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Answer to JFK's Thoughts

Answer to JFK's Thoughts

Francis Ben Kaifala: Sierra Leone Telegraph: March 11, 2019:

My consideration to Joseph Kamara (additionally "JFK") is hooked up to an article in the Sierra Leone Telegraph, which raises legal questions concerning the above amendments. The present management of the Commission believes within the revolutionary struggle towards corruption and will consolidate the benefits for the nation.

This modification, authorised by this Parliament, is ready to give extra punishment for the act of crime; to reinforce the Fee's assistants; to provide the Commission with choices for prosecution; extending the scope of anti-corruption measures; to present for administrative penalties for officials who have not submitted their property insurance coverage varieties; and empower the Commissioner to take preventive action within the case of "corrupt" contracts inside the framework of a preventive mandate.

Initially, this evaluate was drafted, reviewed and carried out step by step to achieve joint efforts by the Anti-Corruption Fee, the World Bank and its anti-corruption specialists, the Treasury and the Legal professionals Division. It additionally acquired large approval within the government earlier than it was introduced in Parliament – it isn’t just a Commissioner or a Commissioner

Though the JFK article is predicated totally on the regulation and its effect, and not likely the necessity to struggle corruption, The aim is to cope with corruption as a critical blow and to management it for the good thing about the country. (Image above: Writer – Francis Ben Kaifala)

This want requires that the nation remains among the many poorest for 18 years of the existence of ACC, which includes about six years as JFK's Member of the Fee. World (184 in 2018 from 190 in HDI), probably the most corrupt (129th in CPI) and at the bottom of each critical improvement index

Through the years, the return on wealth and corruption has been very low – Many noticed the funding at ACC in precept throwing good cash after dangerous cash. As for the courts, Sierra Leone had as soon as been a robust ACC Commissioner, Abdul Tejan-Cole, who approached the battle towards corruption, and it produced a number of high-profile convictions – however virtually every part was lifted through the attraction process after he had been

For instance even the undoubted case of Haja Hafsatu Kabs was lifted for attraction and made historical past the only case in Sierra Leone that achieved this glory without any defense at all. Likewise, Allieu Sesay made a historical past of profitable over 150 Rely Expenses in courtroom after being charged by JFK. In 2013, when JFK was in workplace, we have been crowned "the world's most corrupt country" and within the following years, corruption flourished – culminating within the GTTR report describing the ten years of corruption in Sierra Leone.

To scale back the brief historic perspective, Sierra Leone had overshadowed the battle towards corruption because of human inactivity, weak laws, low political will and corruption. itself to battle corruption. The above-mentioned reminders inform JFK to study that efforts are wanted to struggle corruption in Sierra Leone; Do not tease his time period or others earlier than or after him, as a result of I know he is a hardworking skilled.

Towards this background, after the change of government in early 2018, Sierra Leone had the fortune of a complicated president, proclaiming three peaceful wars with corruption as a composer, worrying efforts to change the corrupt image of the nation.

For lower than a yr from the brand new era of direct motion towards corruption in Sierra Leone, it has now passed the Millennium Problem Firms Corruption Control Card, which in 2009 failed to move the 71% of the 49% position in 2018; Afro Barometer Corruption Perception Decreased Over 70% in 2015-2017 to the Lowest 43% in 2018.

Equally, according to the Afro Barometer Corruption Survey in 2018, citizens' confidence in the government's efforts to struggle corruption jumped from the lowest ever 40 % to over 66 % in 2018 ; and according to the Transparency Worldwide Corruption Perceptions Index, Sierra Leone moved one area up in CPI scores – in contrast to in 113 other nations the place the score has fallen.

Moreover, ACC has a 100 % conviction. Unpredictably, ACC has been in a position to return almost $ 12 billion (about $ 1,500,00zero.00) in its residence country by way of misplaced fund corruption and corrupt practices, and returned to the Sierra Leone individuals to provide social providers with almost $ eight billion (about $ 1 million). ) is already dedicated to recuperate inside the next six months after the top of the investigations (this restoration price inside a yr is larger than ACC has ever collected on the age of 18)

. Research that cover all features of public life and shouldn’t have area Normally, residents' confidence in the battle towards corruption and the outcomes produced by ACC are the very best ever

. and we’ve to place the land in strict geographic laundry and in a corrupt means forward. These have led to the necessity to revise the regulation and provide a strong basis for the Commission to give you the chance to achieve its full potential for the nation once once more to be respected underneath the management of its prime minister, Brig, President Julius Maada. Wonnie Bio and the vision of the current Commissioner

The provisions of change are revolutionary and are carried out in the absolute best method by religion. This vision is formulated in a very rigorously revealed article by the Commissioner at—ra-leone-anti-corruption-commission-amin-act-19-20// and doesn’t want to be repeated

There’s a clear justification for this amendment, and if the country had to reinvent itself, this alteration, with some modifications made to the wisdom of the honorable Members, could be affected.

