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NGC participates in three Bintumans – but it has its own ideas for building a nation

NGC participates in three Bintumans - but it has its own ideas for building a nation

Sierra Leone Telegraph: Might 22, 2019:

The Nationwide Federation of the Grand National Union (NGC), led by former UN Government Director – Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumke, now elected MEP representing certainly one of 4 constituencies in Kambia area as we speak press convention to discuss Bintumani three Nationwide Peace Conference

On the finish of the press convention, the get together revealed a seven-web page position outlining its views on the country's political deadlock and progress in the direction of a united and new Sierra Leone

NGC Director advised Sierra Leone Telegraph that NGC can be concerned. 19659002] That is the NGC's statement:

major nationwide union celebration Bintumani evening – a national discussion board for democratic dialogue for peace and nationwide cohesion fixing [19659]. 1 002] Introduction

This brief assertion sets out a national excessive-union celebration (NGC) views Bintumani III – The national dialogue discussion board for peace and nationwide cohesion, democratic consolidation in Sierra Leone. Might 2019 In Freetown

NGC welcomes the thought of ​​a really national inclusive dialogue aimed toward strengthening our democracy as a strong foundation for peace and nationwide cohesion.

To this end, we welcome the federal government's efforts President Julius Maada Bio, who started the Nationwide Dialogue Forum, consider – as we’ll clarify under – the better methods to strengthen peace and national cohesion than the government-imposed path

Much has already been written and stated concerning the political system in Sierra Leone, who keeps the boring cycle in which the winners take every little thing means the profit and "our turn is to eat" for one ethnic-regional group in the former

This is a mannequin acquainted to anybody who has followed the Sierra Leone postcolonial political trajectory. Crucial message is that it is time to interrupt the damaging cycle and incorporate the inclusion coverage. To this end, as a nation, we need to handle the basis causes of political nausea

Peace and Nationwide Cohesion Committee in Sierra Leone, which deals with signs relatively than root causes, will increase overlapping mandates with the Commission. the restricted help for peace and national cohesion in Sierra Leone

In line with NGC, the government isn’t satisfied of the brand new peace and the nationwide cohesion fund. As an alternative of establishing new establishments, NGC urges the government of Sierra Leone to take concrete steps to resolve the basis causes of the current drawback.

Initially, precedence is given to translating the suggestions of the Constitutional Assessment Committee into White Paper, followed by speedy implementation and implementation. Likewise, the primary recommendations of the Fact and Reconciliation Fee (TRC) 2004 can be disseminated and carried out

. Chapter 3 supplies a fast thematic overview of the areas the place we consider that the shortage of peace and national cohesion impacts the most typical Sierra Leone.

In section four, we emphasize why the implementation of each the TRC and CRC recommendations would offer an important info for peace and nationwide cohesion. In paragraph 5, we highlight the areas the place settlement has been reached and which disagree with the proposed peace and the nationwide Green Paper on Cohesion. Chapter 6 ends with NGC's conclusions and proposals for future improvement.

2 A vision of a peaceful, united Sierra Leone

Peaceable, unified Sierra Leone is the inspiration of the rule of regulation and respect for each human right. with out discrimination. Sierra Leone, the place the country is larger than its numerous elements, but where these elements are in harmony, creates a society in which each citizen feels appreciated and revered by the constructive Sierra Leonean.

The unified Sierra Leone is one the place Sierra Leoneans knows delight and joy in their household and group life, nationality; a national state, not a state of many countries with little in widespread and much distrust between them.

That is Sierra Leone, with a significant social contract that binds leaders and their leaders; Residents and the state in which citizens have the duties of Sierra Leoneans and capable of hold their leaders accountable for their social gathering

As said in the Green Paper: “We wouldn’t have a widespread nation [al]. “In addition, during almost 60 years of independence, we now have not made a concerted effort to build awareness of this national id.

It’s worse that political leaders and elites produce ethnic variations, fears and mistrust, especially when the competition for power is an intense strategy to extend their widespread attraction and ensure entry to state funds. The Elites then distribute state funds by means of safety as a reward for supporting ethnic foundations and celebration partners

This is the inspiration for the devastating "our turn to eat" syndrome. The nationwide cake is for the preferred, united few who enjoy the majority. Political celebration supporters sell their political loyalty to a specific motion and its leaders in return for a direct personal benefit – personal and public goods – jobs, promotions, contracts, money, reputation, service provision, and so forth. [19659002] As a result of the nationwide cake decreases in relation to the growing inhabitants and with out the rule of regulation , which guarantee truthful and truthful distribution mechanisms, the restrictions of this strategy are apparent. Tensions, increased poverty and state gear are being used to get rid of and suppress these left behind and marginalized.

