonball after which hits Shield Ya Neck for 3 photographs.

    Winner: Mia Yim

    The music performed by Shayna Baszler, the grasp of NXT ladies, performs her on stage and has something to say. Shayna tells Mia that she is Mrs. You fought him and took him to places nobody else might. Shayna says she saw it in Mia's eyes. You have to have gone to some dark locations. Shayna says she needed to assume. They don't should face each other like enemies. You’ll be able to stand beside him. .

    Marina and Jessamyn rise to the fore. Shayna says it's nice and heat beneath the dragon's wing. She needs to know what Mia has to say.

    Mia appears round and goes after Duke and Marina kick Mia. Marina off and Shayna kicked. Shayna punches Mia. Officers come into the ring making an attempt to tug Shayna and Marina away from Mia.

    Video: Keith Lee, Dominic Dijakovic

    We glance again at Keith Lee and Dominic Dijakovic, and the match is up next week. Keith says the universe has not seen something yet. Dominic says they’re two monsters who do anything. Keith says you don't see individuals like them doing this. Dominic mentions that his final match earlier than signing with NXT was towards Keith and then he seems. In response to Dominic, Keith has been around ten, however Dominic has solely been here five. What he has finished in these 5 years. In line with Dominic, Keith is right here because of Dijakovic.

    Keith says that was not the best way they needed it to end. Dominic says they both needed to get back in the ring. Keith says it was the type of struggle he needed. Dominic says his sights are on Keith Lee. Keith says he is right here as a recreation changer. Put together to shine in glory. Dominic says the one factor Keith can save is irrelevance. Keith says Dominic's mission is to Feast Your Eyes. Keith says he noticed him increase his A-recreation and do what we do greatest.

    Shane Thorne vs. Bronson Reed

    Thorne kicks earlier than locking. Thorne takes one other kick and Thorne returns to the corner and goes to the ground to keep away from Reed. Thorne returns to the ring and Reed blocks the kick and takes Thorne to the carpet. Reed sits on Thorne's again and fastens his arm. Thorne sends Reed to the swinging locks and connects with a kick. Tower with arm. The reed catches Thorne's leap frog and hits the seated backbone. Cane with operating shoe on the top. Reed presses over Thorne's head, however with Thorne's eyelids followed by a clip. Thorne with forearms and kicks.

    Thorne kicks his back and grabs his hair but Reed shreds. Thorne drops the kick and Reed stays on his ft. Thorne drops a nook kick, adopted by a cannonball close to the drop. Thorne goes to the Saito suplex, however Reed blocks it. Tower at the prime of Europe, but Reed with a heavy blow. Cane with forearm and forearm. Cane with a Samoan drop. Reed runs into the trunk and Reed together with his physique elements and backrest. Reed splashed in the nook and one other.

    Thorne falls to the ground and Reed follows. Reed grabs Thorne and sends Thorne back to the ring. Reed climbs up, however Thorne knocks Reed out of the swivel bracket and Thorne with a operating shoe on three counts.

    Winner: Shane Thorne

    Phase: Velveteen Dream

    The Velvet Dream is on its solution to the stage, which a couple of assistants pull on the couch.

    Dream exhibits his t-shirt and tells everybody it's $ 30. In response to her, her shades are $ 10. A dream to retain the North American championship by securing Pete Dunnen. . . priceless. The dream says that one man, two males, the entire dressing room, the dream all the time finally ends up because the dream keeps it going. There the highlight is.

    Roderick Robust, the highlight is on you. If you wish to face a dream one after the other, it’s a must to show the dream why you belong. You'd better do it quick because it's going to be a dream. Upcoming Matches

    We’re back and we’re informed that inside two weeks of Jordan Myles face Adam Cole's NXT Championship.

    Subsequent week, The Undisputed Age Will get A New Picture In NXT Titles Road Wins.

    Killian Dain vs. Matt Riddle

    Riddle assaults Dain from behind as Matt comes by means of the gang in the ring.

    The bell rings and Riddle kicks however Dain kicks and he sends Riddle to the ground. Drop your arms and cuts. Dain on his knees and Riddle on his knees and a kick that sends Dain to the floor. Riddle comes out of the ring levels and hits Dain's arm. Dain's arms as Riddle tries to carry Dain. Dain on the shoulder and operating cross body to Riddle. Dain on his forearms and he sends Riddle to the swivel. Dain with suplex close to fall. Dain with a sitting stomach stretching. Dain stands with injured ribs at an angle and the referee warns Dain. With sword punches, but with Dain on his knees and throat. Dain with a jaw lock after which stifles Riddle.

    Dain goes for the suplex, but Riddle blocks it and hits his personal boss. Riddle and Dain swap forearms. Riddle with a collection of blows, adopted by a kick and a rolling kick on the shoulder. Riddle with operating arms in the corner adopted by one other. Riddle with an explosive, however he notices the kick. Riddle lands on his ft on the moon plow after which hits the again. Swords fired close to the drop. Pull your elbow together with your chin and Dain rolls over Viddle they usually go to the ropes. Riddle hits and the referee warns Riddle. Riddle kicks Dain's arm and Dain kicks Riddle.

    Riddle escapes from the attack and Riddle with the German suplex. Riddle ripcord on his knees, however Dain drop drops Riddle's turnbuckles and Dain's cannonball. Dain has virtually fallen. Dain on damaged ribs on forearms. Dain strikes the accordion and Dain goes to the again, however Riddle makes use of the again of the back. Riddle involves Dain's back and follows together with his elbows. Dain with take down and Riddle with Bro 2 Sleep followed by a drive bomb. Mistled his knees within the fall close to Dain.

    Mystel goes to Swanton, however he lands on Dain's knees. The puzzle shall be despatched prematurely to the shoulder at the ring publish. Dain goes to the ground after Riddle. Dain goes to the shoulder, but Riddle moves and Dain beats the ring. Riddle strikes the tire step-by-step. Riddle places a pressure bomb down the steps, but Dain falls again and Riddle hits the stairs. Dain again posted Riddle perimeter stairs. Dain splashing from the apron to Riddle on the floor.

    They return to the ring and Dain goes into the Vader bomb-folding sleeves. Dain returns to the reversing locks of another Vader bomb. Dain goes to the turntables once more and hits third on three digits.

    Winner: Killian Dain

    Riddle chases after Dain on the ramp and applies a choke as we go for the credits.