In some instances, Joseph Kamara has attacked many authorized positions in an modification that, contrary to his allegations, respects, a few of which are based mostly on faulty positions of regulation or neglect. subgroups that help the same provisions that he determined to analyze separately

To start with, when he thanks for the justified need to change the "wise reform path" of the property insurance system, Mr Kamara rejects certain actions for the administrative tree insolvency practitioners, which give the Commission "judgment for their own sake" and remove them from the courts powers.

What Joseph Kamara did not rigorously put ahead this argument is that inside the amended invoice there is a "process" and a cumulative measure that leads to administrative actions, resembling a request for redundancy, clearly set out in the modification as follows:

i. The officer has 90 days to announce his property

ii. The Commissioner can prolong this 90 days

iii. It is just after this 90-day extension that the Commissioner can send an official notice to the officer specifying the penalties for non-compliance and giving the official another 7 days

. Solely after this 90-day period, no matter its extension, the discover period and its extension, can the Commissioner write to the HRMO or the Government Director on an administrative a part of the official's salary or dismissal.

Although these are clearly contradictory processes that can’t make the Commissioner act scams, in contrast to JFK, it is sensible for anybody who decides to deny these or the actions of the Commission or the Commissioner can all the time attraction to the courtroom. 19659002] By saying that the supply removes jurisdiction from the courtroom, because the JFK claims, is manifestly inaccurate and exhibits that the executive regulation and its processes are limited. Each citizen has the correct to problem all administrative actions on the idea of due process or to seek judicial assessment on the idea of "arbitrary or capricious" action.

This need not be reported in a evaluation or doc that is too weighted. He also points out that, consistent with the abovementioned discussion course of, the Commissioner who has issued the directives, which he has rigorously followed, is a "judge for his own sake".

That is an incorrect software of nemo judex. cause in precept; because it solely considerations the courts. ACC shouldn’t be a courtroom. This makes JFK's allegations both for decreasing the jurisdiction of the courtroom and for the ACC as a decide and executioner without correct legal worth or grounds.

Additionally the JFK's request for the expression proposed by JFK when he requested rhetorically "to what length does this power go?" is in the revision itself. First, exercising energy is discretionary when using the word "can".

Most importantly, the change will permit all events affected by the arrest warrant to go to courtroom and shorten the period of the commissioner's directive to only 7 days. This can be a deliberate examine on who the Commissioner is. Isn't this a sufficiently shiny and restrictive misuse of anybody's credentials and statutory safety when a decide can fill an order?

Didn't JFK see how vital this provision is? Why didn't he accept it in any respect in his analysis? The remainder of his allegations are in the statement that the change is a collective and collaborative effort between ACC, the Public Prosecutor's Workplace and the Minister of Justice, and has been largely authorised by the federal government. If that they had been threatened, this stuff would have been handled at this stage

With regard to the answer and the automatic software of the three-year ban on public workplaces, I need to say that, underneath Article 105 of the Structure, Parliament is the very best legislator in Sierra Leone.

If this amendment is made, no argument relating to hardness can invalidate the validity of the ban when one signs a settlement agreement with ACC within the presence of witnesses. That’s the reason these agreements are revealed effectively, so no one is aware of that it was made secretly and provides everyone the chance to reject them publicly.

We clear up exactly the problem that JFK is afraid of, and who ridiculed the sad answer he negotiated

Finally, but it will be significant that, so far as transferring the load is worried, I would like to take away JFK's fears that, according to his conclusions, solely migration and abuse the burden of proof of the offenses is transferred and NO legal burden, which can’t be transferred to the accused, even by way of legislative motion, with out altering the provisions of Article 23 of the Constitution, in accordance with the constitutional mandate and the established principle of regulation, as set out in the Wusmington V. DPP Structure.

The prosecution of the accused is all the time prosecuted. That is truly the perfect apply around the globe and has been included into anti-corruption legal guidelines, like this Kenyan rule:

“If an individual is accused of a criminal offense in Part V, it’s part of the wrongdoing and the accused has proven this act, which is assumed to have been carried out flawed, until otherwise confirmed. "

Sierra Leone might have been behind the verdicts of corruption, as a result of this very helpful authorized instrument was overlooked of crimes similar to bribery and misappropriation of public revenue or funds, that are troublesome to show because evidence of their establishment is often beneath the control of the accused and the prosecutor. That is why this amendment could be very helpful in this regard in combating the transfer.

contradicting JFK paragraphs (paragraph 128); nevertheless, we consider that this provision is a substantive provision that creates a criminal offense comparable to a criminal offense dedicated; and reading the decide to the opposite is a mistake or misapplication of the means of interpretation.

So the issue is this decide, not the regulation. We additionally discover that public officials' demand for public funds have to be declared, however we consider that the need for privacy is extra necessary than the public's cry.

Lastly, this amendment goes past mere authorized provisions. It is the results of the struggle towards corruption, the in-depth research of laws and regulatory framework on corruption culture and surroundings in Sierra Leone, the successes and shortcomings of the past, the need for last management of corruption and the development of a rustic in the course of corruption control and improvement

We mean it once we name it "revolutionary" . It’s a real change of the game – it's a change of the individuals within the new path of Sierra Leone


Francis Ben Kaifala is the present Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission of Sierra Leone. 19659045] Associated