In these circumstances, the transition to a peaceful, united and inclusive Sierra Leone is a shared duty of all Sierra Leoneans. It cannot be simply a day's initiative led by a political social gathering that desires factors towards others

. That’s the reason we are skeptical that the creation of a new Fee is the simplest technique for bringing about this profound change in political culture and the social dynamics of the country. Preparations for the conference, formulation of the agenda and above all the content of the essential document, which doesn’t take note of a few of the elementary issues of our current coverage, but the potential for blaming only one political get together, all reveal our failure

presently lacking.

three Building blocks for a peaceful, united Sierra Leone

We emphasize right here 5 key parts of peace and cohesion in Sierra Leone as we speak. They have been documented elsewhere in quite a few other studies, reviews and methods. Though we current them sequentially, there isn’t any hierarchy. These building blocks are interconnected

The primary is access to justice. At this time, most Sierra Leoneans associations don’t have access to justice. Simply think of what number of young individuals have been arrested in remand, typically in minor crimes, if he has been responsible of for much longer than the standard punishment,

. the place a landlord is ready to disrupt a nation and then easily forestall the case regulation from using its connections and ineffective authorized system.

Consider a poor rural widow with a controversial stronger elite household and

Consider younger males who’re bullied and sacrificed by stronger mother and father with out justice. You discuss with the current and previous abuse of a safety gadget to suppress peaceable demonstrations or to resort to property without the jurisdiction of the courts. Through the struggle, we noticed how such injustices can improve deep hatred and disapproval, which slowly weakens confidence in the state, aggravates the breakdown of legal guidelines and order, and creates an attack, resistance and spiral of assault.

The second building half is financial system and jobs. Work is far more than a dwelling wage. It means dignity, security, enjoyment of family life, hope, self-respect, objective and self-esteem. Staff usually tend to be stakeholders in society. They’re in peace, stability and the rule of regulation.

Yet the truth of so many young and older Sierra Leoneans is the other: the life of unemployment and underemployment; unsure, by hand, the existence of the mouth on the edges of society;

For a younger lady it might mean that she is predicted to trade sexual favor in trade for promoting or even the prospect to get a job first. . Managing economic policies for inclusive progress and job creation on the heart of the technique is a complicated enterprise, but it is important for peace and cohesion and lots of different constructive qualities in society.

The third building for a peaceable, unified Sierra Leone is a political regime. The Inexperienced Paper duly attracts consideration to the truth that Sierra Leone's policy continues to be more violent, ethnic-regional elections and voting patterns, which have their roots in the colonial past, have been born in the 1960s and have as soon as once more grown ugly on the top

Our winners – all of the regime is partly guilty and rightly emphasized in the Inexperienced Paper

Some individuals describe Sierra Leone as a "common crisis" that is dominated, and nicely. -connected. Patron Frequency is the core of our physique's policy and a destabilizing pressure that undermines sound monetary management and determination-making. weakens duty and delivery of public items; embed corruption;

We must avoid superficial solutions. That is why my constitutional arrangements must be significantly thought-about in order to put the foundations for peace and cohesion in Sierra Leone

It is time for us to explore an alternate system of governance, maybe some type of relative illustration that ensures representation. Representatives of girls, young individuals and different marginalized teams in parliament, district and metropolis councils

Building a nation is the fourth building. We can’t take cohesion for granted. Along with these primary rules, the dimension of peace and cohesion is symbolic (albeit not)

Citizenship, a shared understanding of our history, celebration of numerous cultures, sportiness and performance The worldwide scene can have a vital influence on peace and cohesion

Nothing is feasible if there isn’t a widespread the notion that every citizen has the identical rights underneath the regulation and that they’ve the same opportunities in line with their talents

We do not claim that the above 4 building blocks symbolize a complete record, but we consider that they’re elementary and good beginning factors. As an alternative of reminding you of what has been stated earlier than, we need to focus our attention and our power on implementing suggestions made on the idea of earlier analyzes. This is the main target of the subsequent section.

4 Implementation of TRC and CRC Recommendations

Despite some criticism in both TRC and CRC processes, conclusions and proposals, they symbolize complete workouts to barter representative cross-sections of Sierra Leoneans and specialists from around the globe to make a collection of recommendations.

To date, solely a few TRC recommendations have been carried out. Just as necessary as the nation, we have now not likely taken the guts out of the doctrine that was revealed by way of the tough TRC course of. But if we don't bear in mind the lessons of historical past, we are doomed to repeat past errors.

Election Violence and Ethnic Voting are perhaps an important examples of what we should always have discovered from TRC, but apparently

Just lately, the CRC has undergone appreciable work, effort and price building, as with the previous Peter Tucker Commission – to make a complete set of suggestions for our constitutional modifications in order to raised align it with the needs of recent occasions

In Might 2018 President Bio undertook to deal with the recommendations of the Constitutional Evaluate Committee and the related White Paper at the opening of the European Parliament and to take motion. It’s subsequently unusual that the Inexperienced Paper, though its evaluation limits the Constitution, is completely silent on the CRC or on the constitutional modifications.

We consider these two primary documents are the start line for critical efforts. to advertise peace and nationwide cohesion in Sierra Leone. Ignoring them or ignoring them is wasteful and dangerous, and raises questions about whether they’re committed to participatory processes or to nationwide session.

This leads to a temporary discussion of the proposed peace and the nationwide Inexperienced Paper on the Cohesion Commission,

5 NGC's view of the Inexperienced Paper

As we now have already said in this document, the Inexperienced Paper has agreed on areas that describe the current troubles in Sierra Leone, which undermine peace and cohesion. Nevertheless, we consider there are various critical shortcomings in the Inexperienced Paper.

1) The Green Paper offers with the difficulty as if the All Individuals's Congress Social gathering (APC) alone or primarily concerned with the political troubles of Sierra Leone. NGC sees the complicated systemic political order of the poor administration of the last APC system (and even of the past) as symptomatic.

Although we now have a document that acknowledges some elements of the Bio System program, we also unfortunately have the elements that have been with the APC system. So as to discover usable solutions to uncertainty, we should avoid fingerprinting and blaming the collective effort that acknowledges that we all have roles, not simply all political events, but society.

2) Paradoxically, and perhaps in the Green Paper, there’s a danger of an thrilling pressure between the Sierra Leone Individuals's Get together (SLPP) and APC. In politics, perceptions shortly develop into actuality, and there’s a danger that the creation of a entire peace and national cohesion committee may be seen as an integral part of the conflict and thus endangering peace.

3) A more strategic strategy to addressing the basis causes of our current challenges, a number of the really helpful actions outlined in the Green Paper in paragraph 26 (eg educating the courses of peace research in the first yr of the university or the establishment of peace clubs) may be useful. Outdoors of such a framework, which isn’t offered for in the Inexperienced Paper, there’s a danger that these are mere tips that take in a lot of time, effort and assets, but which aren’t limited to influence, or worse, have a adverse effect.

4) When asking for a new institution, the Inexperienced Paper doesn’t explain the reasons for the poor efficiency of many present installations. Sierra Leone tends to create new establishments that partially or absolutely compensate for the failures of the current.

This leads to the proliferation of poorly deliberate, underneath-funded establishments with overlapping assignments and limiting public funds to the challenges of combination coordination and institutional territoriality, and simply making issues harder in Sierra Leone, not simpler.

As well as, with the current ethno-regional protection system, new crops typically infect "our turn is to eat" Syndrome, which ends up in more "square pins in round holes" – poorly agreed individuals who’re unable to work nicely whereas gifted The Sierra Leoneans associations are beneath and discriminatory.

5) Once we take a look at the long buying listing of issues the Fee does, what are the roles of other businesses? Isn't there a danger of overlaps and toes in different businesses? Are these commitments proposed by the Commission clearly restricted to the shortcomings of the overall panorama of Sierra Leone?

6) Within the background of the earlier two paragraphs, we are involved that the Green Paper defines the brand new Fee virtually magically. For instance, the Commission should additionally promote profitable policies to realize the objectives of sustainable improvement and work intently together and help policies that respect, promote and shield human rights, together with the proper to improvement, improve their efforts to scale back inequalities and remove social exclusion and discrimination, and in specific ladies and women. enhancing opportunities and promoting ladies's financial, authorized and political affect. ”

This requires the Commission, which has great power, to make progress in the direction of attaining the objectives of sustainable improvement as described above. was a challenge to all different state establishments. Worse, it is making an attempt to duplicate the federal government.

7) The Inexperienced Paper does not question the position of conventional leaders. Fairly, it can stand up to each good and benign status and character. Without correct control and stability, each chief, no matter what is revered, can turn out to be a social gathering to the conflict and jeopardize peace and cohesion.

Moreover, the Green Paper doesn’t take into consideration the likelihood that civil society organizations can be used collectively or towards a political social gathering by the government and thus undermine peace and cohesion

. Without constitutional guarantees and safeguards based mostly on the great will of the President, Finance Minister and Parliament, Parliament will intentionally ignore the nature and virtually inevitable elements of the current political system in order to regulate all of the levers in the Fee, especially if its independence is maintained

9) Finally, the Green Paper states that the next: “The Commission can be arrange after in depth consultation throughout the nation and will finish with a nationwide conference on peacebuilding, governance and rebuilding of nationwide cohesion.

Negotiations should create the necessity for the Commission. The conclusion that the Fee wants is to break the advisory process. It will be higher to start out negotiations with genuine curiosity and to review the cross-section of Sierra Leoneans and external specialists on the syntheses heard. Each the TRC and CRC processes have been advisory, one of many the reason why the federal government did not need to repeal the conclusions and proposals.

6 Conclusions, Recommendations and Proposed Progress of NGC

We should break the rooted cycle of traditionally rooted, evil administration based mostly on ethno-regional groupings. This cycle has stored us on the idea of human improvement indicators or on the degree of just about all other advancements. led us to an 11-year civil warfare; weakened establishments and weakened our potential to cope with attacks and disasters; and usually undermined our efforts for a peaceful society in the USA.

But our previous just isn’t our destiny. We could be released from our sensitivity lure.

We ought to be reasonable. We can’t change the deep structural elements that form your social system in a single day; These elements change through the years, if not many years. Nor can we create or change institutions in the brief term, though we will now establish foundations. And whereas we will't change the conduct of all actors instantly, some might change now.

We welcome the fact that President Bio has put this essential problem on our agenda. In the present day's democratically elected President, we consider that President Bio could be declared a Head of State in history, who helped Sierra Leone break its dangerous governance and thus contribute significantly to peace and social cohesion in Sierra Leone.

We’ve a precedent and an example of this management requirement, the legacy of President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah. We will rely on President Kabbah's spending; by appearing on the values ​​of peace, democratic governance and freedoms and demonstrating excessive-degree political tolerance and pluralism

President Kabbah appointed his individuals from the political events in the European Parliament and made real efforts to realize regional stability. his appointment. He made positive that each one his government's actions have been in accordance with the regulation and the constitution.

He admitted, above all, the rule of regulation. He did not intervene in the courts. The participation of presidency civil society began through the statement of President Kabbah. He all the time appears for the views of civil society before making essential national selections.

For example, the peace negotiations resulting in the Lomé Convention. Significantly, he opposed social gathering members' efforts for particular privileges, and when the strain turned insufferable, he wrote to the celebration who informed them he was president of all Sierra Leoneans and they need to permit him to regulate himself.

The environment of the elections stays tense and two giant political events are positioned in their own trenches. We urge President Bio to scale back rigidity and continue to abstain.

President Tejan Kabbah summoned his meeting to his residence with the very best opposition leaders and even suggested them every time they have been closed to disputes between the events. Peace and national cohesion now depend upon President Bio's potential and willingness to rise up and show real leadership.

We’re relieved that President Bio is seemingly concerned concerning the threats to peace and nationwide cohesion. We promise to work with him and his authorities and other actors in society to strengthen peace and cohesion.

We consider that President Bio's authorities should take 4 steps to strengthen the foundations of peace and national cohesion

. 1) Urgently evaluation the constitutional assessment course of by taking pressing motion to examine the recommendations and the White Paper in order to organize a properly-thought-about authorities response that Parliament can think about as quickly as attainable.

2) Develop an motion plan for the implementation of the TRC recommendations. The plan ought to prioritize people who haven’t yet been carried out or haven’t been carried out and supply the required assets and help to hurry up implementation. Such a plan have to be based mostly on an understanding of the elements which might be being carried out thus far and tackle these elements.

three) Bintumani III ought to be the start of a nationwide advisory dialogue course of (we expect it should have been a climax). An essential lesson we discovered from the painful encounter with Ebola in 2014–2016 was the key to the success of group ownership. That is true of Ebola and in addition of supporting peace and national cohesion.

4) Questions about establishing the Fee must be postponed till the federal government has thought-about what the implications of implementing the CRC and TRC suggestions are, and what lessons must be discovered from uneven TRC suggestions will probably be carried out earlier than deciding whether a new Fee is needed as part of implementation of the required reforms, or whether or not the restructuring and rationalization of present establishments is more likely to be simpler.

We remind the federal government that action speaks more than words. the facility of this present authorities to keep away from actions that proceed to undermine peace and nationwide cohesion, and such an angle can be somewhat convincing for the keenness of those aspirations.

If the acts don’t match the words, all of us have the suitable to feel cynical about the actual motives of the federal government.